Meeting Minutes – March 24, 2021

31st LD Dems General Meeting Minutes: 3/24/21

CALL TO ORDER/FLAG SALUTE (7:02) Brian G: invited Guest speaker Chris Franco to lead us in the flag salute—(Brian shared screen of flag)

APPROVAL OF AGENDA John W: moved to adopt agenda, Monica W. Seconded



Chris Franco, candidate for King County Council, District 9

Chris F: He is father of four, combat vet, grandson of Mexican immigrants—need a leader to serve a diverse community—”too many are hurting and have gone unserved for too long, housing & economic issues, As a combat vet I run toward problems, not away from them. I am ready to be the change we need to survive & thrive.” Priorities: Investments in infrastructure, etc… Worked within the King Cty gov for many years. “I can hit the ground running as a council member. ‘Gov. by of and for the people’.”  Excerpt from Chris Franco’s 31st LD Candidate Questionnaire:

“As the next King County Councilmember of District 9 I am going to prioritize those most impacted by this pandemic and the endemic of racism. I will fight to ensure that:
· We get back to work safely and create jobs with the wages, benefits, and safe working conditions that we need to survive and thrive here in King County
· I will invest in our small business community, our infrastructure, and our environment so that we have a community that is prosperous, connected, and healthy for all of us
· And I will make our government more accessible, transparent, and accountable to our residents so that we get the investments and representation that we deserve.”

Brian G: Chris’ questionnaire was posted on our website today; he is not eligible for endorsement tonight.


Toshiko Hasegawa, candidate for Port of Seattle, Position 4  (No questionnaire posted yet on the 31st LD website, Toshika is not eligible for endorsement tonight.:

“I am a fourth-generation Japanese-American from Beacon Hill, Seattle native with first-hand knowledge of impact the Port has on our communities and our cultural and regional identity. I marched on the picket lines with her father (WA State Sen. Bob Hasegawa). “Our communities often get left behind—esp. in times of crisis. I bring the sense of urgency that is needed right now.” I [represent] the resilience: union household values, and experience to meet the dire needs of this moment. “We need to ‘Think Big’ on ‘Five Miles In-Five Miles Out’ issues—like converting trucks coming in & out of the Port from diesel to electric. Fishermen can possibly transition their fleets as well. Economic empowerment leads to healthy societies, environmental sustainability.”

Excerpt from article by Rich Smith for The Stranger:

Toshiko Hasegawa is running for Port of Seattle Commission Position 4, (currently held by former port commission president and magician Peter Steinbrueck.) Gov. Jay Inslee appointed Hasegawa executive director of the state’s Asian Pacific American Affairs in 2018. During the pandemic, which led to sustained increase in discriminatory behavior and hate crimes against Asians; She’s been “working collaboratively with business owners, community-based orgs, and community members to connect them with resources …”. She plans to focus on an economically just recovery from the pandemic, she envisions “a Blue New Deal” for the port, a policy that embraces environmental sustainability while promoting job growth subsidizing boaters who transition to clean fuels, building high-speed rail, and taking advantage of federal subsidies to build windmills. “Some of that is pie-in-the sky,” she admitted, “but that’s exciting to me… High speed rail would be great investment…”

Last summer the port promised $10 million to its South King County Fund, a 2018 program aimed at addressing noise and air pollution and increasing economic opportunity in the area. This year the commission issued $1 million in grants to ten nonprofits who serve communities hit hardest by COVID-19. Hasegawa said the port “came through” with that fund, but “it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than $10 million to answer the need. We deserve better… for tribes, for communities of color, for airport cities who want to be part of the solution—it’s not too much to demand a seat at the table.”

Hasegawa is endorsed by Lt Gov. Denny Heck, and other locally elected Dem. officials from So. King Cty.

Hamdi Mohamed, candidate for Port of Seattle, Position 3

Hamdi (she & her) UW grad, justice studies, has been working since age 15. “Currently none of our comm live in So King Cty.” Priorities are Economic dev with resources to helping communities impacted the most by crisis, equity & social justice pririties, managed funds for frontline workers, and established partnership with natl aprtners, brought tons of PPE’s into Seattle, mediated disputes over contractual issues working with Rep Pramilla Jayapal, endorsed by Reps Smith & Jayapal. “The Port is one of largest job creators, so young people have more opportunity…”

–Excerpt from Rich Smith, The Stranger:

