Meeting Minutes – January 22, 2020

31st L.D. Democrats General Meeting
January 22nd, 2020, 8pm (Delayed due to Pizza / Committee Meeting)
Edgewood Fire Station

Approval of Agenda:

  • M/S/P to approve agenda with amendments to add guest speakers.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • M/S/P to accept treasurer’s report.

Guest Speakers:

New Business:


  • M/S/P to endorse Chris Porter for King Conservation District Supervisor #2.
  • M/S to suspend the rules for the month-long wait for Judge Keenan because he’s a known incumbent (requires 2/3 majority of voting members)
    • Discussion took place including on reading of questionnaire (the point of the bylaws)
    • Passed 12-4
  • M/S/P to endorse Judge David Keenan

Filling E-Board Vacancies:

  • No nominations for Secretary
  • Tamara Stramel and Robin Macnofsky nominated for Voter Registration Chair, as co-chairs, contingent upon her approval
    • M/S/P

Other New Business:

Good of the Order:

  • Next month our monthly meeting will start off with a Fireside Chat with Hilary Franz, our Commissioner of Public Lands
    • Brian will be reading questions, contact him if you want to submit any
    • PCOs have been sent a spreadsheet with information about people of their precincts
    • Interview from 7-8 and then business meeting 8-9
    • If you’re looking for people to invite, invite those from your precinct!
  • Environmental Lobby Day 1 week from tomorrow (Thursday) on Jan 30
  • Edgewood Fire Station will be torn down and rebuilt. When do we need to find a new venue?
    • We should be good through March.
  • Food Drive for Nourish Pierce County, Pierce County-wide collective of many different food banks

Dan Pincas
Backup Secretary





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