Harborview Medical Center Health and Safety Improvement Bonds

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  • Endorsement Requester: Harborview Health for All
  • Contact Phone: +1(206) 249-9037
  • Website: https://harborviewprop1.com/
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Harborview Medical Center Health and Safety Improvement Bonds


If approved, the 20-year bond will provide health and safety improvements at Harborview, including increasing critical health care capacity, updating and expanding modern infection control standards, and expanding capacity for behavioral health needs.


This measure will raise over $1.7 billion to fund increased capacity, including new beds, emergency rooms, and resources for everyday emergencies, disaster preparedness, and future pandemics. A portion of the new revenue will provide long-needed seismic upgrades to structures across the hospital. These are essential for protecting Harborview’s structural integrity in the case of an earthquake or other natural disaster, the kind of event where Harborview would be central to any emergency response. It will also invest in expanded capacity for behavioral health services and programs, vital for delivering real, compassionate, and effective help to homeless and vulnerable members of our community. Finally, the bond will also strengthen our workforce and create nearly 8,000 local, good-paying, family-wage jobs for workers in King County.

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