Reorganization Meeting Minutes – January 9, 2021

MINUTES: Reorganization Meeting of the 31st Legislative District Democrats:

The 2021 Re-organization meeting of the 31st LD Democrats of Washington state was gaveled to order by temporary Chair: Kathy Orlando, 11:02 on January 9, 2021 via Zoom.

Flag Salute

Reorganization Temporary Officers Appointment:

  • Temporary Secretary: Robin Macnofsky
  • Parliamentarian, Mark Boswell
  • Sergeant-at Arms Tamara Stramel & Allison Pincas
  • Tally Chair + Committee: Daniel & Allison Pincas

Credentials Report: Sarah Edwards reports there are (currently checked in) 22 credentialed members eligible for voting,19 of whom are elected PCO’s.

Adoption of Agenda: Motion moved by Kathy Orlando, seconded by Rudy Adams.

Adoption of Meeting Rules: Kathy Orlando reviewed the reorganization meeting and code of conduct rules. Brian Gunn proposed an amendment to reduce the listed 15-minute time allotment for ballot voting to 10 minutes. Motion was moved by Alli Pincas. Seconded by Mark Boswell. Amendment was unanimously adopted with no objections

Practice Vote: Using the sample ballot provided in the e-mailed agenda, the technical committee took several minutes to ensure that all members were able to submit ballots.

Credentials update: Sarah Edwards reports 24 eligible voting members; 21 PCO’s

Election of District Chair

Mark Dunning nominated Brian Gunn, Sarah Edwards seconded. Brian Gunn accepted the nomination. Mark and Sarah spoke on behalf of Brian’s qualifications: “Best man for the job,”Brian has VIP contacts and knows 85% of people in the WA state party.”

Brian stated that he does not wish to serve beyond the next 2 years—so he will be recruiting and mentoring candidates for 2023 chair. “There is important work to be done in the next two years. We must find strong candidates to prepare for our next election.”

Mark Dunning moved to elect Brian Gunn: using the digital ballot with 21 PCO’s eligible;

Some members were having technical difficulties–Dan Pincas moved to allow direct correspondence with him via phone or text (using each members’ unique security code) for a vote with unanimous approval.

Tally Committee report: Brian Gunn is elected District Chair with 20, unanimous, votes.

Kathy Orlando surrendered the official Chair of Reorg Meeting to Brian Gunn:

Inclusiveness is the key to our success. If you are new–Thank you for joining us. And Thank you to those who have been with us. We have a lot of work to do outreach to new communities: Communicating our values is crucial–our party at every level needs to stand up for working people who are struggling right now–for daily survival. what are the solutions going to be for this diverse group of people. If we speak to those folks–we will be including voters who have previously voted for [GOP]. Our party invites the participation of all–be they LatinX, immigrant, black and brown, LGBTQai, Native Americans—if we are all pulling together—if we can show that’s what our party is fighting for—for everyone—we can do this. We’ve just seen it happen in GA. We have an opportunity to show that divisiveness [of Fortunato] is not representative of the people living within our district.”

Adoption of District Organization Bylaws

Jan Furey motioned to adopt bylaws by unanimous consent; Amber Olsen seconded: without objection the 31st LD current By-laws are adopted [Link is included in meeting agenda]

Election of remaining Statutory Officers:

Brian Gunn motioned for nominations. Only PCO’s are eligible to elect statutory officers.

Sarah Edwards: Requested a clarification of the nominations process:

Brian Gunn: In the ‘Zoom’ chat bar: use the ‘Raise hand’ feature or type a message to “everyone.” (according to adopted meeting rules)

First Vice-Chair – Pierce County

Allison Pincas nominated by John Westland; Allison respectfully declined.

Mark Boswell nominated John Westland. John accepted the nomination. Brian closed nominations. Sarah Edwards requested clarification about gender requirements. Allison Pincas referred to the Pierce County Dem By-laws; Art. 4, sec 1-A: “Vice Chair should be of a different gender than the [District] Chair.”

Monica Warner nominated Amber Olsen–who respectfully declined the nomination.

Tamara Stramel self-nominated, seconded by Sarah Edward; John Westland subsequently removed himself from nomination; Tamara accepted the nomination.

Brian Gunn closed nominations.

Sarah Edwards spoke on behalf of Tamara’s qualifications as a previously elected PCDCC Rep, PCO and 31st LD Communications Chair.

