Meeting Minutes – November 14, 2023


“We acknowledge that our legislative district is on the traditional homelands of the Puyallup and Muckleshoot tribes, who have lived on and stewarded these lands since the beginning of time and continue to do so today. We recognize that this land acknowledgement is one small step toward true allyship, and we commit to uplifting the voices, experiences, and histories of the Indigenous people of this land and beyond.”

APPROVAL OF AGENDA   (Posting of Agenda delayed)—Helen M motioned to approve the agenda. Monica W seconded agenda. Unanimously approved.


Meeting Minutes – July 2023 & Sept 2023   Monica W motioned to approve. Amber OW seconded. Minutes unanimously approved.


US Rep Marilyn Strickland, 10th District

Trying to keep government open—so we’re kicking can down to January. A lot of infighting & disfunction but keeping our heads up and staying focused on all the good we did in the last congress with President Biden: infrastructure, lowering cost of drugs, broadband, transit, job creation etc. I’ve been here 3 years—when I first started in 2021—we were attacked on my 3rd day. We lost the House majority by narrow margin, and then we’ve had 9 different people run for the GOP gavel. Our new Speaker is promoting Anti-Choice -LGBTQ agenda and was a key architect to overturn the 2020 election. The House voted 290 vs 147 to keep our gov open, but crazy GOP are now retaliating against their new speaker. We will be working to make sure we take back the house and fight to keep the senate and get Biden reelected. Dems are the ones who believe in freedom—so that when you vote it will count. Regardless of where you come from you are welcome in this country. A list of things we know represent needs of the American people. Thank you for all the work that you do!

Monica W: Thank you very much for your work! Understanding you fight the good fight. The House passed the bill to stop a shutdown—but will it pass the Senate? MS: The Senate will work to pass the bill. CR [Continuing Resolution] is an irresponsible way to govern which severely affects millions of people. We [Dems] are working together to get it to the President’s desk.  Still be prepared for picketing, if necc.  The FAA is almost at a work stoppage right now. Travel for holidays. IRS returns, etc, Michelle DP: Would you sign a resolution for ceasefire in Gaza? MS: “There is not a quick, binary solution to this issue. There has been conflict in the mid-east for decades. There is no easy answer, [former President] Bill Clinton tried to negotiate a peace treaty, but Palestinians refused. Everyone wants to live in peace—but we are again in a tragic situation: On OCT 7, Hamas attacked Israeli citizens … it was shocking and brutal. Congress watched a 45-minute video that was from the body cam of a Hamas terrorist. House Reps had to leave the room because it was too horrible. Hostages are still being held in Gaza. In 2006, Hamas won by slim margin o f44% to 41% to take control over Gaza–supposed to have a joint governing body. Hamas leadership ran out the opposition. West Bank also has had much controversy and protests against [Israel’s PM] BiBi [Netanyahu]. So, Israel cannot sit by and not answer this brutal attack. Hamas poses the greatest danger to Palestinians in Gaza by locating their HQ’s in civilian places hospitals, etc… If there was a ceasefire –it cannot be one-sided. Hamas has not said it wants a cease fire or will release hostages. Rebuilding must be by multinational response of Arabs and UN, with assistance for displaced Palestinians. A ceasefire today is not “mutual’ and Hamas will keep terrorizing Israel. Not a coincidence that Ukraine is being invaded by Russia, there is chaos in the House by Trump’s squad, and global attempts to disrupt democracy with Russia, Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah all working together. Humanitarian aid only is going into Gaza. Robin M: Will we have funding of Ukraine as a separate package from aid to Israel? MS Not likely for a while—Dems yes, but GOP is on revenge tour right now. Brian G: Palestinian conflict is tragic but taking our attention away from the climate which is existential crisis—Kenya hosting National holiday for people to plant trees with Infrastructure acts to address climate change. Is there something we could do in the US–as inspirational—that Dems could propose?  MS: Dems have proposed Initiatives for “Climate Corps”—like Peace Corp, to engage and employ millions of people in conservation and energy-based projects. Trump actually proposed this and was ridiculed. I am a strong Proponent of planting more trees. Tacoma was named Tree City, USA. Also proposals to build more housing near transit. Shorten commutes. WA is going to be a center of excellence for hydrogen fuel.  Dems have the vision to fight climate change and for making the world a better place…”

Monica W—A non-Binary magistrate was killed in MX today.  Tacoma has been a safe haven for people. But I’m worried about rising hate crimes. MS: “WA values are consistent with stated Dem party values. Freedom to be your authentic self! To live your authentic life. GOP is trying to weaponize Trans people and gender affirming care. As Dems we must speak up about this. Even some Dems are new to this conversation—My job is to help educate people—even my colleagues in the House. SB’s etc. I believe that most folks believe we should: ‘Let people live their lives in peace. What I care about is being able to put food on the table and pay my bills’.”

Amber OW: Child tax credit? What is the status. Expired now. MS Not in good place. GOP do not support it—”too $$.” Rep. Suzanne DelBene has been a champion for this. GOP budget cuts are just about punishing certain groups of Americans.”


