Correction – Standing Rules for May 23, 2018 Endorsements

On the Wednesday, April 25, 2018 monthly meeting, members voted to adopt two sets of standing rules regarding endorsements. The first set is a general set of standing rules, and the second set applies specifically to the May 23, 2018 endorsement meeting.

We have recently realized that a particular section of our standing rules regarding absentee voting that we adopted regarding the May 23, 2018 endorsement meeting is out of order with our bylaws.

The section that is out of order is section 2, beginning: “Voters who are unable to attend the Endorsement Meeting may vote in absentia prior to the Meeting by fulfilling the following requirements:

Per our bylaws, Article V, “Roberts’ Rules of Order shall govern all regular and special meetings.” According to the official Roberts’ Rules Article VIII regarding Voting, “Absentee Voting…This provision, when it is deemed advisable to adopt it, should be placed in the constitution or by-laws, as otherwise, unless the charter or state laws authorize absentee voting, no member can vote except in person”

Since we have not amended our Bylaws to allow absentee voting, an adoption of a Standing Rule is not sufficient to allow absentee voting. Therefore, we will not be able to count any absentee votes for the May 23, 2018 endorsement meeting. Members must attend the meeting in-person in order to vote on our endorsements.

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