Meeting Minutes – April 28, 2021






Meeting Minutes – March 24, 2021

Christi Keith: Moved by and seconded by Rudy Adams.

Brian G: Minutes moved for unanimous adoption.



Agenda as submitted has been moved by Rudy & James

Robin M: I move to add new candidates who are present to the agenda who have not yet addressed the body and give candidates 3 minutes to speak. Candidates who have already addressed the body will have 1 minute prior to vote for endorsements to remind members of their prior visit. Drop the Committee Reports for this meeting and drop the committee reports except for Fund Raising Committee. One minute for candidates who have already spoken

Christi Keith Moved to adopt, Seconded by Rudy Adams.

Brian G: Moved on unanimous consent Agenda amended and unanimously approved



Dr. Kim Schrier WA 8th CD Representative

I’m happy to see you all and so appreciate your efforts in the [2020] election! Been busy –delighted that we passed the American Rescue Plan –helping with all the urgently needed rescue items—now it’s time to launch the Get America Back to Work—so we can recover better with focus on the future: childcare, women in the workforce, family plan, jobs plan, smart and paid for policy with the right values for working families.

So pleased to be working on these positive policy changes! Questions?

Question: Any news about the 8th CD possibly being split due to new 2020 census data? Kim says no—not likely.

Question: Will the child tax & earned income credit become permanent? Kim says, hopefully—Earned Tax Credit yes; Child Tax Credit is revolutionary. This benefits ALL families with children. But will have strongest impact on those who most need assistance. Caps on premiums for ACA plans at 8% max of your income –working to make that permanent.

Question: Any chance of adding to the no. of House Reps—based on new census population data. More seats for WA? Kim says: would make for smart way to help make US representation (Congress) and elections more fair. Wyoming Vs California, these states do not accurately reflect the weighted populations of the country.


Whole Washington:  No’eau Pa’ikai-Rose & Kathryn Lewandowsky

“Whole WA Health Trust”: Our name is abstract. What it means is: “Everybody’s in—Nobody’s out”: EVERY resident of WA state, documented or undocumented. “If you work or live here—you’re a Washingtonian. You deserve health care. If you are having a health crisis you don’t think about the cost—you think about your health.” Takes less money to operate [single payer] healthcare vs insurance: $71Billion vs $81Billion. Saves $$ on all the middlemen. Don’t think about the costs–think about your quality of life. The funding details are online: employer share, citizen share and the investment-profit share. You pay a small premium. . “Healthcare = Public Good = Public wealth—the healthier we are the better life we lead. Our health is our wealth.”

I-4181 is the newly designated initiative number for the signature process.

Kate Baumgartner, Political Director for Sen. Patty Murray Update: So much is going on! Sen. Murray has two new chair positions: HELP-Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee; and on the Appropriations Committee, Sen Murray is Chair of the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, with a strong response on COVID and the American Rescue Plan, childcare centers, national vaccine, funding for tribal programs & sexual assault programs have been included in the rescue plan: “…it’s a one-stop-shop for American Rescue Plan (see her website ). Sen Murray is “still fighting for legislation that wasn’t included in the first plan.” She continues to advocate on urgent issues: “Survivors access to supportive care—follow-up for sexual assault survivors including rape kits…” Sponsored For the People Act—to stop attacks on our democracy and shore up voting rights; she is supportive of ending the filibuster! Childcare for working families, Family Act with Senator Gillibrand for extended paid leave for mothers, 2 FREE years of Comm. College co-sponsored with Senator Baldwin! (Biden is talking about this tonight). Confirming nominees and setting up hearings re: health disparities, workforce training and mental health—including the adverse effects from the pandemic year.

Brian G: Thank you, Kate for reaching out to letting us know that Sen. Murray saw that the  31st LD Dems signed the Eliminate the Filibuster Resolution


Stephanie Bowman Port of Seattle, Position 3

TY for having me, currently elect port of commission. Sole endorsement of King County building trades union, saved thousands of jobs during pandemic and ensured workers safety, planning new green jobs moving forward with King & Pierce to clean up water & air, zero emission fuels, AAPI [Asian American- Pacific Islander] leader Gov. Gary Locke, led effort to create vaccine clinic at SEATAC. We tripled the number of women and minority firms contracted at the port. Created 600 summer jobs for youth—even during the pandemic– from underserved communities. This is a crossroads—for a recovery that is equitable and inclusive and sustainable. N/E to endorse tonight


Dow Constantine King County Executive:  Lifelong Dem, Former LD Chair:

“…Passed the Homelessness / Housing initiative with $350Million to bring people in from the streets. Created Equity and Social Justice office to spread resources across jurisdictions to unravel institutional racism; co-creation of new approach to community safety to appoint a new Sheriff and restructure duties; reduced number of kids detained in Juvenile Detention, strategic climate action plan of 50% reduction by the end of the decade, environmental progress with energy neutral programs and met today with the national HHS director about King County’s national success with COVID—lowest rate of infection and death of the 35 largest counties in the US.”