Mohamed, who lives in SeaTac, would be the first woman of color elected to the port and the only port commissioner representing the airport’s neighborhood, which seems [overdue] given the fact that most of the port’s $1 billion budget comes from the airport. “I’ve lived in the airport community for a long time, and this pandemic has heavily impacted the workers in the community,” Mohamed said in a phone interview. “I think now more than ever we need a strong voice on the port.” Mohamed said the creation and implementation of an “inclusive economic recovery plan” would rank at the top of her list of priorities as a commissioner. She also wants to build a more inclusive workforce at the port, to diversify

 businesses at the airport as it expands, and to contract with a wider array of cities in the

region. Coming from South King County, where some environmental advocates say air pollution could arguably be contributing to shorter life expectancy rates, Mohamed said her office would plan to lead on environmental justice issues as well. “We need to be more intentional about how we’re going to reduce our carbon footprint,” she said. Mohamed enters the race with endorsements from SEIU6 (janitors, security officers, airport passenger service workers) and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.  Though Mohamed has yet to serve in elected office, she’s no stranger to electoral politics. She’s worked for Congresswoman Rep. Pramila Jayapal as a field organizer, a campaign manager, and an advisor. She also served as a deputy district director of constituent services in Jayapal’s office.”


Tina Podlodowski, Chair, Washington State Democrats: Update

I miss our in-person meetings—and look forward to mass vaccination. Meanwhile, the State Party & our LDs have tremendous opportunity right now: we have over 5,000 races in the 2021 cycle! Most importantly these are races to build our bench at all levels make the dramatic difference everyday in the lives of Washingtonians. And have an opp. To elect people who look like the people they serve and have shared life experiences.

Friday updates to PCO: Massive training effort: T3 “Train the Trainers” is one of our Best Practices Institute: Built on 2020 Rise & Organize training –but on steroids! 12 in-depth sessions to train local PCOs and volunteers.

Contest Every Race—focus is on volunteer recruitment—can select races where we have been identifying candidates – POD commissions, working with nat’l partners like Move On and Indivisible, plus texting effort to recruit candidates and volunteers to assist. Particularly in the 31st LD. This is the biggest effort yet for Contest Every Race—there will be support for candidates, plus 30-minute consultations with Campaign Green House: campaign 101 info. Including working with Labor partners. If you don’t want to be a candidate—please sign up to volunteer to assist campaigns.

These programs get folks to think more positively about Dems in every state they have run this program to date. Smaller piece of the T-3 training, is Vote Builder & analytics, dealing with conflict, and more messaging points around critical initiatives for WA state.

Tina P: Larry Brown is here to talk about labor! He is amazing—the king of labor in WA state!

Larry Brown, WA State Labor Board: update, Auburn City Council

Larry B: “Tina’s dad is a machinist Union steward! Her staff is unionized –why isn’t the DNC?”  Larry is a Longtime member of the 31st LD. WA state + 600 ocal unions, 550,000 workers: political and leg in policy: organizing workplace & community with local partners like AFLCIO:

WA is the only state with a federal union with F/T Racial Justice Director, & a Climate & Transportation Director for green energy and how to make this a just and equitable transition. We had a great year in 2020:               

  • WA Dem volunteers and members made thousands of battle ground state calls to GA, PA, MI—and for the GA runoff!
  • Worker Protection Act: worker rights & safety if a state agency fails to cover it—a worker can file for safety.
  • Agricultural labor overtime: state Supreme Court requiring Agric. & dairy to pay OT, not previously covered under national labor relations act.
  • Training program for candidates of labor union members: Path to Power.(im a grad too) bring in National consultants to advise and train.

“Dems are focused in rural areas of WA state to get more Dems elected… A lot of working folks are feeling abandoned and disillusioned… If we can work on local empowerment issues of affordable housing and rural broadband, we can make some inroads… Turning over every stone to make sure every race is filed by a Dem candidate.”

Christi K: Contest Every Race is a great resource! Indivisble is going to collaborate also… Other Meeting attendees asked Larry questions regarding local labor issues (Rainier State School) and programs available to partner with local unions, train and recruit new candidates and increase engagement.


Devon Davenport re: Rep Kim Schrier: Legislative update:

Thank you to Tina & Larry. Gun violence and race hate issues; Kim knows this is a public health crisis. Kim is very proud of supporting stricter gun safety laws and has co-sponsored initiatives –the ball is now in the Senates court. Kim is hopeful;

Voting rights legislation and other Bi-partisan leg –a lot has passed through the House and is waiting with the Senate. Now on Social media—Dr. Kim volunteered to work with WA DOH at the Showare Center to assist in giving vaccinations—but she was very excited and privileged to be able to give these covid jabs!

Brian G: the 31st LD is proud to have Dr. Kim representing us!


February 2021 report— report reviewed by members.

Mark Dunning: Motion to approve. Christi Keith: Seconded. Report unanimously adopted.

  • CHAIR REPORT: Brian Gunn

RE:  legal counsel: State supreme court case was decided on Freedom Foundation vs Teamsters local—in favor of the unions!! Counsel has contacted Glen Morgan to determine if they are willing to dismiss the suit [against Dem LD’s].

RE: WA Dems data team is working to help ID viable candidates for contested local races: Locally in the 31st LD, Christi Keith needs support for her Edgewood City Council campaign, The 31st needs to ID more candidates to increase outreach in smaller cities. Mark Boswell is going to help lead the recruitment effort.

