Meeting Minutes – February 26, 2020

Minutes from 31st Legislative District Democrats regular monthly
meeting February 26, 2020
6:45 PM before the meeting was officially called to order,  Devon
Davenport political director for Congresswoman Schrier gave a quick
update on Kim’s healthcare plan.
7:05 PM Hilary Franz  gave a presentation to the body. Suggested we
call Stokesbary urging him to get HB 2413 out of committee.
8:00 PM The meeting was called to order by Chair Brian Gunn. Flag
salute, agenda approved, review of code of conduct re-scheduled,
Minutes from January 22, 2020 meeting approved.
8:03 PM Carolyn Ladd, candidate for King County Superior Court Judge
Spoke to us.  She has filled out a questionnaire and is ready for
8:05 PM Diana Kiesel, candidate for Pierce County Superior Court Judge
spoke to us. She intends fill out a questionnaire.
8:07 PM Dimitry Davydow spoke to us about a .1% sales tax for mental
health services insurance.
8:12 PM Tamara gave a report on the Pierce County Dems
8:14 PM Chair Brian Gunn gave his report. Register for LD caucus,
primary counts this year, sign ballot, declare party and election
observers needed.
8:20 PM Mark Dunning gave a report on the KCDCC meeting of Feb. 25th
8:24 PM Tamara Reminded us of PCO training at Jan Furey’s house on
March 25th
8:27 PM No nominations for Secretary
8:28 PM Treasurer’s report accepted
8:32 PM Proposed budget discussed. Amended to add $2500 for potential
legal fees. County dues removed. Added $250 donation to Pierce for
Pride Parade added $300 for venue rental election night. Budget
approved at 8:50 PM
8:50 PM John Kouklis elected to state convention credentials
committee. Allison Pincas elected to state convention platform
committee. No Nominations for rules committee.
9:01 PM Greg Clinkingbeard presented a draft candidate questionnaire
and rules change for endorsements . Both were tabled until next
9:14 PM Good of the Order
Donna DeProspo has the summer fairs lined up and needs volunteers. She
also said that Elizabeth Warren has an office in Burien if any one
wants to volunteer.
Robin Macnofsky  said that the Kim Schrier campaign has signs if
anyone is ready.
Gene Hart was sorry he was late, but he did bring a pizza
Michael Branch (not sure of his name) from the 32ndLD encouraged us to
look at SB 5604.
Kathy Orlando encouraged us to sign up for the Pierce newsletter
9:22 PM Matthew Thomas, candidate for Pierce Superior court was
9:24 PM M/S/P adjournment
–Submitted by Mark Dunning, Acting Secretary

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