2021 Reorganization

The results of the 2021 reorganization meeting are reflected on our Executive Board page.

The 31st Legislative District Democrats reorganize every 2 years. During this meeting, a new Executive Board will be elected to office. Anyone who lives in the 31st LD and considers themselves a Democrat can run for a leadership position.

Read a message from the Chair of the 31st District Democrats, Brian Gunn, here.

The 2021 reorganization will take place on January 9, 2021 at 11:00 AM via Zoom (Register to attend here).

The proposed agenda for the 2021 reorganization is posted here.

Before the meeting please feel free to familiarize yourself with the proposed rules.

The following people have declared an interest in running for officer positions. Please note that this announcement is for infomation only and does not constitute an official nomination (which will take place at the meeting in January), nor does it preclude anyone else from running for the same position. Self-nominations are allowed. If you would like to announce your intention to run for a position, please send an email to chair@31stDistrictDemocrats.org and we will add your name to this list.

  • State Committee Person – Christi Keith
  • Pierce County Representative – John Westland
  • Pierce County Representative – Tamara Stramel
  • Pierce County Representative – Jan Furey
  • King County Representative – Mark Dunning
  • Treasurer – Rudy Adams
  • Communications chair – Vicki Bates

Thank you, and see you at the reorg!


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