Meeting Minutes – February 28, 2024

Disclaimer: timing and order of agenda items is tentative, subject to the availability of our guests and speakers.


We acknowledge that our legislative district is on the traditional homelands of the Puyallup and Muckleshoot tribes, who have lived on and stewarded these lands since the beginning of time, and continue to do so today. We recognize that this land acknowledgement is one small step toward true allyship and we commit to uplifting the voices, experiences, and histories of the Indigenous people of this land and beyond.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA (7:00) Carrie Wilbur Moves to Approve agenda Rudy seconds.

READ/APPROVAL OF PRIOR MEETING MINUTES Mark D motioned to approve Carrie 2nded. Approved unanimously

GUESTS AND SPEAKERS: Carey Wallace – Whole Washington

  • Whole Washington is a non partisan healthcare advocacy group, Their initial petition has become a bill but hasn’t had a hearing: SB 335—WA Health trust, state based system. Eventual goal is national expanded Medicare for All. LD 31 has endorsed WW in the past. Recently, Executive Director Andre Stackhouse spoke at Universal Health Care Commission. Now—Andre gave public testimony for Senate Joint Memorial 8006, Requesting that the federal government create a universal health care program. All health care orgs are backing the bill.
  • WW advocates that Congress pass California Rep. Ro Khanna’s bill or pass federal waivers to allow us to do something new.
  • WW visited On Olympia on March 2 for Poor Peoples Campaign. And again on March 6 Universal Healthcare rally–to hopefully celebrate passing SJM 8006.
  • WW continues to learn about strategies in other states. Michigan has won signature policy to reverse gerrymandering by hosting 33 town halls in 33 days across the state. WW scheduling similar town hall events for the summer, planning to be everywhere in the state. Looking for invitations from groups who will help organize a town hall.
  • Question from Brian G: when will the sig drive be held again? Carey says 2025 is the earliest we can resubmit another signature drive using the town hall strategy to hit GO in June 2025. Want to be sure we are successful on this go round.


Superior court judge serve in Pierce County. Seeking our endorsement again, after earning it in 2020. No opponent at this time, but still likes to hear from his constituents.

In Pierce County handling resentencing and incarceration for backlog of cases. Cases with sarpecified mandatory time are being reevaluated post-Blake decision, significant population impacted by this change. Success in getting post Covid backlog of felony cases reduced. Still backlogged on homicides which are more complex. A typical week is multi-tasking to help reduce number of cases. While jury is deliberating on case, moved forward on voir dire for next case. Started next case on family law. Etc…using Zoom and in-person admin to catch up with backlog. 

Brian G: call for jury duty is great opportunity to see how that wheels of justice operate. Do you see partisanship playing a role in our courts? Judge Quinlan: Not at all. We don’t see typical partisan issues. Felonies, business disputes, property disputes, divorce trials. Apolitical. I go to both democrat and republican meetings to introduce myself. Similar concerns—but differing ways to resolve issues. These are non-partisan positions.

Rudy A: increasing shortage of people on PDs and prosecutors’ side—JQ: yes there is a lack of personnel. Hard to catch up with fewer admin & prosecutorial staff. Delays in starts dates, etc. Young lawyers have missed learning via experience how to become better attys so when we move to superior court we have a working knowledge and better advocates for justice. Covid stopped trials so younger lawyers missed getting that experience. Classes were not in person, so missed that training. So normal attrition, and lack of experienced prosecutors.  Pay is not competitive. But cases remain the same –complex social issues that compound that.

Chellie: people are frustrated about increasing crime, and people being released back on street. Do you have a insight that we can use to explain why someone might be released more quickly> need ,more court reporters

Trial atty by trade—says she has no problem holding powerful to account. Supports universal healthcare, which will need to be implemented through the insurance commissioners office. Kuderer has 2 opponents. The industry is nervous abut her candidacy. First time running state wide.

Robin M: How will you differ from Mike Kreidler Management styles? Kuderer: I’m a “work with me” type, not “work for me.” Collaborative. Have worked with insurance commission staff in my legislative capacity, on a pharma bill right now. What are you going to improve morale? Approach is respectful, and collaborative. —I understand the difference between conduct and performance issues.  Plans to meet with every LD in the state for campaign.

  • Justice Cheryl Gordon McCloud. Thank you for your endorsement in 2018. Authored opinion on state possession law of drugs. WA was an outlier among 50 states; now WA prosecutors require to show defendents knew the drugs were on them—not planted on them or without their knowledge.

Also presided over the Arlene Flowers case: the gay couple who were turned down by the florist. We upheld the rights of the couple under WA law against discrimination. We take juvenile rights seriously, and due process rights. Co-chair of gender & justice commission: authored report of last 30 years in WA state on gender an race—very collaboratively sourced.

Also works as liaison on public defense for funding and supporting public defense—crisis of PDs leaving their jobs due to low pay etc. Also on the rules committee. Appellate and criminal justice work seeking due process and against gov misconduct. constitutional rights to resolving disputes peacefully. Intend to continue this work if reelected for my final 6 year term.

Rudy A: decreasing age of criminal  — youth crimes. Justice CG: characterize youth as super predators to design policies to keep them behind bars for lengthy periods. Same calls are being made again. Public safety is vital, but understanding the development of juveniles is critical to ensure full rights as youth who have potential for rehabilitation.

Kirby P: is there another option for rehab for juveniles? What is Plan B?  Agrees with Kirby. Statutes on the books that require assistance for youth released to provide resources and education—has not been happening. Don’t send the to jail but redress the problem through resources and education. Judges are saying there are not sufficient resources to give them better alternatives.

Kirby P: if they are voluntary—kids wont participate,. Must be mandatory—what recourse does parent /community have to force youth to comply with education and rehab services. Problem is Lack of funding/access to resources.


  • Endorsement questionnaires
  • Budget


  • Sarah Edwards – Chair’s report
  • Mark Dunning – treasurer’s report
  • Amber Olsen Walker – Book club (more info)


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