Brian Gunn moved to vote by acclamation, seconded by Vicki Bates; Voting members elected by unanimous acclamation:

Tamara Stramel is elected First Vice Chair – Pierce County

2 State Committee Persons: Brian clarifies they must self-identify as different genders:

State Central Committee 1

Monika Warner nominates Christi Keith for State CC person #1, Christi self-identifies as [Pronouns] ‘she/her.’ Christi accepts nomination. Jan Furey seconded. Jan spoke on behalf of Christi’s qualification, “Christi has vital experience in campaign support and fundraising for local candidates.”

State Central Committee 2

Tamara Stramel nominates John Westland for SCC person 2; Christi Keith seconded. John accepted the nomination; identifies as ‘he/his’; Monica Warner spoke on behalf of Christi Keith’s qualifications. Tamara Stramel and Christi Keith spoke on behalf of John’s qualifications. Brian Gunn entertained motion to elect both officers by single using vote by acclamation: Jan Furey moved; Rudy Adams seconded. Voting members elected by unanimous acclamation:

State Central Committee 1: Christi Keith

State Central Committee 2: John Westland

(3) Pierce County Democrat Central Committee (PCDCC) Representatives:

According to Pierce County DCC by-laws, at least one representative must self-identify as different gender from the other two; Two representatives must be duly elected PCO’s

PCDCC Rep 1: Christi Keith nominated Jan Furey (she/her) for PCDCC; Tamara Stramel seconded. Jan is an elected PCO

PCDCC Rep 2: Amber Olsen Walker self-nominates; (she/her); Christi Keith seconded nomination; Amber is an elected PCO.

PCDCC Rep 3 (alternate) Rudy Adams nominates Donna DeProspo who declines; Monika Warner nominates Forrest Graham who accepts the nomination (he/his). Christi Keith seconded. Brian Gunn closed nominations:

Tamara Stramel spoke on behalf of Forrest, Amber and Jan, “This is a great opportunity for newcomers to jump in and learn how the party system works. Monica Warner echoed Tamara. “Great to see new people moving into positions with new energy.” Jan, Amber & Forrest spoke briefly to accept their nominations.

Brian asked for a motion to vote by acclamation: John Westland motioned: Rudy Adams so moved; Tamara Stramel seconded.

By unanimous acclamation, voting members elected these representatives to Pierce Cty DCC:

PCDCC Rep 1: Jan Furey (she/her); PCO

PCDCC Rep 2: Amber Olsen Walker (she/her); PCO.

PCDCC Rep 3 (alternate) Forest Graham (he/his)

KCDCC Representative and 1 Alternate

KCDCC Rep 1: Rudy Adams nominates Mark Dunning; Brian closed nominations after 3rd call; Monica Warner seconded; Tamara Stramel & Monica Warner spoke on Mark’s behalf. ‘Mark has served for 3 terms and has built relationships attending reorg in Dec. and served as KC elections observer.

Motion by Mark; seconded by Rudy A; vote approved by unanimous acclamation.

KCDCC Rep 1: Mark Dunning

KCDCC Alternate: Rudy Adams nominates Vicki Bates as Alt KC rep. who respectfully declines; Monica Warner nominates Sarah Edwards–who declines.

Marina Hiles is nominated by Monica Warner; Marina accepts the nomination; Vicki Bates seconded. Brian closed nominations.

Monica Warner spoke on behalf of Marina’s qualifications and connections in KC; Vicki Bates also endorsed Marina; Brian asked for vote by unanimous acclamation. Mark Boswell so moved, Rudy Adams seconded.

Marina Hiles is elected KCDCC Alternate

Second Vice-Chair – King County

Rudy Adams nominates Sarah Edwards; Ingrid Curtis seconded, Sarah accepted the nomination; Rudy spoke on behalf of Sarah’s qualification–puts in so much effort for many years on behalf of the 31st! Jan Furey & Ingrid also spoke on Sarah’s behalf as efficient, organized and passionate. Sarah: “I’m looking forward to working with the other vice chairs.” Rudy moved to vote by acclamation; Ingrid seconded Brian reports Sarah Edwards is elected by unanimous acclamation

Second Vice-Chair – King County: Sarah Edwards

Five Minute Recess

Election of All Other District Officers:


Nominated by Rudy Adams, seconded by Donna DeProspo

Nominations closed; Rudy spoke on behalf of Robin M. Founder of the Lake Tapps Resistance League; Ingrid Curtis spoke about Robins qualifications easy to work with and dependable. Brian Gunn moves to vote by unanimous acclamation.

