Meeting Minutes – December 2, 2020

December 2, 2020 Meeting Minutes
VIRTUAL 31st LD General Meeting Minutes (via ZOOM)
ZOOM Host: 31st LD Chair, Brian Gunn

  • Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM, followed by flag salute
  • Motion to approve the agenda – M/S/P
  • Motion to approve the October 21 Meeting Minutes – M/S/P

Guest Speakers

Treasurer’s Report

  • Report presented by Rudy Adams
  • Reviewed treasurer’s report, discussion of monthly donations, some of which have dropped off
  • Discussion of exempt account vs. non-exempt account with regards to literature printing
  • Motion to approve the treasurer’s report. M/S/P

Officer Reports

  • Chair’s Report – Brian Gunn
    • 229 volunteer phonebanking shifts in the 31st District. 44,338 calls! 1,739 voter contacts.
    • Special thanks to Tamara and Sarah for helping organize the events and make them happen!
  • Vice Chairs Reports

Committee Reports

  • King County – Mark Dunning
    • King County Reorganization coming up on Saturday, Dec 5
    • 5th Legislative District had a very close election between two Democrats, one more progressive
  • Kathy Orlando Provided a Pierce County Update
    • Next Saturday (Dec 12) – Pierce County Democrats Reorganization
    • Kathy will be running for re-election of Chair of Pierce County
    • 2:00 on Saturday, Dec 5: Pre-Reorg Meeting
    • Excited for 2021!
    • Focus on what can organization do to support candidates, volunteership, etc
  • PCO Recruitment – Jan Furey
    • Happy about results of PCO Survey, good, relevant questions
    • Interested in how it will be used, how it’ll be used in making changes.
  • Website – Dan Pincas
    • No major update, website continues to run. Nice to see the increase in traffic around election day, particularly around the questionnaires.
  • Membership – Sarah Edwards
    • Would be very helpful if everyone renews their membership prior to the Reorganization. Dues come up at the first of the year, if you’d like to vote for your leadership team, please renew your dues between now and then
    • Any dues coming in now are considered 2021 dues

Old Business

  • Questionnaire Update
    • Did not make any changes in the 2020 cycle
    • Reopening the discussion
    • Pros/cons of questionnaire and level of detail
    • Suggestion from Greg to lessen the level of detail in the questionnaires to make them easier to fill out and not pin down candidates to issues
    • Discussion followed around the value we find in candidates differentiating themselves and answering specific questions of concern to voters in the 31st District
    • Discussion to be continued


  • Elected PCOs responsible every two years to reorganize local party organizations. Districts and counties. Elected PCOs have a vote on the statutory officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Reps to King County, Pierce County, State Committee
  • So organization dissolves and is remade. New bylaws adopted, new leader, new executive board.
  • Anyone can run for a position.
  • PCOs and non-PCOs can vote for the non-statutory positions.
  • Reorganization Date: Jan 9th at 11AM
  • We look to a County to kick off the reorganization. Pierce County will be sending someone, temporary chair. Temporary chair holds the gavel until the body elects a new Chair.
  • Executive Board will be meeting next week to discuss specific details.
  • King County Reorg this Saturday, Dec 5th.
  • Pierce County Reorg next Saturday, Dec 12th.
  • 31st District Reorg Jan 9th.
  • Will need to figure out voting, etc. Decisions on that will be made, Brian will be observing the Pierce County Reorg for example.
  • Sarah: We’d love some more people to be directly involved in the organization, in the executive board. Holes to fill! If you feel like you’d like to get more involved in the 31st, plan our meetings, outreach, website, or communications, social media … we have many different positions! Come on our Reorganization date to run for one of those things.

King County Reorganization

State Bank Resolution

Good of the Order

  • Pierce County Council has made a proposal to dissolve the Tacoma Pierce County Health Board
    • Proposed Ordinance can be found here
    • Public Hearing will be on Dec 7th
    • Council Meeting on Dec 15th
  • League of Women Voters of Washington will have an annual action workshop
    • First session: Saturday, Dec 5th 9:30am-1pm
    • Second session: Dec 12th, 9:30am-1pm
    • $5 fee
    • Session 1: Saturday, December 5, 2020 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
      • Introduction to the session
      • Keynote Speakers – Revenue: Why we need it and how we get it
      • Elections/Campaign Finance/ Redistricting
    • Session 2: Saturday, December 12, 2020 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
      • Economic/Social Justice
      • Criminal Justice/Gun Safety
      • Education
      • Climate Change/ Environment/Transportation
  • Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins will have a session


Move to Adjourn at 8:56PM

Dan Pincas, Acting as Temporary Secretary


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