Meeting Minutes – January 7, 2017

31st Legislative District Reorganization
January 7, 2017
Marion Grange Hall, Buckley, WA

The meeting was called to order by PCDCC Chair, Gina Bua, who was introduced by outgoing Chairman Mark Boswell. The flag salute was given. Appointments of officers pro-tem were made as follows: Chair Gina Bua; Secretary Linda Wagenblast; Parliamentarian Bailey Stover; Sergeant-at-Arms Mark Boswell; Tally Committee: Kathy Lorimer, Darlene Simpson-Brown, Mark Boswell.

A credentials report on PCO’s and voting members was compiled from the sign-in sheet provided at entrance there were 20 PCO’s elegible to vote for Statutory Officers. A motion was made to accept report, motion carried. Motion was made, 2nded, and carried to accept the Agenda as presented. Motion to accept rules was made, 2nded, and carried, with the correction of allowing each candidate for an office 2 minutes to speak, rather than only one. Motion to accept By-Laws and Standing Rules was made 2nded, and carried.

Nominations for Chairman

  • Brian Gunn was sole nominee and thus elected by acclimation.

Motion was made to vote by show of credentials, rather than paper ballot; it was ruled out of order because it would supercede adopted rules. Ballots will be used whenever there is more than one candidate for an office.

  • Nominations for Vice-Chair, Pierce Co. : Dave Peters, Angel Swanson.
    Results: Angel Swanson, 15 votes, Dave Peters, 5 votes.
  • Nominations for Vice-Chair, King Co.: Chris Smith, sole nominee, elected by acclimation.
  • Nominations for State Committee Man: Kirby Pollard, Britt Kaufmann.
    Results: Kirby Pollard, 14 votes, Britt Kaufmann, 6 votes.
  • Nominations for State Committee Woman: Ingrid Curtis, Robin MacNofsky
    Results: Ingrid Curtis, 13 votes, Robin MacNofsky, 7 votes.
  • Representatives to PCCCD: Robin MacNofsky, Stephanie Hagen, Kirby Pollard
  • Representatives to KCCCD: Chris Smith, Sarah Edwards, George McKay (alternate)

Non-Statutory Positions on Executive Board:

  • Nominations for Secretary: Britt Kaufmann, sole nominee, elected by acclimation.
  • Nominations for Treasurer: Kathy Lorimer, declined; Rudy Adams elected by acclimation.

Standing Committee Chair Positions on Executive Board

  • Membership Chair: Sarah Edwards
  • Newsletter Chair: Allison Pincas
  • PCO Coordinator, Pierce Co., John Westlund
  • PCO Coordinator, King Co., Adam Braun
  • Outreach Chair: Donna DeProspo
  • Programs and Public Relations Chair: Angel Swanson
  • Voter Registration Chair: Co-Chairs Anne Percival and Renee Rich
  • Web-Site Coordinator and Tech Team Chair: Adam Braun; team members: Dan Pincas and Audrey Peterson.

Old Business: Thank-yous and certificates of appreciation to outgoing Executive Board and Committee Chairs.

New Business:

Election of 5 new PCO’s was held: 4 appointed and 1 acting.

King County:

  • AUB-31-0083 – Merlann Kay Heckt

Pierce County:

  • 31-881 – Stephanie J. Hagen
  • 31-813 – Vicki C. Bates
  • 31-898 – Linda G. Rutenberg
  • 31-815 (acting) – Amy Egizii

Meeting was adjourned at 2 p.m.

Linda Wagenblast Outgoing Secretary

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