2022 US Senate – Ravin Pierre

Legislative Questionnaire 2022

Candidate Info

Candidate Name:   Ravin Pierre
Position Sought:    2022 US Senate
Are you an incumbent for this position?    Non-incumbent
Home Legislative District:    LD 36th
Are you a Democrat?    Yes

Campaign Info

Campaign Manager or Point of Contact:    Ravin Pierre
Mailing Address:    PO Box 30876 Seattle, WA 98113
Phone:    4254055246
Email:    info@pierre4senate.com
Website:    Pierre4Senate.com/issues
Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/PIERREthePROGRESSIVE
Twitter:    https://www.twitter.com/PIERREProgress

Part I – Candidate Background

1. Please briefly describe your qualifications, education, employment, community and civic activity, union affiliation, prior political activity, and other relevant experience.

17 years Aerospace Engineer, 9 years Aircraft Customer Service & Data Science
(ThoughtLeader on Algorithmic Bias on aerospace products) Boeing.
Also worked at:
D.O.E. FermiLab,
University of Michigan NASA MESSENGER satellite to Planet Mercury,
U.S. Census Bureau.
SPEEA Union member, since 2006.
U.S. Air Force (3 years)

In the past, I’ve proudly volunteer collaborated with DataKind (#Data4Good) + United Nations
High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on satellite imagery as a team Data Science
Political activism, I’ve participated in 3 international pro-democracy protests in Eastern Europe
(Pro-Navalny / Anti-Putin), South East Asia & North America.

2. What prompted you to run for this office?

I was mortified how close we lost our country on the Jan6th Terrorist Insurrection at US Capitol.

3. What are your campaign’s most important themes, issues, or priorities (three to five)?

[expletive deleted] QAnon. There existence in US Congress weakens our democracy. We need new blood & energy to deal with this new problem.

Term Limits – America loves enforceable contracts, so I offer a Term Limits Contract, where I sign and WA Executive Branch signs it. The contract would state: IF I SERVE > 2 TERMS, I’M WILLING TO GO TO PRISON.

Radical transparency- I despise secret backdoor meetings with lobbyists. I want to eliminate. I believe is police should wear body cams so should I. I’ll record/live stream all interactions with lobbyists.
Make Lobbyist lives difficult. If a lobbyist doesn’t want to talk with me, they can go pound sand.

4. What steps are you taking to run a successful campaign?

Borrowing from other successful campaigns, its largely a digital campaign.

Part II –  Yes or No Questions, please qualify your response if necessary

1. Do you support steps to build a fairer economy through tax reform, including a wealth tax?    Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #1    Cap CEO-to-Employ income ratio.

Tax on High Frequency Stock Trading Bot Algorithms. (extra IRS collected revenue to ~$485B to ~$1.2T / year without a cost to the working class).

Before raising taxes on those who are paying, recover the $1.4 trillion from those not paying what they owe.
Boost funding for the IRS to operate properly, thus return delegation authority to judiciously eliminate tax loophole culture.
2. Do you support the right of public workers, excluding military, to bargain and strike?    Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #2    Yes, I’m SPEEA Engineering Union member. Of course I support any working class movement to unionize, except Police Unions.
3. Do you support legalizing multi-unit homes statewide, as proposed in the #Homes4WA bill, to help alleviate the affordable housing crisis?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #3    Yes. Housing 4 All is a believe for me, so any method to increase housing, reduce sky rocketing prices is good on the whole.
4. Do you support legislation to address climate change and protect our environment, including the Keep Washington Evergreen Act?    Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #4    Yes. Battling Climate Change is supremely important for our future and our children’s future. We’re not acting fast enough.
5. Do you support women’s unrestricted access to reproductive healthcare?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #5    Abortion = healthcare. Abortion is a private matter between a woman & her doctor. External opinions outside the examination room are irrelevant, no exceptions.

Access to safe abortions causes an optimization of planned motherhood and dignity for women.
6. Do you support achieving a universal, affordable, quality single payer healthcare program?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #6    We needed Medicare 4 All yesterday. I believe U.S. Government should expand negotiating powers to all other medical needs of the people, #Medicare4All.

Negatively, we’re already paying too-much at a lower median life expectancy compared to other world governments, with better controls on medical expenditures.

7. Do you support overturning “Citizens United” and imposing limits on campaign finance contributions?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #7    Corporations are NOT people. Money should not equate free speech.
8. Do you support laws regulating the purchase, ownership, and carrying of firearms?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #8    I support Gun comprehensive training & licensing. Also what should be addressed is the elephant in the room.
Approximately ~40k gun deaths / year, about 22k are suicides. Predominately are white male suicides. To have the biggest impact, PTSD depression and mental health solutions are in dire need to of support to mitigate those number affecting that demographic.

Part III – Free Response (Please answer at least four questions fully, consider the remaining three optional)

1. Why are you running as a Democrat? What aspects of the Democratic platform most resonate with you?

I’m a PROGRESSIVE and the Democrat party is more welcoming. Inclusiveness and equality is import.
I cannot say the same about the Republican party.

2. What important state and local issues have you worked on (or taken an interest in) that you feel aren’t getting enough attention from elected leaders and the media?

Taxing big tech, local unionization and the environment.

3. What legislative reforms do you support to achieve greater equity and inclusion for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals in our communities?

I support all BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ reforms that protect and enhance the respect for basic human rights . Especially since I’m part of the BIPOC community. Unity is important for all inclusive members.

4. What are some obstacles inherent in proposed legislative solutions to climate change? How would you approach those obstacles in order to best overcome or minimize any negative effects?

Lobbyist Corruption by Corporate Democrats and Corporate Republicans, especially from Big Oil Special Interests.
That’s why I’m proposing radical transparency to eliminate lobbyist corruption in my campaign.

5. What safety, law, or justice reforms are you currently in favor of, and how will you work to implement them?

End Qualified Immunity and Prosecutorial Immunity for Police and Prosecutors, respectively. I look at Camden, NJ disbanded and community driven reformation as an example.

6. What steps do you think need to be taken to improve voter turnout and increase voter trust in our election process?

Massive systematic Voter Fraud is a lie. QAnon cult is responsible for this disinformation which lead to Jan6th US Capitol Attack. I endlessly confront people who house these lies and spread them.

More younger voters are more important as they will generally live longer to see the long term effects of politics and policy. Boosting Voter turnout with the youth by identifying hot trends and connecting politics with it, that’s why my campaign videos are all on TikTok.

7. Do you think public schools are adequately funded? If not, what minimum requirements should be met in an adequately funded public school system? What specific forms of taxation would you support to attain that funding?

Public education for decades have been gutted by neoliberal policies that want to unaccountable profit driven private enterprise. As answered above we can Tax High Frequency Stock Trading Bot Algorithms. (extra IRS collected revenue to ~$485B to ~$1.2T / year without a cost to the working class).

Printed Name    Ravin PIERRE the PROGRESSIVE
Date (mm/dd/yy)    06/05/2022

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