  • VICE CHAIRS: Pierce & King, & Membership Sarah Edwards

Sarah E: nothing to report as King Cty Vice Chair. RE: Reminder, annual membership in the 31st LD begins each Jan 31st –you’ll need to renew membership each year with dues. Please see link on our website.


King County, Mark Dunning: KCDCC elected a new Secretary Christi Wood by acclamation to replace Hamdi Mohamed who resigned to run for Seattle Port Comm. RE: King Cty Dems 2021 budget was accepted (paid final balance on the 2017 PDC fine!)

Pierce County, Amber Olsen: RE: Pierce Cty auditor Julie Andersen: Delay in the audit from Covid, census info is needed to redraw the legislative boundaries; the info is late and needed before the May 22 candidate filing date (May 16 – 22/21) RE: Senator Murray—is working to push the 1/6/21 commission, asking Marjorie Green to resign; PCDCC subcommittees are using “get to know you meetings” in Zoom break out rooms to create a unified vision for the Dems. “Progressive” was at the center of the Dem flow charts on values—mirror our state and county talking points.

Brian G: 31st could also host similar kind of breakout rooms until we can meet in person. looking for a possible new precinct in Lakeland Hills & in Tahaleh.

Rudy A: What is the timeline for “deadlines for redrawing districts? When will they be redrawn? Amber O: Sept 30 is latest date for in-depth demographic census info—can’t redraw boundaries officially until they get the data. Devon D: New dates for redistricting—appropriation data in the Spring: Nov 15th is deadline for the district maps. Public comment is now open. For more info on redistricting maps:

Sarah E: FYI: Dems Speak up School is training to give public comments!!

OUTREACH: (Fairs) Robin M (Donna D): ask about fairs!! Buckley Log show happening later:

Forest G: Puyallup having drive through State Fair. Unsure if Pierce County is host.

EVENT PLANNING & Fundraising: (no chair yet)

Brian G wants assistance with plan for a FR for May; needs to have a planning session—virtual online format like the trade coalition. Looking for volunteers

NEWSLETTER & Communication: Vicki Bates: newsletter and then an update, thinking about social media and the website, sent an invite for a meeting: Forest G volunteered. Zoom meeting set for Monday Mar 29, at 7pm.

WEBSITE & Technology No report

PCO SUPPORT & Recruitment: Sarah Edwards

Laura Landon has submitted her PCO application for Precinct 31-823 (Sumner):

Laura L introduced herself. She is reading the PCO handbook!!–Laura decided that she needed to get more engaged locally —especially in Sumner. She has been an advocate for foster care and housing for a longtime, and felt it was time to get involved in her community. Laura has Social Media experience, served as secretary for many years –and is a proud union member!


Questionnaire Updates: Robin M: more info to be presented at E-board mtg


Fair materials (storage needed): Mark Dunning made room for storage of fair supplies–but still needs to be sorted and reorganized.

Resolution to Eliminate the Filibuster    

Brian G: There has been discussion about making a unified statement re: the elimination of the US Senate filibuster: This resolution was sent by the 43rd LD who drafted it and sent it to other WA Dem LDs to send to our State Senators. Will the 31st LD members agree to sign on? They are sending the letter this weekend: Excerpt from proclamation:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the 31st District Democrats support the elimination of the Senate filibuster, including by using the so-called “nuclear option” 32 if necessary; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the 31st District Democrats call on Senators Murray and Cantwell to make a public statement in support of ending the Senate filibuster, and to sponsor, support, and actively work to end the Senate filibuster in 2021 and pass the aforementioned legislation; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be delivered to Washington State Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell…”


John Westland motioned to support discussion of signing the resolution, Seconded by Mark Boswell. Discussion ensued.

Sarah E: FYI Google Polls are not working (tech) tonight for voting. Proposed using voice vote. Monica Warner. Moved that we pass the motion to sign the resolution (against the filibuster ) by acclamation. Christi Keith Seconded.

Brian G: Is there any objection to voting by acclamation?

Vote: Hearing no objection… Voice vote to adopt resolution was unanimous; Motion for the 31st LD to sign the filibuster resolution is adopted.



Chris Franco: King Cty Vice Chair of Outreach Committee is building a series of caucuses in King Cty. Available to help with supporting outreach to LD members –can become a gender diverse co-chair for a gender diversity caucus or the team in general.

Julian Wheeler: Election Observer trainings coming up on July 12 or July 15 10am to 2pm.  Also—Julian has covid supplies (PPE) for people/orgs who need them.

Kirby P: FYI there is a State military members caucus group. Approved by WA State Dems, and in County level. Important sector for new candidates, as well.

Pierce County Survey (Rich Erwin)


Kirby Pollard: Motion to adjourn; Donna DeProspero: Seconded.




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