Auburn City Council (Pos. 6) – Larry Brown

Candidate Questionnaire

1. Your name

Larry Brown

2. Candidate for:

Auburn City Council Pos 6
Party Affiliation: This is a non-partisan but I am a Democrat

3. Campaign information

4. If elected, what positive changes will you champion that will benefit the 31st LD?

If elected I plan to work a “jobs agenda”. I want to use our educational resources (Green River College and K-12 career technical education for example), transportation improvements to recruit manufacturing business to our community with aggressive economic development methods.

5. What are the three most critical issues you expect to encounter in the office you are seeking?

Income inequality


Public safety

6. Please give us an example of when you had to a make a critical decision that, due to its impact on others, was difficult. Tell us why you made your decision and what, if any, actions you took to mitigate any negative results.

In 2013-14 Governor Inslee took sides with Boeing in their attempt to take the pension from our members. Although I warned the Governor to not side with Boeing, he felt compelled to push the Machinists to a 2nd contract extortion/extension vote for what the Governor thought would be required by Boeing to site the 777X in Washington. Although the Machinists eventually lost our pension with the help of the Governor, we were able to chart a course that did not result in a Republican in the Governor’s mansion. Although as a union, we could not endorse Inslee in the 2016 election we were able to maneuver a Labor endorsement for him (despite his attach on the IAM) for the greater good. This is a longer story but you have the basics here.

7. What methods will you employ to communicate with your constituency on a regular basis?

I plan to doorbell my community before and after the campaign.

8. What other information would you like us to consider?

I have been a lifelong Democrat. I am a former member of the executive board of the 31st Dist Dems (before I was redistricted to the 47th). I have been a State Committeeman and a 2000 delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I have served our community in numerous boards and commission such as the Green River College Board of Trustees, the King County Airport Roundtable Advisory Board and the Seattle/King County Workforce Development Council. I currently serve as Chair of the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

I declare under penalty of perjury the foregoing is true and correct.

Signed at: Auburn, Washington May 20, 2017


Larry Brown

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