Meeting Minutes – Feb. 22, 2023

2023 Feb 22 31st Legislative District Democrats General Meeting Minutes

CALL TO ORDER (7:00) –


Motion to approve the agenda made by Michelle B, seconded by Mark B – agenda was approved by acclamation.

APPROVAL OF PRIOR MEETING MINUTES (7:05 – Charlotte Thompson).

The minutes provided by Robin M have been posted and available for review on the 31st LDD website since Jan 15,2023, thus reading of the minutes is not required per RRO 41:9. Are there any corrections to the minutes as posted? There being no corrections, the minutes for Jan 14, 2023, stand approved as published.


Judge Meng Li Che, Washington Court of Appeals – present at the meeting speaking on behalf of her re-election in November 2023 – PC voters only will be voting for her – she gave her background and experience – community service – discussed current case backlog in appeals court – 31st LDD endorsement is pending in new business.


2023: The Year of the Environment – Chair Sarah E discussed plans for environmental focus this year – service projects will be scheduled for group participation – following environmental legislation and LD 31st rep voting records on environmental bills is planned – possibly drafting environmental resolutions – members are encouraged to send project suggestions to Chair or Newsletter focal

GUESTS (7:30):

Dana Coggon, Pierce Conservation District – present via zoom from Olympia

Dana has been Exec Director of Pierce Conservation District for one year. Dana explained “farms, fish and friends”. The work is focused on help via government resources using collaboration with community, landowners, and agencies. There are several bills in the legislature regarding land use and water management. Edgewood City should have new projects in coming years. Native plants sale will be available in Puyallup next weekend. There are 93 community gardens in Pierce County. People are encouraged to visit their website. Q&A: noxious weed control, cost of removal > possible voucher program, funding for conservation districts > various local rates and charges, federal grants, Russel foundation and other sources utilized, work party this weekend at South Prairie Creek Preserve, 5,000 new trees have been planted.

From chat:

I think this is the signup link for the work party:


Mark Dunning Treasurer’s report – visual aid not available – discussed process of working with bank – motion to change account holders will be in new business,


  1. Sarah Edwards, Chair

Chair’s report – Sarah E discussed use of visual aids with reports and demonstrated – she discussed pizza social – plans for 31st LD shirts – King Co candidate recruitment – bylaws amendments that will be proposed at March meeting (see website for details) – positions still open at the 31st LDD are King Co vice Chair, Outreach Chair, and several committees need volunteers.

  1. Mark Boswell, State Committee – New WA Chair is Shasti Conrad, Vice Chair is David Green, Secretary Rob Dolin, Treasurer David Kim – Registered voters have increased by 700K in 6 years, 500K are still eligible but unregistered – need better outreach in central and western Washington.
  2. Mark B discussed GOP activist purchase of Van/Mini-Van app and concern about data use – Michell B checked on status and posted in chat during the meeting “I just googled that about the GOP/Van situation and can’t find anything about it, so can we confirm that?

NGPVAN is purely associated with Democratic orgs and VoteBuilder is by them also. I can see where in 2021 they were acquired by a British private equity firm, but the focus hasn’t changed since that time.”

  1. Tamara Stramel, State Committee – attended women’s caucus, discussed reproductive rights bills, discussed short terms of National Committee Chairs – excited about the diversity on the new board.
  1. Michelle Deporter-Bratt, Newsletter/Communication – closed prior FB account and group and opened new ones – began newsletter and welcomes feedback – seeking volunteers to check newsletter prior to sending and possibly help with social media.
  1. Brian Gunn, Website/Technology – website is updated with new PCO’s, officers, E-board – working with Matthew Brown to transition work – Matt has been taking initiative with new role – Matt stated he was getting comfortable with the new role.
  1. Amber Olsen Walker, PCO Support & Recruitment – plans for knocking doors of all PCO’s – PCOs will get 31st LD shirts – training in April being planned – March 4 training offered – other training opportunities pending.
  1. Other committee reports – John Westland attended PCDCC meeting,


  1. Motion to specify whose names are on the bank accounts by Mark Dunning

 Mark D moves “We the 31st District Legislative Democrats authorize Treasurer Marcus Dunning to make changes to our Harborstone accounts, ending in 7500, 7551, 7552 to add himself and Chair Sarah Edwards as signers and administrators and to remove Brian Gunn as administrator and remove Kathrine Lorimer. Previous Treasurer, Rudy Adams will remain as assistant Treasurer and a signer on the accounts.” – Brian Gunn seconded the motion. There were no objections. The motion was approved unanimously by vote.

  1. Budget – Rudy A moved to approve the 2023 budget – Mark D seconded.

Tamara S moved to budget $500. for Pride Plateau event at Bonny Lake – both motions unanimously approved.

  1. PCO appointment – Amber O-W moved to approve Helen Mansfield as PCO of 9104, Tamara S seconded – appointment approved by acclamation.
  1. Robin M moved to endorse the Wealth tax resolution in legislature (SB 5486 and HB 1473), Brian seconded – Robin M spoke to the bills content, Mark B spoke in support – the motion passed unanimously.
  1. Tamara S moved to endorse Judge Ming Le Che for re-election to the Court of Appeals, Rudy A seconded – Judge Che was endorsed by voice vote without opposition.


  1. Andrea Omelas was introduced as new PCO and spoke briefly of her background and plans.
  2. Kirby Pollard also spoke of new his PCO assignment and plans.
  3. Derek Kilmer (US Rep 6th Dist.) is showing a documentary film in Tacoma March 15. Details on the 31st LDD FB page.

ADJOURNMENT (9:00pm) – A motion to adjourn made by Robin M, seconded by Tamara S – then passed by acclamation.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlotte Thompson

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