Port of Tacoma Commission (Pos. 2) – Noah Davis

Candidate Questionnaire

1. Your name

Noah Davis

2. Candidate for:

Port of Tacoma, Position 2
Party Affiliation: Non-partisan position, but member of 27th District Dems and a Dem

3. Campaign information

4. If elected, what positive changes will you champion that will benefit the 31st LD?

Three things: 1) I will work tirelessly to bring jobs to the port in the form of green/clean energy jobs! These industries provide more jobs than fossil fuel industries; while also, 2) being much better for the environment which is another priority – as I will work to ensure that the port does everything it can to stop adding to the pollution of pierce county (because it has for too long not done enough!); and 3) I will take strong positions demanding that the Port commit more money to infrastructure development so its stops being the traffic problem coming into and around Fife, I-5, Hwy 509 (and other areas where the trucks cause congestion).

5. What are the three most critical issues you expect to encounter in the office you are seeking?

One constant theme for each of these three priorities is changing the culture at the port to one aimed at looking to be a better neighbor and reduce pollution while positively helping the County economy.

  1. Environmental Protection: the Port says its for the environment but can only point to what third parties have done and what laws have required. The Port also has non-binding policies that look good but don’t mandate environmental change. The Port has been a superfund site for far too long and we need to say no to more polluters, and to bring in companies that are carbon neutral and create real jobs!
  2. Job creation: The Port says its for jobs, but relies on their own reports to provide numbers and jobs that they indirectly support. One of the Port of Tacoma’s last big deals? They voted to support the massive LNG facility which will provide only 16 new jobs. 16. That’s it! That’s not a commitment to jobs (nor: safety).
  3. Traffic Infrastructure: The Port has $2Million committed to infrastructure in the current budget. That’s hardly anything;. Yet the Port collects $16 million a year from Pierce County homeowners. That $16 million needs to go into real infrastructure development. the Port is sitting on a lot of cash right now, so what do we do with it? reinvest in cranes that we hope will lead to more business or reinvest in away that improves traffic flow (and thus reduces delay times for trucks) and creates a safer and faster intermodal system to take cargo where it needs to go without jamming up the streets or needlessly pollute the environment.

6. Please give us an example of when you had to a make a critical decision that, due to its impact on others, was difficult. Tell us why you made your decision and what, if any, actions you took to mitigate any negative results.

As a leader, we’ve had to trim budgets when revenue was down and that meant dropping programming. That’s tough, because it effects people disproportionately. So, I’ve always tried to be creative and that means sometimes blending programs into one budget or providing incentives and other programming to those most likely affected by budget cuts. you always have to look beyond the paper and see how your decisions affect others, and you always need their (those affected) input as well. If you don’t, not only are you not educated in your decision, but you risk disenfranchising your constituency.

7. What methods will you employ to communicate with your constituency on a regular basis?

I will continue tweeting about the Port, while also attending as many legislative district meetings as I can, as well as meetings of interested or affected community groups.

8. What other information would you like us to consider?

I’ve been a strong advocate for individuals and small businesses for the last l6 years, representing hundreds of individuals, including union members, giving them a voice in the system and giving them justice. I want to give Pierce County a real voice in the port something it hasn’t had – for the past 20 plus years. And the positive “change” at the port, if any, is far too slow and intermittent. We need real change from someone who is on the outside of port politics and who is not afraid to oppose the recommendations of the Port, someone who is not afraid to engage the public and bring positive change for us all!

I declare under penalty of perjury the foregoing is true and correct.

Signed at: Tacoma, WA, 7/26/17


Noah Davis


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