Re-organization Meeting – Saturday, January 14, 9am

It is time to elect a new board! On Saturday, January 14, 2023, our biennial reorg will take place 100% virtually on Zoom. Official business will begin promptly at 9:30a, and we suggest everyone log on closer to 9:00a, so that all credential questions can be answered before business begins.

All eligible to vote will receive a call to meeting notice with further instructions in January. PCOs can vote for all board positions, while paid members will have the opportunity to vote on all non-statutory positions. If you are a paid member wishing to participate, please take this time to renew your annual membership renew your annual membership for 2023.

We have 18 board positions that need to be filled, from Treasurer to Pierce County Representative, all important for our growth and effectiveness throughout the next two years. If you would like to review the description of officer duties they are all on the website. If you have questions about where you might best serve the organization, please reach out to Vice Chair Sarah Edwards to chat about it!

Register in advance for the re-org:

Click here for Agenda and Rules

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