N/E to endorse tonight


Kim Khanh Van –King County Council, District 9: Renton working mother, proud immigrant, ProChoice Dem, small business owner and atty. Mother & siblings escaped from Vietnam; she became a Juris Doctorate. “Our community has been ‘left out’, I am committed to advocate for our most vulnerable… Have dedicated my life and service to the immigrant refugee community… The Incumbent is disconnected from diverse community of seniors, veterans, single-parent households, etc,” Her “Simple Van Plan: Equitable opportunities, Centering Community.” She served on Renton Tech College Board, So. King County Affordable Housing and Homeless communities [Redline Hotel]. She is endorsed by Lisa Wellman, Mona Das. (Running against Democrat Chris Franco). N/E to endorse tonight


Kent Sprague –Auburn City Council, No 2: Former Chair of 31st LD, Proud IAMA member as Boeing employee (wife is member of UFW Nurses Union). Kent’s focus is “to revitalize the downtown environment.” (See his questionnaire.) Lived in Lake Tapps for 15 years—retired to Paradise, CA in 2017, lost their home in the fire. Decided to return to their “true home,” Auburn, WA. Serves on the Auburn City Arts Committee, wants to bring Muckleshoot culture into more visibility. Lived in 31st LD for years as Boeing engineer. N/E to endorse tonight (no candidate website listed yet)


Christi Keith –Edgewood City Council: Christi recently moved from the 30th to the 31stLD after years of activism electing Dems in So King Cty. She is active as State Rep for 31st LD, and PCO Chair. She is passionate about moving Edgewood and the City Council to bring new voters to create a more progressive community in the 10th CD’s. Key issues are Growth and Transit, need for Social Equity— “a current city council member is on record stating that ‘…race is not an issue in Edgewood.’ We need to have more equity in [Edgewood] city staffing.” Christi is a Longtime Dem in Seattle area for past 25 years. She helped to pass the Reproductive Parity Act and impactful on flipping the 30th LD for Claire Wilson [in 2018 election.]

N/E to endorse tonight


Joe Nguyen –King County Executive:  Joe is the first Vietnamese elected officer in King County. As a child, his family settled in White Center, he experienced healthcare issues in his family growing up. Running for King Cty Executive—”COVID exposed the disparities of So King Cty… Few persons of color running with passion of someone who has fierce urgency to get things fixed, “working families tax credit, child care, bringing people most impacted by policy to the table and break from the status quo.” I don’t take money from corporate PACs, there is no ambiguity in who I serve.” (FYI: Sen Fortunato Phil made racist comments about Joe’s name in his first Floor speech as a state Senator.) N/E to endorse tonight

Rich Smith, Joe Nguyen Is Running for King County Executive – Slog – The Stranger

“Though he takes pride in the work he accomplished during his stint in the Senate, he said “the rubber meets the road at the local jurisdiction,” especially for the things he’s “most passionate about,” which includes “police accountability, mass transit, and climate change.” He argues he’s got the “fierce sense of urgency,” the lived experience… needed to win an election against a three-term incumbent, and to run the 12th largest county in the country.


Larry Brown–  Auburn City Council: Running for re-election to Auburn CC. Position 6. “Democracy is not a spectator sport—it needs our participation.” He feels compelled to serve. Lived here in Auburn for 37 years, served on Green River Comm. College Board, Regional Fire Authority Governing board. Priority on the city council: increase training around diversity & inclusion—Nancy Backus championed it—but didn’t get funded until recently. Now, every employee receives training and the CC as well. In the future, focus on affordable housing and homeless services. Recently city ordinance was pushed to mandate that homeless must receive services or be relocated—he disagreed with this approach. President of WSLC [WA State Labor Council]. N/E to endorse tonight


Peter Steinbrueck –Seattle Port Commission, Position 4

Running for re-election after his first term. Staunch Progressive Dem with long track record of activism. The port is a major driver of local economy. His father was a labor activist in Auburn—a machinist making .34 cents p/hr, he was fired for organizing labor rights and joined the 1919 labor strike. “I come from a working class family.” Focus on increasing equitable and living wage jobs—biggest deliverer of these jobs. Last year was worst year for US economy –but the Port came through with a strong health record. Helped to create $10Million community equity fund to support underserved community. Supports the Green New Deal pledge for environmental justice and environmental objectives. “I am not an entrenched incumbent… this is a transformative time and I’m fired up to lead the charge.”

N/E to endorse tonight


[Yolanda Trout–Auburn CC—not present]



March 2021 Report—exempt account has funds to contribute to local candidates. Recurring contributions are level, ups & downs in dues, expenses are moderate to low.

Wes ?: Motion to accept Treasurers Report; Tamara Stramel Seconded

Brian G: hearing no objection report is accepted.



