Port of Seattle Commission (Pos. 3) – Ahmed Abdi

Candidate Questionnaire

1. Your name

Ahmed Abdi

2. Candidate for:

Port of Seattle (Position 3)
Party Affiliation: Democrat

3. Campaign information

4. If elected, what positive changes will you champion that will benefit the 31st LD?

  • I will fight for workers’ rights and make sure the SeaTac Prop1 is enforced
  • I will also fight for environmental and social justice as well as immigrant and community
    of color.

5. What are the three most critical issues you expect to encounter in the office you are seeking?

  • Protecting worker rights , enforcing labor standards, and equal opportunity for all.

6. Please give us an example of when you had to a make a critical decision that, due to its impact on others, was difficult. Tell us why you made your decision and what, if any, actions you took to mitigate any negative results.

As SHA Board Commissioner, we were asked to vote for rent increase for seniors and I voted against the proposed high rent because I felt it will be a burden to the low-income seniors which I was proud of by doing so.

7. What methods will you employ to communicate with your constituency on a regular basis?

Holding community engagement meetings

8. What other information would you like us to consider?

I am a community activist as well a leader in my community

I declare under penalty of perjury the foregoing is true and correct.

Signed at:


Ahmed Abdi

Additional Information

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