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31st Legislative District Democrats

Our Mission:
This organization is dedicated to increasing the participation of the citizens of the 31st Legislative District in governmental affairs and implementing the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party.

Next General Membership meeting: Wednesday, February 26, 7:00pm
2014 General Membership meetings will be held monthly on the fourth Wednesday at the East Pierce Fire & Rescue Station  which is located at 18421 Veterans Memorial Dr. E., Bonney Lake, WA (map). Guest Speaker: TBA. 

We encourage people to bring non-perishable items for local food banks.

2014 is a Caucus and Convention year! We will hold a Legislative District Caucus on Sunday, March 9 at 1:00pm at Bonney Lake High School. Click here for more information.

Carpooling: Need a ride to our meetings? Are you willing to offer a ride? Contact Darlene Simpson. 360-897-8659.

Board Positions
Want to get more involved and help elect Democrats? Some positions are still open. View the Executive Board positions for the next two-year term. Contact our chair if you are interested in one of these volunteer positions.

2012 Legislative District Map
31st Legislative District map click here.

Affordable Care Act
The Washington Insurance Exchange opened on October 1st. People can now signup for a plan that suits their situation. Enrollment is open until March 2014 and coverage starts January 1st, 2014.

There are some scam websites that look like the Exchange but don't be fooled. Choosing insurance coverage outside of the Exchange will make you ineligible for federal subsidies or tax credits that are available. Go to the Washington State Insurance Commisioner's site and click on Health plans and rates:

Citizen's United
An amendment is being proposed to the Constitution that would help overthrow the Citizen's United ruling by the Supreme Court. It's called "We the People". To learn more about this effort visit

Learn the truth about the economy in this 2 minute video

End the Bush Tax Cuts
Bush Tax Cust

Here is how much the Bush tax cuts
benefit – each year – some folks
you may have heard of:

Rush Limbaugh - $2,689,135
Glenn Beck - $1,512,352
Sean Hannity - $1,006,352
Bill O’Reilly - $914,352
Sarah Palin - $638,352
Newt Gingrich - $247,352


Extend ONLY Middle Class Tax Cuts

Tell Obama: Fight, Don't Cave on Tax Cuts

Imagine Democracy...

We need full public financing of election campaigns so that candidates who represent the people can afford to run, and so that once in office, elected representatives are not obligated to special interests and their lobbyists, for fear of losing campaign contributions. This won't solve all of our problems, but it will go a long way to breaking the link between big donors and public officials and to restoring a government "of, by, and for the people."

At our January 2010 meeting,  the 31st LD Dems unanimously adpoted this resolution!


TAKE ACTION: Contact your legislator and/or make a donation to WPC



Thursday, Feb 13th: PCDCC Meeting

Tuesday, Feb 25th: KCDCC Meeting

Wednesday, Feb 26th: 31st LD General Membership Meeting



Are you a candidate for office seeking the endorsement of the 31st LD Democrats?

If so, click here to download our candidate questionnaire.