Sumner Bonney Lake SD Position 4 – Jeffrey Moon

Municipal/Other Questionnaire 2022

Candidate Info

Candidate Name:    Jeffrey Moon
Position Sought:     Sumner Bonney Lake SD Position 4
Are you an incumbent for this position?     Non-incumbent
Home Legislative District:     District 31
Are you a Democrat?     Yes

Campaign Info

Campaign Manager or Point of Contact:     Self

Part I – Candidate Background

1. Please briefly describe your qualifications, education, employment, community and civic activity, union affiliation, prior political activity, and other relevant experience.

I have lived in the Bonney Lake area for the last 7 years. My wife and I are both teachers and both hold Masters Degrees in education. I have been/will be a member of the WEA and NEA while teaching. I have taken the last two years off to care for my daughter and spend time with her for the last two years of her elementary school. While off I have still been substitute teaching, primarily in Auburn and Federal Way.

2. What prompted you to run for this office?

I have been disappointed with the current school board when it comes to recognizing and celebrating the diversity of contemporary student populations. I have seen it in the schools, I have seen it in school board meetings, I have heard it from parents of students with IEPs. I felt that if I couldn’t hope for someone to make a change or stand up for the students. I had to get directly involved and not sit on the sidelines.

3. What steps are you taking to run a successful campaign?

I have made contact with the Coalition for Equity to seek their support. I have talked to my mother about school boards (she was a school superintendent) to get an idea of what a school board member would be called on to do. I am seeking endorsements from political groups (this group, as well as inquiring if others might endorse me as well.)

4. What are your campaign’s most important themes, issues, or priorities (three to five)?

*School Diversity/Inclusion
*Safety for Students and Teachers

Part II – Yes/No Questions, please qualify your answer if necessary

1. Do you support steps to build a fairer economy through tax reform and progressive taxes as wealth increases?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #1

2. Do you support robust investment in publicly owned housing/subsidized housing for elderly and low-income individuals/families, and zoning changes to support such housing?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #2

3. Developer impact fees are allowed under the Growth Management Act. Should they be increased to help pay for needed improvements to our roads, parks, and schools?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #3

4. Do you support building a municipally owned and operated broadband system in your city or jurisdiction?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #4

5. Do you support local investments to address climate change where applicable?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #5

6. Do you support women’s unrestricted access to reproductive healthcare?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #6

7. Do you support laws regulating the purchase, ownership, and carrying of firearms?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #7     I grew up hunting with my father. I am not a stranger to firearms. I support the second amendment, as it is a part of our constitution. However, I do not believe for a second it was supposed to allow for anyone to own anything and pose a danger to themselves and others. That was never the intention of the amendment and I fully support the “well regulated” side as indicating that the founders did not want what we have now.

8. Do you support the right of workers to unionize and bargain, including public employees?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #8

Part III – Free Response (Please answer at least four fully, and consider the additional three optional)

1. Why are you requesting Democratic endorsement? What aspects of the Democratic platform most resonate with you?

I am a social progressive. I won’t back down from my beliefs in equity and inclusiveness. I also believe that a strong economy doesn’t have to be built on the backs of the poor, who are kept poor so that we have a strong economy.

2. What public policy reforms do you support to achieve greater equity and inclusion for BIPOC and LBQIA+ individuals in our communities?

3. What steps do you think need to be taken to improve voter turnout and increase voter trust in our election process?

We need a national voting holiday. We need education on the voting process and the importance of “down ballot” elections. We absolutely need some way to make it accessible for everyone to vote.

4. What important local issues have you worked on (or taken an interest in) that you feel aren’t getting enough attention from elected leaders and the local media?

School funding. The McCleary Decision simply punted issues down the road. It created a false equity but the gap in school district services/funding is continuing to grow wider between districts.

5. Please list at least three specific, concrete actions you would support to ease the homelessness crisis.

Homelessness is incredibly complicated. Three specific actions I would support are: Creating Affordable housing using methods like rent control so people can live where they work. Universal Basic income so that a standard of living truly includes basics like shelter. Universal Health care so that people aren’t one medical crisis from losing their homes.

6. What safety, law, or justice issues are currently facing your jurisdiction, and how will you address them?

7. What are the transportation/transit challenges which face your jurisdiction and how would you address them? What role does green energy play in your proposed solutions?

By typing my name below, I declare under penalty of perjury the foregoing is true and correct.

Printed Name:     Jeffrey O Moon
Date (mm/dd/yy):     05/22/2023

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