Meeting Minutes – Mar. 22, 2023


Sarah E called the meeting to order by sharing and reading aloud the “Land Acknowledgment”—FYI: agenda has been shifted.


James J: motioned to approve, Andrea O: Seconded approval of agenda. Motion unanimously approved.

READ/APPROVAL OF PRIOR MEETING MINUTES (7:05) February Minutes have not been posted online, so will be approved at our next meeting.


Judge Coreen Wilson – King County Superior Court (Endorsement Questionnaire Judge Wilson addressed the body –She brings expertise in Tech—“presiding over the first binding civil trial held in the nation over Zoom.” Increases access to justice, lowers litigation costs, assists people to attend hearings without jeopardizing their employment. Still much work to do on this to increase tech access. Judge Wilson faces no opponent currently.

Judge Joe Campagna – King County Superior Court (Endorsement Questionnaire) Judge Campagna: Superior court judge appointed by Inslee last August, previously was elected at the King Cty District Court level. “I believe there is a base level that every judge must meet: earn the public trust, treat everyone with dignity, treat every case like it’s the most significant case, and improve the court system— increasing access and logistics to remove barriers that limit people’s success. Judge Campagna faces no opponent currently.


  • Lizzie Boyle on behalf of Rep Kim Schrier: I’vebeen with Kim since 2020 on fundraising, this is a new role for me Vice Ranking member on energy &, Chair of farm bill task force. Going on a listening tour around the district. This is Kim’s third term, She just saw her 16th bill passed, and her 100th Town Hall meeting. These are milestones!! She has also secured $11.5 Million in Wild fire mitigation funding, named to DCCC’s list of high priority candidates for re-election.
  • Kevin Schillingon behalf of Rep Derek Kilmer: “A lot going on at the capitol—debt ceiling and budget debate looming—whether we pay the debts we’ve racked up.” This is NOT new spending. GOP House members say they won’t pay—(which means we’ll default) due to what they claim is excess spending in the PAST that was already approved by the House. “But this would put the country in peril. GOP members propose to reduce spending by 22% except defense. GOP proposal guts the Clean Air Act, vet benefits, social services, all is in jeopardy with those types of cuts.” After the 2022 elections, we are now fighting from a minority position. Sarah E: 31st is prioritizing 2023 to focus on Climate Change, how will this affect last year’s acts? Kilmer: “This impasse challenges how to fund the bills passed last year to combat climate crisis, the bills would not be funded if they have their way—this is the battle right now. “For example, under Trump there were many cuts to defund federal support for Puget Sound recovery. It will resemble what we saw then. Our kids are only as safe as the earth we pass on to them.” Tamara S: I watched your interview podcast—on the modernization of Congress, This is so much needed; what is the most productive recommendation coming out of the Select committee? Kilmer: Major focus is on staff: Congress is only as good as the people who work there. “…Average tenure is less than 3 years for staff, so people develop expertise then get poached by outside firms. Robin M: How can House Dems break the gridlock on debt ceiling? Kilmer “Moving forward, our current effort is to get both parties to re-engage based on mutual respect:” Option 1: Gert a clean debt ceiling release: goal is a finding debt crisis resolution with (6) reasonable GOP members to sign with us. Option 2: GOP, having failed to advance cuts—put forward some compromise. Option 3: Default. “Dems are not going to agree to massive cuts.” Mark B: Isnt it true that [defaulting on] our Debt limit is unconstitutional—it was never to be questioned? Will Biden say that we’ll pay by Ex Order? Kilmer: No discussion of this…others suggestions have been proposed nut nothing serious: Platinum coin? 2023 is our opportunity to regroup, “This is the year that we build the party.”

King Cty prop 1 will be on the April 25th ballot. “For many people, there is no place to go for help for mental health crisis in King County: Lost third of long care treatment beds—through neglect, aging infrastructure (built in the 80’s), and smaller orgs which don’t have the resources to maintain the building. Behavioral health care workers have had attrition due to the above and COVID– so fewer people are available to work in the field. This bill proposes (5) new clinics for people to access directly as walk-in, to rebuild supply of long term treatment beds for indefinite stays, release to rehab or half-way housing. King County needs safe places for people to heal, and to rebuild behavioral health workforce by increasing compensation and apprenticeship models with training and resources to recruit more people into the profession. Prop 1 would cost a property owner of 800K house about $10 p/month. But the current costs shared by everyone in King County are unsustainable: ER rooms overwhelmed, increased homeless population, “Mental health is under recognized challenge in the US.” Constantine is the National Chair: Nat’l Association of Counties to work with Congress to get the federal government to step back in—”There is a humanitarian crisis in the US.” This proposal will build five clinics geographically around the County; Kirkland just broke ground on a new clinic. One of these five will be for youth exclusively. This Proposition already has endorsement from other Democrat LDs in King County.


  • Bylaws Amendments Sarah E: We need to make some amendments to our bylaws. Sarah reviewed the proposed changes:

ARTICLE IV: Sec 1.A Executive Board, and ARTICLE VI Sec 6.A.1 Voting and Endorsements

  • First change gives us more flexibility re gender parity—sometimes it’s not always logistically/physically possible to meet these requirements.
  • 2 & 3: Ensure we do not violate our bylaws

Brian G Motion: I move to adopt the amendment to Article IV regarding gender parity and the two amendments to Article VI regarding endorsements. Helen seconded .the motion. Tamara launched the voting poll of eligible PCOs — Result: 100% in favor, motion passed.

