Meeting Minutes – April 15, 2020

APRIL 15 2020   VIRTUAL 31st LD General Meeting (via ZOOM)

Chair Brian Gunn called for a motion to adopt a revised meeting agenda to include speaker/candidate Kristine Reeves–if she joins later.

AGENDA approved without objection


Meeting Minutes – February 26, 2020  

February 2020 Minutes have been reviewed: Ali Pincas moved to approve, 2nded by Dan Pincas



  • February & March 2020 reports: Very little activity in Feb & March

Following a brief discussion of fees for Zoom host, Mark Dunning motioned to accept the treasurer’s reports. 2nded by Ali Pincas



  1. Pierce County Council District 2 – Sarah Rumbaugh

(Dist 2 in the 31st LD: Milton, Fife, Edgewood, East Auburn, Lakeland Hills) Key issues are “development and traffic issues,…behavioral mental health and homelessness,… essential services to vulnerable populations.”

  1. King County Superior Court Judge – Pos. 51 – incumbent – Cindi Port

Gov.  Inslee appointed Cindy to Supreme Court bench; endorsed by Judge Nelson Lee. years of experience as a prosecutor. “Due to COVID and backlog of trial cases (from loss of 16 judges to retirement)–Judges will need to hold ‘back-to’back’ trials.”

  1. King County Superior Court Judge – Pos. 19 – Judge Nelson Lee

17 years as a prosecutor with extensive trial experience in civil, criminal law, and immigration. Lee is first generation of immigrant parents from Nigeria. “…State funded programs for indigent clients have been severely reduced…Lee seeks …”alternative solutions for criminal justice, ie drug court, to reduce recidivism–yet guided by sentencing guidelines…”

  1. Pierce County Superior Court Judge — Position 6 –  Tom Quinlan

Replacing a retiring judge. Served in Army reserves, atty for 28 years atty in private practice, 1st gen son of Irish immigrants, he advocates for immigrant children in juvenile courts. Core values are “Rule of Law” and “fairness.”

  1. King County Superior Court, no position yet: Hillary Madsen

43rd LD Dem Chair. Worked as atty for large corporation–became a shelter supervisor. Now she is working with foster care, immigrants, and incarcerated and marginalized communities.

  1. WA State 10th Congressional District: (link to LD questionnaire?) Kristine Reeves

Elected WA State Rep in 2016, flipped a long-time GOP seat to hold House majority. She is a 1st Gen college grad, Worked 5 years for Patty Murray; recruited by Gov Inslee as economic dev advisor for military families. Homeless at age 16– wants to break cycles of poverty and addiction. Core issues are –Universal Healthcare, Environment & Early Learning for All.


  1. Pierce County Superior Court – Diana Lynn Kiesel
  2. King County Superior Court, Dept. 51 – Carolyn Ladd
  3. Anne Udaloy – King County Dems PCO Recruitment


UPDATE ON LD CAUCUS (7:45)  Alli Pincas

Explanation of registration process for becoming a delegate. Alli directed attendees to her emailed notes summarizing the WA Dem election website.

Only registered PCO’s–an elected position which is the ‘base’ of the state party–have the right to vote for delegates.



  • Chair: Brian Gunn
  • Vice Chairs: (Pierce & King)
  • Committeepersons (King County, Pierce County, & WA State Dems)
  • Outreach (Fairs) Donna DeProspo
  • Event Planning (Fundraising) Ingrid Curtis
  • Membership: Sarah Edwards
  • Newsletter/Communication– Alli P & Tamara Stramel

Plan to increase LD social/media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with informal live interviews with our LD members and elected WA Dems, & candidates. Also new YouTubes with tutorials on Zoom, recorded “chats”

  • Website/Technology–Dan Pincas  ??
  • PCO Support & Recruitment–Jan Furey


  • If any


  • Endorsements for Judge Nelson Lee, Sarak Rumbaugh, Tom Quinlan

Debate ensued about “virtual endorsement” process: by-laws vs Robert Rules of Order, which do not include provision for Quarantine under COVID.

Do we as a ‘body’ ratify the bundle of candidates who have filled out our questionnaire with the stipulated 3 week advance so members can read prior to  the General meeting– to vote on endorsement.

Alli P motioned to ratify “in-absentia by-laws”to allow a case-by-case endorsement to be as inclusive as possible. Suggestion was made to vote via email to allow more members to view a posted recording of the meeting online.

Mark Dunning motioned to endorse the 3 candidates tonight who have fulfilled our requirements: (Sarah R., Tom Q & Nelson L): 2nded by Jan Furey. Motion passed.

Brian Gunn –what is the quorum required for virtual meeting?.Count is taken: There are 18 registered members present at the meeting.

Using “handraise” tool under ‘participants’ vote for endorsement is tallied:

13 “yes” votes & 3 “no” votes.

Endorsement of the three candidates passes. 

Note to Body: the 2 “No” votes object to the process–not the candidates! 


  • Election of Secretary — Postponed until May General meeting


Ingrid Curtis reported that our 31st LD former Chair, Tim Pearson, lost his 23 year old daughter last week. Ingrid asked that we reach out to all who may be suffering from depression or struggling right now.


  • ADJOURNMENT (9:00pm) Mark Dunning motioned to adjourn.2nded by Kathy Lorimer


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