Hybrid Meetings Guidelines

Before the Meeting:

Our Zoom team will check you in. Your zoom name will be edited by our team to indicate your voting status​

  • *PCO – Precinct Committee Officer, able to vote on all measures​
  • *PM – Paid Member, able to vote on most measures​
  • *G – Guest, unable to vote​

If you feel an error has been made regarding membership status, please text or call our membership chair, Tamara Stramel, at 425-931-3369, and she will get it sorted out​

Meeting Norms:

  1. Treat each other with dignity and respect.​
  2. If you don’t know, ask!​
  3. Remember, everyone helping today is a volunteer! ​

And this is our first try at the hybrid meeting. If you have suggestions or want to help with future meetings reach out to any eboard member! ​

  • Together, we share responsibility for staying on time ​
  • Please be patient of people’s audio quality or background noise (including us at the Grange). ​
  • Zoom chat and side conversations are discouraged during the meeting, please raise your hand to be addressed. ​

How to Speak – Raise Your Hand!

  • Whether in person at the Grange, or on Zoom, please raise your hand when you would like to address the body. The chair will call on you when it is your turn.​
  • When in person, if a hand is raised in the room, our tech lead (currently Brian G) will raise the hand of the main zoom account so everyone will be aware that the room has a question​
  • On zoom each participant will raise their own hand from the reaction menu​
  • If someone at the Grange and on Zoom raise their hands at the same time, speaking preference will be given to the zoom participant, and then we will alternate​

Voting During Hybrid Meetings

  • Any votes will happen concurrently at the Grange and within the Zoom ​
  • No objection voting, or voting by acclimation, will be done through voice vote both in person and on zoom​
  • Procedural votes will utilize zoom polls for those voting within zoom, and then a tally count for those in person. Our chair will count in person votes, the tech lead will launch the poll and report zoom totals. Then verbally they will be added together. ​
  • If you are attending the zoom meeting by phone, please contact us in advance and we will work out a system on a case-by-case basis ​

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