Meeting Minutes – September 23, 2020

Minutes from Regular Monthly Meeting 31st   Legislative District
Democrats Sept 23, 2020
7:00 pm   chair Brian Gunn Call meeting to order: Mark Dunning agrees
to be temporary secretary
7:01 Pledge of allegiance   and acceptance of agenda with the
additions of Ben Tripp and Marko Liias
7:02 no objections to recording the Zoom meeting
7:06   August meeting minutes accepted
7:07 Leah Griffin talks about R-90 Safe and Healthy Youth WA
7:18 Olga Laskin talks about the Harbor View Health for All
Initiative; she is joined by King County Councilman Rob Dembrowski
7:28 Hanna Floss talks about Ballot Box Observers and asks for
Volunteers for the 2 remaining boxes
7:34 Dembrowski fills in spare time with information on the proposed
King County Charter
7:38 Marilyn Strickland candidate for Congress, 10th  District is
given 5 minutes to speak with 2 minutes     of questions
7:48 Beth Doglio 10CD candidate same 5 minutes with 2 minutes of
7:57 Video from Gael Tarleton candidate for State Treasurer
8:02 Katie Young speaks
8:05 Thomas Clark speaks
8:08 Ben Tripp from the Schrier campaign speaks
8:10  Hillary Madsen, candidate for KC Superior Court Pos 13 is having
a virtual fundraiser with Chocolate Tasting  the feature
8:11 Treasurer’s Repor: Rudy announces a $1000 grant the State Dems
to the exempt  account to be used for promotion of no less than 4
individual candidates
8:14 Treasurer’s report accepted
8:16 Chairs Report: sign events very successful. Brian thinks it
helped with fundraising and maybe was due to the national news
8:22 Alli report from State meeting Read by Brian Gunn
8:30 Katie suggests possible anti bias training due the incident
reported by Alli in her statement
8:32 Sarah suggests phone banking or the new text banking to keep
yourself sane in these bad times
8:38 Mark D gives short report on KCDCC meeting of 9/22; Shasti Conrad
announced that she is running for chair again in the December reorg
8:43 Donna hopes Biden signs in her neighborhood might encourage
donations to the 31st
8:44 New Business: MSP to waive questionnaire   requirements in order
to endorse Gael Tartleton
8:46 electronic vote activated on order to endorse either Beth Doglio
or Marilyn Strickland in the 10th
Congressional District. Our bylaws restrict us to endorsing only one
candidate in national races
9:00 Ref 90 and Harbor View Health for All endorsed
9:01 motion to donate $250 to Marko Liias, amended to be $500
9:15 amendment to include $250 to Denny Heck failed due to lack of a
9:18 Amendment passed, main motion passed: $500 to Marko Liias
9:20 MSP adjourned

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