Meeting Minutes – May 26, 2021

31st LD Dems General Meeting Minutes 5.26.21 Draft 1

CALL TO ORDER /FLAG SALUTE (7:00) Port Commissioner, Peter Steinbreuck led the pledge of Allegiance

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Brian Gunn we have a guest coming to speak with us about the legislative session– then we have candidates eligible for endorsements have 2 minutes to review. New candidates have 5 minutes to address the body. Motion to adopt John Westland, Rudy Adams seconded. Hearing no objections, agenda is adopted


  • Meeting Minutes – April 28, 2021  Motion to adopt April Minutes by Larry Brown as published on the website, Donna DeProspo seconded. No objection: April minutes are adopted.


  • Claire Wilson WA State Senator, 30th LD –The Pandemic has been a ride—as a new legislator trying to get bills passed from your kitchen table. We moved a lot of big pieced of leg forward that have been worked on for years for families and kids, about where they’ll sleep, what they’ll eat. Historic sessions, 68000 registered for public hearings to weigh in on public comments. Heard from much larger group of citizens than ever before, now this tech will be used going forward. $59 Billion in investments, childcare and state public health system, caring for kids is economic recovery. Parents can’t go back to work until they have safe places for their kids. School is the healthcare setting for hundreds of children across the state, older and younger students. Equity focus—lots of conversation in the Senate, Higher Ed, medical & education communities, racial equity and how it impacts pathways for people across the state. Red thread that follows policy through to budget. If we mean it—we fund it; we say it and we are funding it. 7 key areas: Covid-19 relief & recovery (unemployment relief, business & individuals), Carbon and cap & trade (Gov’s veto) police accountability and justice reform, SCOTUS and Blake?? Education was also big issue, changes in how to open schools safely and make districts whole again: school bus driving—only funded for taking kids to school—not school to kids. Children need to be served wherever they are (during a pandemic) Early earning and childcare Fair Start for Kids act—game changer for kids and providers across the date, childcare desserts—lacking adequate facilities etc, tiered subsidized and increased supports for provider (living wages), etc. Healthy families & communities, funding public health and mental health. Services and supports went away with the austerity budget—now being brought back safety nets from 2008) needed reinvestment. Just economy for all. Working families’ tax credit never funded before? First state to bring 40 hour work week to farm workers. Increasing monthly TANFF. Housing & homelessness—need homes to make lifelong changes. How do we help people to attain home ownership? Transportation—state route 167, 410 the congestion piece is moving forward. I-5 & 18 & 161 are also moving, Camp Kilworth—(boy scout camp) has been empty—now will become an outdoor environmental center and camp; the much-used fishing pier off Redondo is being rebuilt. We are an inclusive geographic area, Pacific, Algona, Federal Way, Auburn, Bonney Lake, etc,  
  • Chris Franco, Candidate —campaign update— VoteVets endorsement (national organization involved in veteran centered politics) Endorsement teamsters & NW Carpenters, building trades, etc. working families to defeat Reagan serve our community first.
  • Devon Davenport: Update from Kim Schrier— Campaign Manager, first GOP opponent has jumped in the race. He has run for office before—has support from far right and Trumplicans. Kim is focused on serving the district. Attack ads on the air—SuperPac funded from Big Pharma on her fight to lower cost of HR3 prescription drugs, like Insulin. Congress: raising awareness of kids being eligible for vaccination 12 yrs. & older. Kim’s son is also encouraging kids to get vaccinated. Working on wildfire prep—just now getting started. to get in touch. 


