Executive Board and Committee Chairs

Pursuant to the bylaws, Executive Board Members are elected for a two-year term.

Article VIII, Section C and Article IX, Section C of the bylaws of the Democratic Party of the State of Washington, states that the organization meetings of County and Legislative District Organizations:

“…shall take place in December or January following each state general election held in even-numbered years. At the organizational meeting, the committee shall elect a chair, a vice chair, a state committeewoman, a state committeeman and any representatives it is authorized to send to other Party organizations.”

District ChairBrian Gunnchair@31stdistrictdemocrats.org
Vice Chair, Pierce CountyAllison Pincasallison.pincas@gmail.com
Vice Chair, King CountySarah Edwardssedwards2971@gmail.com
State Central Committee MemberAllison Pincasallison.pincas@gmail.com
State Central Committee MemberMark Boswellmmb74bos@comcast.net
PCDCC RepTamara Strameltamarastramel@gmail.com
PCDCC RepJohn Westlandwestlandj5@comcast.net
PCDCC RepRobin Macnofskyrobinmacnofsky@gmail.com
KCDCC Rep 1Mark Dunningmdunning@tx3.net
KCDCC Rep 2Marina Hilesmg_hiles@yahoo.com
KCDCC Rep Alternate 1Tamara Strameltamarastramel@gmail.com
KCDCC Rep Alternate 2George McKaygeomckay_7@hotmail.com
TreasurerRudy Adamsfinancecmte@31stdistrictdemocrats.org
Communications Committee ChairTamara Stramelnewsletter@31stdistrictdemocrats.org
Outreach/Public Relations Committee ChairDonna DeProspoddeprospo@comcast.net
Fundraising/Events Committee ChairIngrid Curtisltcolrwc@comcast.net
Membership Committee ChairSarah Edwardssnickelish@gmail.com
PCO Coordinator Committee ChairJan Fureyjanfurey@comcast.net
Voter Registration Committee ChairTamara Stramel and Robin Macnofsky, co-chairs
Website Committee ChairDan Pincaswebmaster@31stdistrictdemocrats.org

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