Meeting Minutes – Dec. 8, 2021

31st LD Democrats General Meeting Minutes 12.08.21 v1

CALL TO ORDER /FLAG SALUTE (7:01) Brian Gunn welcomed attendees, called meeting to order and led the pledge of Allegiance. Mark Boswell led us in the flag salute.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Brian Gunn asked for a motion to adopt agenda; Rudy Adamsmotioned to adopt, Donna DeProspo seconded. Hearing no objections, the agenda is adopted.


October 27, 2021 Meeting minutesMoved and seconded by Tamara Stramel & Rudy Adams.


Devon Davenport, US Rep Kim Schrier, 8th CD campaign manager, Kim’s back in DC right now. The Infrastructure bill is now signed into law! Includes Rep. Schrier’s Legacy Roads & Trails re: public lands and waterways to help protect our salmon. More funds are coming to WA and to our district. BBB [Build Back Better] has passed the house –now waiting for the Senate to pass… Rep Schrier is most excited about lowering insulin prices; she knows about rising costs of insulin personally and her patients with diabetes—no more than $35 per month!! Proud that Medicare can now negotiate prescription drug prices; plus largest investment in clean energy economy. More news happening: Kim’s 2022 Campaign is picking up. New WA state Leg District maps have been released—WA Supreme Court has allowed it; 8th district and 31st are still mainly intact—Rep Schrier will need our support –toughest race she’s had to run. A third GOP candidate has jumped in: Reagan Dunn from King Cty Council. He has institutional support; Dave Reichert is his campaign chair. He’s raised a lot of $$ in short amount of time. Campaign has escalated in past month, will be one of the tightest races in the country possibly. We have a new Organizing Director—he’ll be starting soon. Brian G: Dunn has been planning this for years—he is very serious and will be a tough challenger. We will help. We [31st LD] are now split (3) ways: between (3) Congressional Districts due to new maps— our phone banks will begin again soon.

Devon D: The 8th CD has gained 100,000 voters from NE King, and eastern Snohomish Counties. South Auburn has been moved out of 8th CD. Brian Gunn just barely remained in the CD. So, we’ve lost Blue precincts in Auburn/south King Cty. But Bonney Lake is still inside the 8th CD; Sumner is now in the 10th, and Lakeland Hills/North Tapps is also now in the 10th. Kim’s challenger, Reagan Dunn, mainly focuses on Seattle issues which are not part of the 8th CD. Kim’s top issues: Healthcare, prescription drugs, climate protection, public lands, managing wildfire, mental health for teens and kids! Jobs & the economy.

US Rep Derek Kilmer, 6th District:

Kevin Schilling, 206-948-0381

Rep. Kilmer has helped with door knocking in the past in the 31st, and with new redistricting, Milton will now be part of the 6th CD. Rep. Kilmer grew up in Port Angeles, his parents were teachers; he graduated from Port Angeles HS, saw friends & families lose jobs after the timber industry crashed; he studied public policy, worked on the Tacoma/ Pierce Cty Econ. Dev; served in the state legislature for several years. “Education is critical if we care about lifting people out of poverty, and wage inequality, making College more affordable, with more career and Tech Ed in High Schools… I want my kids’ future to have better wages and benefits and combat climate crisis…” people won’t face discrimination based on sex, race, gender identity etc.” “I appreciate the work each of you contribute by being involved with the party, people showing up and making the phone calls are the reasons we’re successful. Our Party does well when all the oars are in the water…We’ve been working in many districts to get people elected.” Donna DeProspo; “Can congress get much worse—voting rights and filibuster should be on the top of the list.” Rep Kilmer: I’m a Co-sponsor of the new Voting Rights Advancement Act, we’re in a state of play on voting rights—”the only way to get this done is to change the rules of the senate and do away with the filibuster, amending or doing away with, pass HR1 –For The People Act, tomorrow we’re voting on the Protecting Our Democracy Act to prevent some of the abuses we saw under Trump, there are clear steps we can take.” Also—every 20-30 years congress creates a select committee on modernization of Congress: the Fix Congress Committee, passed as of today with 145 recommendations to make Congress actually work better for American people… “to foster greater civility in congress.” Michael McCollough: re: recent GOP posts: Where is the parliamentarian of Congress? Rep Kilmer: “Rules of decorum for the House floor—but not for twitter or social media. He’s been removed from his committees due to his comments about AOC. No silver bullet—nothing he can do to do away with fox news or twitter—but we can make changes to policies to fix the bickering. “Let’s end tribalism—stop separating out Dems from GOP.” Talking to people on organizational effectiveness. “We want to get things done for the people we represent, we don’t want to see this corrosiveness continue. We want to get things done…” Mark B: How do we fix the oppositional parties in Congress: Rep Kilmer: “We need two (2) functional parties. There are officials who want to get things done, some want to burn it down, but there are a lot in the middle. But, 139 of my colleagues still voted to reject the confirmation of the vote after the insurrection. Bridge building matters–but not to Marjorie Green or Matt Gaetz.” Brian G: How can we help work with you in the 31st LD, a lot of us want to help Dr. Schrier, –How will it work if we need some help? Rep Kilmer “Ask me for it! We’ve been involved in door knocking, phone banking, my approach is –stronger when we are building the party and electing Democrats. That’s my priority!” 3 of the 6 counties I represent voted for Txxxxx.