  • Peter Steinbrueck, Port of Seattle #4 eligible for endorsement. We endorsed him 3 years ago. Seeking to help with deep systemic change, progressive principles and leadership, equitable recovery for underserved in our community, port office of quite & diversity. No one time fixes—I’m in this forth long haul.  So. King Cty equity fund fully electrifying the port, civil rights priority following George Floyd’s murder. Many endorsements can be found on his campaign website.  
  • Kim-Khanh Van, King County Council #9  eligible for endorsement  (also endorsed Chris Franco)  Renton City council member refugee Attorney and small business owner, Juris doctorate—mother had a 3rd grade education, equity and diversity are my lived experience. Been canvassing & learning from our talking: equitable community workers’ rights & mental health opportunity and fair share: infrastructure, compassion and accountability, safe communities. I have a track record, make sure that BIPOC communities are safe & supported.
  • Kent Sprague, Auburn City Council #2 (withdrew)  
  • Christi Keith, Edgewood City Council #3 eligible for endorsement.  Opponents both are GOP. Edgewood has an opportunity to get ahead of explosive growth with setting priority for good infrastructure, see my questionnaire
  • Larry Brown, Auburn City Council #6 eligible for endorsement  Auburn Position 6 filing –appreciate endorsement but have no opposition. Yield backs his time.
  • Stephanie Bowman, Port of Seattle #3   eligible for endorsement  Lot of work to build a recovery that is inclusive and sustainable, building trades endorsement working with labor partners. 5000 new green jobs like carbon reduction and sequestration, Gary Locke and firefighters endorsed, vaccination clinic at SeaTac, Sole endorsement of NW women’s political caucus. Port of the People, economic anchor for the region. I’m here to work on your behalf.
  • Joe Nguyen, King County Executive eligible for endorsement   State Senator in 34th LD –growing up with family challenges but So. King Cty—first Vietnamese state senator in state of WA—have made historic investments in basic needs programs. We can build on that progress and recover from the pandemic that disproportionately hit communities of color. Hard to change when the people in power benefit from the current status quo. Need to reflect diversity in the community. Many important endorsement, I have the lived experience of being from these impacted communities, Senior Exec at Microsoft, please see my website.
  • Dow Constantine, King County Executive eligible for endorsement   The Pandemic landed in King Cty with no road map from the White House, we led with science & reason. If the nation had followed our lead some 300,000 Americans would have been saved. Making real change in budgets economic justice, environmental justice, anti-racism investments, transforming legal system reducing juvenile detention—huge achievements, many local labor endorsements, also Gov’s Inslee, Gregoire and Locke, local officials, and Larry Brown, WA Conservation Voters and Gun Responsibility voters.   From his email to PCO’s:
    • I’m proud of the work my team and I are getting done, taking our shared, progressive values and making them real in the lives of the people of King County, by:
    • Leading, launching and building Sound Transit 3, to connect our county and region with 116 miles of high-capacity, zero-emission light rail;
    • Creating our Zero Youth Detention plan, with major new diversion and restorative alternatives, our public health-based gun violence prevention initiative, and a more than 80% reduction in juvenile detention;
    • Securing $350 million for Health through Housing, to buy vacant hotels to house 1,600 neighbors experiencing chronic homelessness – with the services and treatment to keep them housed.
    • As we continue to tackle the pandemic, achieving the lowest rates of COVID infection and death among the 35 largest counties in the country, I’ve introduced a $600 million recovery plan, with major funding infusions for rental assistance, food security, jobs and job training, and BIPOC-led business success. It is an exciting moment as we pivot to Build Back Better, with opportunity for all. I would appreciate your support to see it through.


  • Best Start for Kids, King County Prop. #1 (7:10)  Jake Garcia (n/P)  Child care is critical infrastructure with returns across the board for kids and working families> please endorse this important initiative—including a wage hike for providers, etc. YES on KC Prop. 1, renewal of the Best Starts for Kids Levy 
  • Kate Baldwin, Auburn City Council #2 (7:50) Not eligible for endorsement  replacing Kent Sprague who withdrew, is reporting sec’y on the executive Board, focus on homelessness with ‘housing first’ approach, prioritizing social services over policing, wants to bring an outsiders and younger perspective (under 40) with fresh ideas into the council. Grew up in Michigan, Union strong family, lived in rural ID as journalist, very red state. Lived here in WA for a decade, settled in So King Cty. “As a member of the council I’d want to make sure everyone can thrive together, change is never going to happen unless we address the hierarchy of human needs.” Website coming email:
  • Erica Buckley, Edgewood City Council #6 (7:55)   not eligible for endorsement Christi Keith has been very helpful. Local Governments can make a big difference in people’s day to day lives: was out of town with her mom during the pandemic, people were so excited to get a sidewalk! Wasn’t safe for so long, and going for walks with her kids is one of her sanity breaks. Not safe for strollers, etc., small details—but make a big diff in day-to-day life to be part of life outside of the home. Feeling of neighborlinerss00but can do better job of bringing newcomers into the community—us vs them, and all want to be part of the community. Moved from West Seattle diversity to rural, white community, how would my children be received in the neighborhood, people moving in represent more diversity of our region—important to be reflected in positions of leadership in the city. Bring more businesses in and help existing small business owners to thrive. Need help filling new positions for local people who are looking for work nearby!. Please read my questionnaire. It’s my duty to DO something if I can– rather than writing about “it’s such a shame that peoples’ cars are being broken into…”
  • Saudia Abdullah, King County Council #7 (8:05)  Not eligible for endorsement  We all care about this community, as a member raised my family here division director for adult detention, deserve strong leadership for SO King Cty residents. Economy recovery, exisitn businesses make up 80 percent of labor force, grow new investments, education is 2nd Education is a critical part of community service, both my parents were educators, need strong broadband access—to fill in gaps ti make sure that students and staff are safe, Tech & Vocational programs for those who choose not to go to college, police & mental health issues and reallocating budgets to support these, eviction and Tenants & landlords rights impacted by Covid. Also talking to as many people as I can this summer. Friends of
  • Michael McCullough, Mayor of Bonney Lake Not eligible for endorsement, I am running now that I can devote the time to represent the city==deeply concerned about local government since 2006, unchallenged except 2013, issues that need to be challenged. “Let’s Balance Bonny Lake” our community. Yearning for a city identity. 12000-20,000 residents is huge recent growth. Hwy 410 shows the major chain development, Coscto etc. we have growing pains—many strip centers and lots of empty retail spaces. But we need to focus on our citizens. Midtown Park for community group. Community pool & rec areas. Lots of people coming from other areas. Growing more purple. More focus on housing and residents, infrastructure, need proper building to address traffic issues. 
  • Pablo Monroy, Bonney Lake City Council   Not eligible for endorsement BL Park Commissioner, Chair. Update: Midtown Park. BL deserves better from of government. Reaching out to all local voters—every single side. What issues matter? Where can I help? How can I be your voice? People are hurting and need help. Live near City hall with fiancée, Zack. Former National Guard