Secretary: Robin Macnofsky


John Westland nominated Rudy Adams; Ingrid Curtis seconded. John spoke about Rudy’s exceptional skills which keep us in compliance with the PDC. Brian Gunn endorsed Rudy as, “MVP of the 31st LD!” Rudy spoke: “I’m pleased to serve for another two years (and handle the arcane rules of the PDC) –but we need to train my replacement. We need an apprentice to be ready for our next reorganization.

Dan Pincas moved to elect & Allison Pincas seconded, Brian moved to vote by unanimous acclamation:

Treasurer: Rudy Adams

Chairs of Standing Committees:


Involves Fairs, and possible online modes of community engagement: Robin Macnofsky self nominates as chair. Christi Keith seconded. Donna DeProspo volunteered to serve on the committee. Rudy Adams and Mark Boswell moved to elect. Hearing no objection Robin Macnofsky is unanimously elected.


Organizing events, but in a time of Covid, Fundraising will be very challenging. Allison Pincas nominates Christi Keith, Monica Warner. seconded. Christi respectfully declines. Ingrid Curtis volunteered to serve on the committee.

No Chair was nominated at this time


Tracking Dues, voting members. Sarah Edwards self nominates, seconded by Diane Kerlin. Nominations closed. Rudy soke on behalf of Sarah’s previous work, “Hats Off’ for taking two major roles”; Diane praised Sarah’s early and active participation. Sarah thanked members for support. “I like spreadsheets!”

Allison Pincas moved, Mark Boswell seconded, for vote by acclamation–Sarah Edwards is unanimously re-elected.

Communications (Newsletter)

Tamara Stramel nominated Vicki Bates, Donna seconded. Vicki accepted the nomination. Nominations closed: Tamara spoke on Vicki’s behalf. Excited to have her in this role–She will be a great spokesperson for the 31st! Donna DeProspo echoed. Vicki spoke: “As PCO for the last two years I’m excited to broaden my scope.” Rudy Adams moved to vote by acclamation, with no objections, Vicki Bates is elected Communications Chair.


Rudy Adams nominates Tamara Stramel, Dan Pincas seconded. Nominations closed. Tamara praised Dan & Brian for website design and management. Vote by acclamation Mark B and Vicki Bates. Dan P spoke on Tamara’s behalf. Tamara praised the groundwork of Brian & Dan on the website. Rudy moved to unanimously elect Tamara Stramel as Website tech chair! Brian praised Tamara’s excellent work on our newsletter.

PCO Coordinator

Rudy Adams nominated Christi Keith for PCO coordinator; Jan Furey seconded. Rudy spoke on Christi’s passion to focus on filling more of our PCO positions. Jan spoke on her behalf and volunteered her support. Christi– “We need to get every PCO position filled to replace Fortunato and be ready for changing demographics.” Rudy Adams moved for vote by acclamation, seconded by Allison Pincas. Christi Keith unanimously elected PCO Chair.

New Business, including appointments of new PCOs: There are no pending applications

Good of the Order:

Julian Wheeler, PC Dem Election Coordinator: Kirby and Mark Dunning have been great volunteering as election observers. We always need new observers–training is difficult right now due to Covid restrictions. Observers are critical to have ready.

Alli Pincas: “I am saying ‘thank you & goodbye,’ since I will not be taking any leadership roles at this time. Stepping back for now, but I’m still a member.”

Vicki Bates announcing candidacy of Kim-Khanh Van, a Renton City Council woman, is running against GOP incumbent Reagan Dunn:

Monica Warner: AmeriCorps events for MLK weekend with virtual training or can post other community events for that weekend. Jan 15-18


Brian Gunn “This will be a Fantastic board and I’m looking forward to our first E-board & General meetings in 2021—a year in which Democrats will actually have a majority in the U.S. House, Senate and Presidency!! There is much work still to accomplish to eradicate the fear and hate mongering (as Julian just shared)

Rudy Adams moved to adjourn, Tamara Stramel seconded; meeting gaveled at 2:20pm

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