Meeting Minutes – Mar. 23, 2022

31st General meeting 3/23

Call to order 7:04

Rudy – Agenda – John 2nd. No objections, passes
Postpone adopting 2/23 minutes – Tamara, 2nd Christi Keith. Passes Unanimously

PCOs Cindy, Greg, Larry redistricted
+Kim Nixon – Milton
+Noah Douglass – Milton

Revote for New Chair?
Christi Keith – Keep current Slate
Rudy 2nd
No objections – unanimous
Bylaws stay intact

Candidates speaking:
Mary Yu

*problem with endorsements will be taken up at new business
Federal: Marilyn Strickland, Derek Kilmer, Dr. Shrier

Guest Speaker: Rebecca Duran
Field Organizer – WADEMS
Voter turnout, phone banks
April 13th Phonebank

Jonah Wolff
WA8 Kim Shrier

Andre Stackhouse
Whole Washington
Initiative filed – need help!

Waive Questionnaire Requirements for Federal Incumbent Endorsements
Christi Keith
2nd – Mark Boswell
yes, unanimous

Christi Keith
2nd Linda Rutenberg
Endorse Marilyn Strickland, Dr. Kim Shrier, Derek Kilmer

Endorse Kimberly Ballinger, KC Supreme Court

Rudy – Budget Report
Motion Westland
2nd Ingrid

Rudy, Whit 2nd – Reserve Account, Move money for Act Blue, passed without objection

Chair’s Report
Caucus Rules and Prep
Delegates to state convention
June 24, 25, 26

Postpone Bylaws committee assignment until next monthly meeting
2nd James

New Business
Rules Discussion re: gender parity

Good of the Order
Christi Keith: Dom Calata funeral, slain Edgewood Officer, Rich Scaniffe released from hospital
-Legacy Fund and Blood Drive
Women’s History Month

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christie Keith, temp secretary

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