TREASURER’S REPORTRudy Adams: April 2021 report   Rudy gave overview of current expenses and budget. Rudy Adams Motioned to accept report, Larry Brown seconded. Without objection—report is adopted.


  • Chair Brian Gunn: brief update on current issues. fundraising, legislative initiatives, 
  • Vice Chairs (Pierce & King) Sarah: No report tonight, Tamara: please comment on and share our 31st LD social media posts
  • Outreach (Fairs) Robin & Donna: No fairs this year.


  • Membership Sarah Edwards: Please renew your membership if you haven’t yet.


  • Newsletter/Communication—are you getting the newsletter and meeting reminder each month. Anyone interested in taking led on social media. Really great info about local goings on in politics.
  • PCO Support & Recruitment: Christi Keith:  No new PCOs this month. 


  • Endorsement Questionnaires (update from Exec. Board meeting 4/7) Brian: This body voted in May to have E-Board make changes to questionnaires. Board voted to postpone any changes at this time. Too deep into session to make changes this year—but will get an early start for 2022.


  • Endorsements: Sarah E reviewed the process. Only PCOs and dues paying members are eligible to vote.
  • Christi Keith, Edgewood City Council #3  James Jeyaraj motioned to endorse by seconded by Tamara Stramel, Larry Brown and Rudy Adams spoke in favor. Ballot created for Christi Keith.
  • Dow Constantine, King County Executive: Christi Keith motioned to nominate seconded by Larry Brown; both spoke in favor of motion to endorse based on record of accomplishment and progressive legislation & programs, support for working families, Ingrid Curtis also spoke in favor. Ballot created for Dow Constantine.
  • Larry Brown, Auburn City Council #6 James Jeyaraj motioned to endorse Larry brown, Christi Keith seconded the motion. Prepare ballot for Larry Brown.
  • Kim-Khanh Van, King County Council #9   Vicki Bates Moved to endorse Kim Khanh Van, John Westland seconded. Both spoke on her behalf. Christi Keith spoke against multiple endorsement—motions for single endorsement of Chris Franco. Prepare ballot for Kim-Khanh Van.

James Jeyaraj motioned to suspend ruled to endorse new candidates (by-laws say: candidate must appear in person and or complete the questionnaire—requirement can be “waived” by 2/3rds vote of eligible members. Must have a new Motion to waive new candidates’ requirements to complete our questionnaire 3 weeks prior to vote for endorsement). James Jeyaraj motioned to waive the requirement for completion of questionnaire 3 weeks prior to endorsement: There are (3) such candidates: Kate Baldwin, Erica Buckley & Saudia Abdullah. Christi Keith seconded. Discussion ensued.

Poll to vote on waiving requirements: 2/3s is needed to pass the motion. Motion fails. They are not eligible to endorse tonight. 

Joe Nguyen, King County Executive   Sarah Edwards motioned to endorse Senator Nyguen. Donna DeProspo seconded. Both spoke in favor. Christi Keith spoke against dual endorsements; prefers Nguyen continue to be force for good in Olympia. Larry Brown spoke against endorsement –supports Dow C.; Senator Nguyen should stay in senate and be force for change. Ballot for Joe Nguyen.

No other candidates are motioned for endorsement tonight:

Peter Steinbrueck, Port of Seattle #4 

Stephanie Bowman, Port of Seattle #3


Voting process begins:

Kim-Khanh Van: members voted to endorse

Christi Keith: members voted to endorse

Joe Nguyen members voted NOT to endorse

Dow Constantine members voted to endorse

Larry Brown members voted to endorse

Voting is completed


Julian Wheeler, election observer training: July 14 10am or 2pm AND July 15 10am or 2pm at Pierce Cty elections, you do not have to be a Pierce Cty resident. Watch ballots getting handled. No mistakes etc.

Christi Keith: State Chair, Tina Podlodowski sent an email: there are hundreds of offices across the state where no one filed. 2 city council seats vacant in So Prairie. 

Dow Constatine. Thank you 31st LD for your continued support!

ADJOURNMENT 9:40pm Motion to adjourn Larry Brown, seconded Christi Keith  

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