ARTICLE II: Sec 1. A&B Membership: Motion: Tamara S: motion to adopt the amendment Article II re: elected officers, Kirby Pollard Seconded. Brian G: “If someone is elected to the Board but is not a PCO or has not paid dues, the person now has a vote in the general meetings:” Vote by poll: Unanimously passed.

ARTICLE VI Executive Board: “Any prior district chair shall be a member of the E Board and may attend meetings with voice but not a vote.” Michelle DP: Move to adopt the motion regarding former chairs as emeritus members of the board Tamara Seconded. Christi K: Can be problematic if the former chair has been removed for cause. Poll Vote: 1 abstain, 8 in favor. Motion passed.

BUDGET Amendment – grange hall fee for in-person meetings: Grange hall charges #25 per in person meeting. Need to add the amount to our annual budget. Tamara S motioned to amend the budget to include the $25 p/month Grange Hall fee to resume in person meetings. Mark B: Seconded Vote poll: motion unanimously approved.

ENDORSEMENTS of Eligible Candidates, all candidates are eligible for endorsement.

Andrea O: Motion to endorse Prop 1 Levy. Brian G: Seconded. As someone who used to work downtown. There are so many good benefits for the community that will happen from this prop. Vote poll results: 89% for 11% abstain

Robin M: Motioned to endorse Judge Coreen Wilson for King Cty Superior Court. James J: Seconded Approve of the enthusiasm dhe has for improving access to the court system for, Vote results: Unanimous in favor of endorsement.

Mark B: nominates Judge Joe Campagna for endorsement. Brian G Seconded. Mark B: Judge was appointed by Governor Inslee for the position– shows his confidence. Brian G: Gov. Inslee has appointed a lot of good justices—we need to show our support. Vote results: Unanimous in favor of endorsement.

Christi K: “I’m announcing that I am running for Edgewood Mayor: I’ll be filing in May!


Chair: 31st LD Hybrid meetings will begin on April 26 in Marion Grange in Buckley! Welcome Back to in-person meetings! Social Hour starts at 6pm. Meeting starts at 7pm Sarah E took a Zoom poll to see how many members are interested in meeting in-person at the Grange. 18% in person 60% zoom 18% undecided:

Sarah’s slide show:

Call for volunteers: We need a tech support person & a zoom support person for the upcoming meetings

State Committee report: Tamara S: I’ve been appointed to state committee chair—selected for advocacy committee—next meeting is May 6th in Seattle, membership: Our LD has 45 members including 24 PCO/s, we met our quorum tonight, (10% of members for quorum.)

Website & Newsletter/Comm: Michelle DP: We have a new FB page! The monthly newsletter has a lot of information, please take the time to open it and click on the links so you can get it recognized as NOT “spam”– if you can open it and click links– this will stop happening. Also– I advertised the newsletter on the FB page and got 5 new subscriptions!! Includes activities like the Auburn Clean Sweep—Please join us planting trees and doing yardwork let us know on FB or email Sarah to register our group.

PCDCC Kirby P: —Judy Smirga is the new Chair. The discord has already begun… during a debate over changing dues—4 officers resigned. Including the last POC who was still engaged. The membership is down. Paid membership is down.…so rough waters ahead. Only 30 out of 400 people attended the meeting. No more office at the IBEW. Membership dues are $9. They (the PCDCC) are us! We need to get back involved again. This is critical. RE: Endorsement committee, –they only endorse specific candidates in Pierce Cty—but. if the 31st endorses—then they’ll endorse the candidates that we have endorsed. Consider attending the Dem Luncheon once a month…we need more people to show up.

Robin M: Senator Fortunato update: Fortunato’s Town Halls are now going on. He sent out a Legislative Update to his constituents that lied and misrepresented (2) Bills VERY important bills under review in Olympia: SB5599 has passed in the Senate, now in the House: This bill would protect LGTBQAi homeless youth living in shelters and ensure their access to healthcare. SB5078 has passed the Senate and is now in the House: This bill bans high-capacity round of ammo greater than 10, closes the straw-man purchases of unlicensed guns, among other common sense safety regulations on the state’s firearm industry manufacture and sales. The 31st Executive Board responded by sending letters to the Editor of the Seattle Times and the Tacoma NT. We also posted our rebuttal on our website and FB page. The Bonney Lake Town Hall at the Senior Center was insane. Robin, Helen and four other Dems were present. He attempted to specifically recruit GOP PCO’s and GOP voters in other LD’s and encouraged (GOP) attendees to run for school board. He spewed lies and nonsense about Global Warning, gave crazy data on gun issues, said “Helicopter hunting is on my Bucket List” and more. Its toxic, but if we don’t show up and disagree and call him out, then he gets to stay in his comfort zone with his voters. I encourage people to show up and make noise. His next Town Hall is Wed 3/29 in Milton. See our 31st FB page for details on location and time.


T-shirts are $28 and we can wear them to the Auburn Clean Sweep. Go online to website to order the shirts in time to wear them to the events coming up.

King Cty Dems Mark B: are doing great and have funds and organized.

Communications & Social Media Michelle DP: the FB page is reciprocating shares from WA State Young Dems!! Linking to and ‘liking’ other groups extends our reach. FYI: FUSE WA is hiring a FT operations Director. Progressive minded looking for an admin position. $85K hold down the reigns at their office in Seattle. Share the news.

PCD (Pierce Conservation District) Robin M: The annual meeting and vote for a new board membe r last week in Puyallup was really informative and they can be a great resource for speakers for our meetings on Climate change issues related to conservation, fire prevention and protecting our districts natural resources. Brian G & Rudy A: We are going back to S Prairie this coming Saturday to plant more trees. See the PCCD website.

Tamara motioned to adjourn; Brian G Seconded. Meeting adjourned.


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