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King County Prop 1, Yes for Behavioral Health


King County Prop 1, Yes for Behavioral Health, creates a place for people to go and receive life-saving care, meets the needs of our growing community, and supports a path to recovery.


King County is without a walk-in behavioral health urgent care facility, leaving many cycling through emergency care, jails, and homelessness. Treatment beds continue to decline, and people are waiting an average of 44 days for a mental health residential bed as of last year. Behavioral health needs are on the rise while the workforce continues to decrease.

To address this crisis, Executive Constantine and the King County Council are charting a path forward to create a regional network of crisis care centers, preserve and increase residential treatment beds, and invest in a robust behavioral health workforce. Together, these efforts will increase public well-being and safety, and give families, first responders, and crisis response teams better places to take people than jails and emergency rooms. Prop 1 will invest in a countywide network of five crisis care centers, maintain and restore the number of residential treatment beds, and support the recruitment and retention of our community behavioral health workforce in the region.

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