Pierce County Assessor-Treasuer – Marty Campbell

Municipal/Other Questionnaire

Candidate Info

Candidate Name:    Marty Campbell
Position Sought:     Pierce County Assessor-Treasuer
Are you an incumbent for this position?     Non-incumbent
Home Legislative District:     29
Are you a Democrat?     yes

Campaign Info

Campaign Manager or Point of Contact:     Marty Campbell
Website:     www.ElectMartycampbell.com

Part I – Candidate Background

1. Please briefly describe your qualifications, education, employment, community and civic activity, union affiliation, prior political activity, and other relevant experience. Beyond your qualifications, what makes you the best candidate for this position or office? Please describe any specific background or unique perspective you offer and how those will help you accomplish your goals for the position sought. If possible, give practical examples.

I currently serve as Pierce County’s Councilmember for District 5, representing the neighborhoods of Midland, Parkland, Clover Creek, Summit-Waller, Riverside, Fife, Fife Heights, Brown’s Point & Dash Point, and Tacoma’s East Side, South End, and Northeast neighborhoods. Prior to this role, I was a Tacoma City Councilmember for eight years and a successful local small business entrepreneur. My extensive experience in local government and my deep roots in the community uniquely qualify me for the position of Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer. I have a proven track record of passing major legislation addressing critical issues such as mental health, addiction, public health, and housing crises. For example, my work on the County Council to administer federal pandemic relief funds and pass balanced budgets demonstrates my capability to manage public resources effectively.

2. What prompted you to run for this office?

I am running for Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer to bring my management and business experience to ensure a professional and effective Assessor-Treasurer’s Office. I believe Pierce County voters deserve quality customer service, efficient use of taxpayer dollars, and professional and fair tax assessments. My background in local government and business has equipped me with the skills necessary to deliver these outcomes and improve our community’s overall financial health.

3. What steps are you taking to run a successful campaign?

To run a successful campaign, I am focusing on grassroots outreach, engaging with community members, and leveraging my extensive network of supporters. I am hosting community forums, attending local events, and using social media to connect with constituents. Additionally, I am building a strong campaign team and fundraising apparatus that is committed to our shared goals.

4. What are your campaign’s most important themes, issues, or priorities (three to five)? Share issues or priorities specific to the office that you’re running for.

My campaign’s most important themes and priorities are:

Ensuring fair and equitable property assessments to maintain public trust and provide accurate tax revenue for essential services.

Part II – Yes/No Questions, please qualify your answer if necessary

1. Do you support steps to build a fairer economy through tax reform and progressive taxes as wealth increases?     Choose Not To Answer
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #1     The job of the Assessor-Treasurer is to fairly collect taxes as prescribed by law. We do not set tax policy.

2. Do you support robust investment in publicly owned housing/subsidized housing for elderly and low-income individuals/families, and zoning changes to support such housing?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #2    

3. Developer impact fees are allowed under the Growth Management Act. Should they be increased to help pay for needed improvements to our roads, parks, and schools?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #3     in pierce county we have an agreed upon formula by which they are calculated and collected. This formula includes escalations and reassessments.

4. Do you support building a municipally owned and operated broadband system in your city or jurisdiction?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #4    

5. Do you support local investments to address climate change where applicable?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #5    

6. Do you support women’s unrestricted access to reproductive healthcare?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #6    

7. Do you support laws regulating the purchase, ownership, and carrying of firearms?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #7    

8. Do you support the right of workers to unionize and bargain, including public employees?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #8    


Part III – Free Response (Please answer at least four fully, and consider the additional three optional)

1. Why are you requesting Democratic endorsement? What aspects of the Democratic platform most resonate with you?

I am requesting the Democratic endorsement because my values align closely with the principles of the Democratic Party, including equity, social justice, and the promotion of economic opportunity for all. The Democratic platform’s commitment to fair taxation, investment in public services, and the protection of workers’ rights resonates with my own priorities. As Assessor-Treasurer, I will work to ensure that our tax policies are fair and equitable, supporting the well-being of all residents in Pierce County.

2. What public policy reforms do you support to achieve greater equity and inclusion for BIPOC and LBQIA+ individuals in our communities?

To achieve greater equity and inclusion, I support policies that address systemic inequalities in housing, education, and employment. This includes promoting affordable housing, ensuring equitable property assessments, and supporting economic development initiatives that create opportunities for BIPOC and LBQTIA+ individuals. Additionally, I advocate for anti-discrimination policies and inclusive practices within all government operations to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

On council I led efforts to use equity in all policies and was on the Board of Health when we declared Racism a Public Health Crisis.

3. What steps do you think need to be taken to improve voter turnout and increase voter trust in our election process?

Improving voter turnout and trust requires increasing accessibility and transparency in the electoral process. When I was running for my first term on Tacoma’s city council we increased the turnout in our district by going out and talking to voters that are often ignored. That’s what I think we need to do, involve more people in the process.
We also need to build general trust in government by operating in a fair and trans parent way.

4. What important local issues have you worked on (or taken an interest in) that you feel aren’t getting enough attention from elected leaders and the local media?

One important issue that requires more attention is the need for comprehensive mental health and addiction services. During my time on the County Council, I have advocated for increased funding and resources to address these crises, which have significant impacts on public safety and community well-being. More focus is needed on creating integrated support systems that provide timely and effective care for individuals struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

5. Please list at least three specific, concrete actions you would support to ease the homelessness crisis.

To address the homelessness crisis, I would support the following actions:

Increasing funding for affordable housing projects and supportive housing services to provide stable, long-term housing solutions.

Expanding access to mental health and addiction treatment programs to address the underlying issues that contribute to homelessness.

Implementing comprehensive case management and support services to help individuals transition from homelessness to stable housing and employment.

6. What safety, law, or justice issues are currently facing your jurisdiction, and how will you address them?

One of the pressing issues in our jurisdiction is the need for enhanced police accountability and transparency. To address this, I support policies that increase oversight of law enforcement agencies, including the implementation of independent review board. I led the effort for the adoption of body-worn cameras for all Pierce County Deputies. . Additionally, I advocate for comprehensive training programs focused on de-escalation and bias reduction to ensure that all community members are treated fairly and safely.

7. What are the transportation/transit challenges which face your jurisdiction and how would you address them? What role does green energy play in your proposed solutions?

Our community faces significant transportation challenges, including inadequate public transit options and aging infrastructure. To address these issues, I support investing in expanded and improved public transit systems that are accessible and affordable for all residents. Incorporating green energy solutions, such as electric buses and renewable energy sources for transit infrastructure, is essential to creating a sustainable and efficient transportation network.

More specifically we need to expand Pierce Transit County wide and increase frequency.

By typing my name below, I declare under penalty of perjury the foregoing is true and correct.

Printed Name:     Marty Campbell
Date (mm/dd/yy):     5/30/2024

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