YES on KC Prop. 1, renewal of the Best Starts for Kids Levy

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  • Endorsement Requester: SEIU Local 925
  • Contact Phone: 3609044762
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King County Prop. 1 (Best Starts for Kids)


YES on KC Prop. 1, the renewal of the Best Starts for Kids Levy, will allow us to maintain and expand effective programs that put our children and youth on a path toward lifelong success


Investments include Prenatal-5 family support, preventing youth and family homelessness, and community-driven partnerships through Communities of Opportunity that address emotional growth, early engagement with youth, and racial and social equity priorities. For an increase from 14 cents per $1,000 assessed value to 19 cents—an additional $28/year for the average homeowner, we can continue to maintain these important investments, build on success, and provide essential childcare for families across our county.

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