Requesting an Endorsement

Are you a candidate seeking the endorsement of the 31st Legislative District Democrats in an upcoming election? Great! In accordance with our Bylaws, “A candidate seeking endorsement must appear in person before the district and complete the 31st District Candidate Questionnaire.”

31st District Candidate Questionnaire

The latest version of our questionnaire can be found here. Please fill it out, and then use one of the following submission methods:

In Person

Bring the questionnaire to our next monthly meeting and submit it to our chair.

By Mail

Mail the completed questionnaire to:

Brian Gunn, Chair
31st District Democrats
P.O. Box 161
Sumner, WA. 98390


Email the completed questionnaire to:

Scheduling an Appearance

To schedule an appearance at an upcoming monthly meeting, please email our chair, Brian Gunn, at:

Where are Pending Endorsements Located?

When questionnaires are submitted, they are posted to our pending endorsements page.

Where are Current Endorsements Located?

Once the body has voted on endorsing a candidate, the endorsement is moved to our current endorsements page.

When are Endorsements Considered?

Endorsements are considered at the monthly meeting. As per our Bylaws:

“All members of the District organization who 1) reside within the district; 2) are current on their dues; and 3) who have been members for at least 30 days shall be eligible to vote on all business of the body, including endorsements.”

Any Other Questions?

If you have questions not covered here, feel free to contact us!