Vincy Fok, Campaign Director for US Senator Patty Murray mobile 425-902-3771

Sen. Murray is working on some exciting: lighthouse signing for veteran’s affairs, college afford and VA working, BBB get it passed in the Senate: pre-K, climate action, childcare, drug pricing, Infrastructure Bill, includes clean school bus-to electric; digital equity act for broadband access for all communities; bridge repair funding, clean water and transit. Ensure Txxxxx did not ram thru more conservative judges—helped to confirm more diverse federal judges including first Asian American and First Nation, fought for public schools safety funds to get students resources they need to be safe in class. Robin M: Should we keep calling the senator and let her know we support the Voting Rights Act and ending the filibuster? YES!! Rudy A: the new computer system being installed for the VA is a real problem. Send her your comments— Donna & Rudy: income & wealth inequality due to foreign investors buying up homes and condos.


October 2021 report Rudy reviewed the report, low overhead (due to Covid protocols) continues. Donna DeProspo moved to accept the report, Mark Boswell seconded. No questions/objections. Report has been duly accepted. Thank You, Rudy!


Chair, Brian Gunn: all of our endorsed candidates did very well. Michael & Kate both won, Kate Baldwin is now on the Auburn City Council, Michael McCullough is now Mayor of Bonney Lake! And Christi Keith is now on the Edgewood City Council! Members of the 31st District Democrats voted to endorse the following candidates and/or initiatives for the 2021 election year: Those highlighted in bold won their races:

Michael McCullough: satisfying aspect of running a lot of progressives and moderates and liberals actually DO live in the area and they spoke up—ut was very grassroots—going to festivals and talking with people, and the phone calls—all of it really helped. Talked with so many people. Mu opponent ran unopposed for nearly 15 years. My council and I are odds on political philosophy vaccines for instance: Provide proof of vaccination or cannot work got city government. We have 2 virulent anti-vaxxers on the council/-, I want to unify the city—split by 410, old city on Northside-, new city on the south side. From 1700 to 23,000 in the past 10 years. Huge growth. Infrastructure is really crumbling, sewer and roads, etc. I believe the help from the 31st was critical to my success. Donna DP: What about Pot shops? BL is missing out on the revenue. MM: “We will readdress this.” Too much of a money maker for the council to reject at this point. Mark B: be sure to let people know where the funds come from for the infrastructure projects. MM: Sumner BL food bank huge success story. Went from rat infested building to new rehab serving the community–really turned it around. Image and morale so VIP. Wants to start with City Council to get morale reinvigorated—we will give credit where it’s due!

Kate Baldwin, new Auburn City Council member: 58% lead on her opponent. Went thru the association of WA cities training with Erica and Christi and Michael. Also good news–James Jeyeraj has been elected as Deputy Mayor for Auburn. “Parade of Graduates” every Spring—really great event she had in MI growing up. Nice tradition. Simple event—celebrates the achievement of students and brings some business to the downtown core. Bring more revenue opportunities to the city…strong vaccination supporter for the city. Biggest challenge cam with the inconsistent messaging, now we can be clear and consistent as leaders within the city to mobilize and encourage vaccinations. Mark B: death rate is less than 1%–but Long Covid, huge cost in long-term disability, to effectively encourage people to get vaxxed. The L&I issue brings it home more effectively. Kate is now in the 9th CD, but still in the 31st LD.

The new maps have not changed our current reps—state level issues, we are so encouraged by this year’s elections –it shows us we do have people who lean democratic and will turn out for a strong candidate. Kate researched her position on the council so she would have experience to campaign and be prepared if she were elected—as well as connecting and networking with elected officials.

Looking at the new maps: our overall state score of ‘red vs blue’ has not shifted at all with the new map still 44.1 vs 54.1 leans red. We lost some blue precincts in Auburn, but have possibly gained in Milton. We’ve lost Larry Brown, and Marina Hiles, but may have some new Dem PCOs in Milton. 8th CD is now 49.9 Dem vs 48.3 GOP –from 2010: 50% Dem vs 48.2% GOP. Marilyn Strickland running for re-election in the 10th, 31st LD now includes a portion of the 6th (Derek K) 8th (Kim)& 10th (Marilyn) CDs. Nationally—Less than 10 seats in the House to keep the speakership/majority. Kim Lock (Chris Hurst’s daughter) is not ready to run (against Fortunato). We are interviewing potential candidates now: if you know of anyone who may be considering… on the board at Green River CC? Small business owners, retired educators, nurses…

Vice Chairs (Pierce & King) Tamara S; FB profile is not working—she received a notification, violation of community standards… she’s reached out and not getting any clear idea from them, can’t post and can’t find us! Hasn’t been able to fix this.

ADJOURNMENT (9:06pm) Tamara Stramel motioned to adjourn; Donna De Prospo seconded. Meeting adjourned 9:06

Post meeting we had an informal discussion re: Virtual fundraiser—public records req. for new business owners, scavenger hunt sending people to new small businesses. Passports to get stamped, or a film noir mystery hunt.

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