2018 Candidate Spotlight: Mark Boswell

Get to Know Mark Boswell:

Mark participated in our June 25th Candidate Panel, giving 31st LD voters a first chance to hear his take on the issues. Here’s a short video from that event where Mark shares some of his thoughts about the state of Healthcare in Washington.


Elected Experience:

First time running for State Representative.

Other Professional Experience:

Active duty as officer in US Navy for 6+ years and retired from US Naval Reserve. 30 years as an engineer (SPEEA) and project manager


BS Mechanical Engineering, US Naval Academy (Annapolis); Variety of post graduate courses in systems engineering, project management and data resource management

Community Service:

Assisted in educational activities, Home Owner Association Officer, Grange member and officer and active in Democratic Party for 31st LD since 2000 in numerous positions


I have lived and raised a family in the 31st LD over the last 30 years. I am running for State Representative because I feel a deep commitment to the people of this district. Our children and grandchildren deserve opportunities to create their future both within our district, but also anywhere their vision and effort takes them. This requires quality infrastructure, a healthy environment, good public education, and many solid small and medium size businesses. The state government should help provide these, including a leveling of the tax and regulation playing field between small/medium firms and large corporations.


(253) 545-1297

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