Rocco LaManna, (SBL School Board: not elected)

I did not get enough votes—but won in other ways: Just the beginning. That is the beginning of something else. 1. Gratitude for endorsement of the 31st LD & the teachers union. Did not endorse my opponent—has bever been endorsed. Got to work with some great people: Bill Gaines & Kevin Lewis. Met Bill here at the Grange. Through Bill I got engaged in running for the position. I’ve only been in WA for 2 plus years—2021 was my kids’ first year here (from in SF). Grew my community—a lot of work to campaign. Balance of family and work and door knocking. I learned Im a higher risk: by partnering – co-campaigning–we had more reach. All of the discrimination & racism needs to be addressed.

Attended a study session at the school district—wanted to come tonight to share my gratitude –not the end of the road. Needed to tap into local orgs to reach more folks—

Expenditures / Treasurers Report: 10/1–11/15: Mark D: Budget—not a lot going on post-election. Donations to James J, Hanan A, Rocco. Kevin L returned his check. Bill G not cashed yet? $564 for new booth supplies.  Kirby motioned to accept report. Robin M seconded. Unanimously approved.


Sarah Edwards, Chair 

Holiday Potluck 12/9 at 6pm, at the Grange: State Chair Shasti Conrad, and King Cty Chair will attend! Please check website for list of items to bring.

Elections 2023:  In-person phone text bank & then on zoom: called about 1.000 residents in Sumner BL SD. 

Hanan Amer is ahead 73 votes! Very close race. Mandatory hand recount?

Cheryl Raikes, Kevin Lewis & Bill Gaines. Incumbents perhaps had better chance. James Jeyaraj lost (to local TV weather gal.)

Moms 4 Liberty; SB candidate defeated in Dieringer. 3 of the 4 in our district all lost –so ¾’s defeat!!

Meng LiChe won re-election.

Recruit/Nominate: viable candidates for State reps for WA State? Refresh: our Fair Booth and LD Logo for 2024

2024 theme: for speakers, books & activities

Eboard Open positions: on the King Cty Dems rep & a King Vice Chair 31stLD

Amber OW, PCO Chair: Votebuilder training. Door knocking in the Spring. PCO Potluck in Spring. Brainstorm about getting more folks involved!   Bookclub: Saving US!  Climate change inspired Amber to speak to others. Heather Cox Richardson “Democracy Awakening.” Rachel Maddow “Prequel.”  Still need more PCO’s: Mother’s network in Dieringer who are excited about getting political and empowered. Willing to give a few hours to help.

Kirby P, Pierce County Dems CC  Held first in person meeting since Covid. No tech for a hybrid meeting. No one has stepped forward to make it happen. Keep Pierce Blue: Pierce Cty Dem’s annual fundraiser was successful: raised substantial amount.

Summer Fairs: Piggy backing booths with other LD’s at Auburn July 4th Fair for united front! Linda Farmer (Elections chair spoke) about the crisis with powder mailed to centers on next day. Sent in plain envelope. Derek Kilmer (CD 6th) is not running again— Hillary Franz, Comm. of Public Lands, is now running for his position.

Tamara Stramel, Vice Chair & Comm Chair: PLEASE: Become a member for 2024. Or renew now… Dues paid now go to 2024 membership. Tamara & Mark B attended State Dems meeting In October. Focus on Spokane elections. Flipped their Mayor to Dem!!  But didn’t do any state business. Next meeting is in January. Caucus group leadership info has changed—update at next meeting.


Monica W: Excited that Lisa Brown, former WA Dept of Commerce, is now Mayor of Spokane. Huge for supporting progressives in Eastern WA.

Michelle DP: Puyallup M4L: Motion Church in Puyallup broke election law by endorsing 2 city council & 3 School Board positions who were then elected. Pastor endorsed candidates on the pulpit plus $1200 donation. Harvested ballots then transported to county. Michelle DP has pdf form ready to go—that you can email to the IRS. Just put your name at the bottom and send it off. Also to our auditor’s office for harvesting ballots. Write a note to the WA auditor. ‘email me: newletters@31stDemocrats. Motion Church in BL and opening in Tehaleh in our District.

Brian G: 1,000 voter contacts—vs how many actually voted –it’s a big effort and very proud of our members –to turn back the Moms $ Liberty candidates is huge. Good work on our members for rallying the troops locally. Shows what can be done with limited resources!

Tamara S: Follow the 31st LD FaceBook Group! Michelle DePorter Bratt posts so many great & easy clickable actions on our FB page and will help our recruitment! Be sure you are on the new FB page which looks like our new logo on T-shirts & website.

Kirby P: Antiques and bottle collectors show at the Grange on Dec 2. Bring any old bottle you’d like appraised.

FYI Breaking Now: The Senate passed the shutdown measure!

ADJOURNMENT Tamara motioned to adjourn. Monica Seconded. Meeting adjourned.

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