The members’ moved to drop the committee reports from this month’s agenda to expedite candidates’ endorsement requestsfiling deadline May 21st

Event Planning (Fundraising)

Brian G: Update on Planning: Not practical to hold one large event during the pandemic due to restrictions: Committee suggests start with multiple small-scale online events: easy to organize like a quiz / trivia event (i.e., Fair Trade fundraiser) –then work up to larger Gala in the fall with online basket auction.

Kathryn, Whole WA: Possibly co-host a movie screening as a fund raiser? Whole WA has hosted several. Great fundraiser. They have access to powerful WA based documentary: “Power to Heal” (not available commercially). 31st LD to collaborate with Whole WA. (co-hosted with 39thLD, no fee: asked for donations)



Endorsement Questionnaires: Tamara Stramel: me, Amber & Robin have met and updated / edited the original questionnaire—but we now have 12 candidates who have filled out the current online Q. Can the E-board vote to approve the new questionnaire?

Tamara: Motion to empower E-board to add the questionnaire topic to their next meeting agenda: whether to table until Nov. or make changes now.

Mark B. Seconded. No further discussion.

Tamara S: Motion for vote

Vote Result: 15 to 1. E-board will discuss the candidate questionnaire and decide at their next May meeting.


Larry Brown: Candidate Ryan Calkins has arrived at the meeting. I move to allow him 3 minutes to speak. Tamara Stramel, Seconded.

Ryan Calkins, Port of Seattle, Position 1:

Spent years in Latin America and joined his family business and worked in the Port of Seattle. “I have always been an advocate for environmental justice and equity. 4 years ago I ran and squeezed out a victory. It’s been the job of a lifetime, privileged to have such a tremendous role”—not part-time for him, ”…fascinated by all the issues working on: Green jobs, economic development, thousands of living wage jobs and the fishing fleet, tenants at SEATC. “The pandemic laid bare many economic and social justice inequities. We have developed a strong diversity & inclusion office to address and fix these, we also launched a maritime HS and are about to start an aviation HS. Adam Smith will be including it in his budget request.”

Eligible for endorsement tonight



Resolution Supporting the Universal Essential Health Benefits Trust Initiative

Brian: sharing screen for the endorsement –31st LD adopted an almost identical endorsement two years ago. Now # I-4181.

James Jeyaraj: Moved to accept adoption of the resolution, Donna DeProspo: Seconded adopting the resolution. Hearing no objection, so adopted!


Candidate Endorsements: To be eligible for endorsement, Candidate must submit the questionnaire and speak to the voting members.

Chris Franco  King County Council, District 9, (Rebut to his opponent Kim Khanh Van) Chris is a combat vet. “We must move with same sense of urgency we used to fight COVID,” his focus is on equity, and to make gov. more transparent and accountable. (Questionnaire is online at 31st LD Dems)


Hamdi Mohamed: Port of Seattle, Position 3 (Rebut to opponent Stephanie Bowman)—held listening sessions in past months—create transformative change: a COVID task force, truck drivers still lack access to restrooms, “I’ll become the ONLY commissioner to live in SO. King County –with air quality linked to cancer. Endorsed by over 30 elected officials, including Rep. Pramila Jayapal & WA State AG Bob Ferguson.

Toshiko Hasegawa, Port of Seattle, Position 4 (spoke at last meeting)

Ryan Calkins, Port of Seattle, Position 1 (spoke at last meeting)


Tamara S: Motion to endorse Chris Franco & Hamdi Mohammed, James J Seconded. Hearing no objection, so moved.

Sarah E: Discussion for or against candidates? Discussion ensued.

Christi K: Motion to consider Toshiko Hasegawa & Ryan Calkins: seconded by James J. Without objection, Ryan & Toshiko are added to tonight’s ballot.

James J: Motion to suspend rules for the endorsements to add Christi Keith, Larry Brown & Kent Sprague to endorsement vote: Rudy A: Seconded.

Pause to vote on the motion: 4/31% YES to 7/54% NOvote at next meeting in May on these candidates.

Christi K: spoke in favor of Hamdi Mohamed and Chris Franco.

Brian G: I move to proceed with vote on the four eligible candidates now, hearing no objection:

Chris Franco: members voted to endorse! 13 in favor (1 abstain)

Ryan Calkins: members voted to endorse! 13 in favor (1 abstain)

Toshiko Hasegawa: members voted to endorse! 13 in favor (1 abstain, 1 N/P)

Hamdi Mohamed: members voted to endorse! 12 in favor (2 abstain)



Julian Wheeler: Election Observer Training: Wed, July 14 or Thurs, July 15:

10am or 2pm at Pierce County Election office. “We need to train a deep bench of observers NOW.”



Sarah Edwards Moved to adjourn, Tamara Stramel Seconded

Meeting adjourned at 9:33pm


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