Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2022

MEETING Minutes for JULY 27, 2022 of 31ST LD DEMOCRATS



July 27, 2022 Meeting Agenda

Motion to approve agenda: Linda Rutenberg

Second – Rudy Adams – agenda approved by unanimous consent


Robin Macnofsky not present at meeting. Charlotte Thompson volunteered to be acting secretary.

  1. Meeting minutes for May 25, 2022, were not available for review or approval.
  2. Meeting minutes for June 22, 2022, have been posted on 31st LDD website for a week.
    1. Motion to approve June minutes was made by Tiffany Elliot.
    2. Second by Linda Rutenberg.
    3. Motion approved by unanimous consent.


  1. Linda Farmer, candidate for Pierce County Auditor – present at the meeting, spoke for 2 minutes
  2. Damon Townsend, candidate for Pierce County Auditor – present at the meeting, spoke for 2 minutes
  3. Carrie Wilbur, candidate for 31st LD Representative, Pos. 2 – present at meeting, spoke for 5 minutes

GUESTS (7:20):

  1. Jordan McElroy, Political Director, Marilyn Strickland for Washington – spoke on behalf of the Marilyn Strickland campaign and activities.
  2. Logan Rysemus was present for Dow Constantine, KC Exec and spoke in support of Conserve our Futures – YES On Prop. 1 campaign that will be on the November ballot.
  3. Libby Watson, Regional Field Director – WA State Democrats – present at the meeting with Nico Feliciana to introduce her as new staff for field activities.
  4. Jonah Wolff, Organizing Director (WA-08) – DCCC – present at meeting, spoke in support of Kim Shrier campaign and activities.
  5. Holly Stanton, candidate for 31st LD Representative, Pos. 1 – was not present at meeting.


  1. June 2022 treasure’s report presented by Rudy Adams with motion to approve the report.
  2. Tiffany Elliott seconded the motion and discussion of expenditures followed.
  3. The Treasurer’s report was approved without amendment by voice vote.


  1. Chair -Brian Gunn reported on plans and expenditures for August 14 canvas and picnic activity – Kim Shrier is scheduled to attend along with other candidates and campaigns – Brian will send a “save-the-date” email to members soon.
  2. Vice Chairs (Pierce & King) – Tamara Strenel reported on the Edgewood Picnic event.
  3. Committeepersons (King County, Pierce County, & WA State Dems) – no report
  4. Outreach (Fairs) – no report
  5. Event Planning (Fundraising) – no report
  6. Membership – Sarah Edwards announced she will review and correct dues status for voting members as needed.
  7. Newsletter/Communication – no report
  8. Website/Technology – no report
  9. PCO Support & Recruitment – new PCO identified (see new business)


  • No old business items were put forward


  1. Brian introduced Michelle (Chellie) Bratt as a new PCO for precinct 31-840 in Bonney Lake.
  2. Michelle spoke briefly on her motivation for participation as an LD 31 PCO.
  3. Tamara Stramel made a motion to appoint Michelle as PCO for 31-840.
  4. Tiffany Elliott seconded the motion, and the motion was approved by unanimous consent.
  5. Brian Gunn announced an opportunity for participation in the King County Legislative Action Committee – some discussion ensued – it was noted LD 31 spans both King and Pierce County and the Committee is for State legislative priorities – Tiffany Elliott volunteered to participate in this committee as 31st LDD representative.
  6. Brian Gunn requested the voting members affirm the July 6 Executive Board decision to nominate and support Carrie Wilbur as a write-in candidate for LD 31 State Representative Position # 2 opposing Eric Robertson who is currently running unopposed – Carrie was present and spoke as noted under “Candidates Seeking Endorsement” section – Tiffany Elliott moved to affirm the board’s action – Rudy Adams seconded – the motion was approved by voice vote


    1. Linda Farmer and Damon Townsend have completed all requirements for 31st LDD endorsement as Pierce County Auditor.
    2. Tiffany Elliot moved to endorse Linda Farmer – Richard White seconded – discussion ensued – Linda Farmer was endorsed for PC Auditor by voice vote.
    3. Whit Worchester moved to endorse Damon Townsend for PC Auditor – Linda Rutenberg seconded – discussion ensued – the motion failed by vote of 3 yay and 9 nay.


  1. Mark Boswell brought up a proposed new airfield being considered on the Enumclaw Plateau. A decision is anticipated by the spring of 2023 by the Commercial Aviation Coordinating Committee. Discussion advised further monitoring of the project.
  2. Kirby Pollard spoke of his encounter at Tunes on Tapps with a few people being very vocal about election fraud in prior campaigns. Similar concerns and experiences in Bonney Lake were discussed. Michelle Bratt spoke of candidate Brandon Beynon’s speech at the June Bonney Lake City Council meeting. She recommended all members view the video of the meeting to be familiar with current political culture in Bonney Lake.
  3. Tamara Stramel and Brian Gunn spoke of the recent passing of Diane Kerlin who was a long-time member and active participant for many, many years with the 31st District Democrats. Her work and legacy were acknowledged with heartfelt appreciation.
  4. Sarah Edwards moved and Tamara Stramel seconded a motion to adjourn which passed with unanimous consent.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlotte Thompson, acting secretary – July 28, 2022

Contact information from chat:

19:19:32 From Jordan McElroy to Everyone:

For campaign questions and information, and/or to join Team Strickland for door canvassing please email me at! Thank you.

19:27:25 From Logan Rysemus to Everyone:

19:27:32 From Logan Rysemus to Everyone:

thanks everyone!

19:31:19 From Libby Watson to Everyone:

Friday text bank 2-4:

Issaquah Get Out the Vote Saturday @ 10:30am w/ Senator Patty Murray, Chair Tina Podlodowski, CD8 Representative Dr Kim Schrier, and State Representatives Lisa Callan and Tana Senn:

Lakewood Get Out the Vote Saturday @ 1:30 w/ Marilyn Strickland, Congressman Derek Kilmer, 28th LD Reps. Dan Bronoske and Mari Leavitt, Rep Melanie Morgan and 29th LD candidate Sharlett Mena:

Sunday @ 2 OR 5pm, statewide phone bank WITH BINGO!:

19:32:24 From Libby Watson to Everyone:

19:32:39 From Nico Feliciano (She/Her) to Everyone:

Feel free to reach me at, I’d love to hear from you!

9:35:49 From Tiffany Elliott to Everyone:

20:06:37 From Sarah Edwards to Everyone:

Volunteer spreadsheet:

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