2018 Candidate Spotlight: Victoria Mena

Get to Know Victoria Mena:

Victoria participated in our June 25th Candidate Panel, giving 31st LD voters a first chance to hear her take on the issues. Here’s a short video from that event where Victoria shares some of her thoughts about the state of Healthcare in Washington.


Elected Experience:

I am a first time candidate.

Other Professional Experience:

Policy Director and Development Strategist for Colectiva Legal del Pueblo. Policy lead with the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network. Policy researcher and teaching assistant at the University of Washington, and research assistant at Harvard University.


Master of Public Policy and Governance, Evans School at the University of Washington; BA in Political Science, minor in Family, Youth and Community Science, University of Florida.

Community Service:

Long me volunteer for multiple nonprofits. Co-founder of the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network, Friends of Adelanto Detainees, Gainesville Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice and the Florida Immigrant Youth Network.


During the past ten years of working in the non-profit and private sectors, I have witnessed working people and the poor ignored and left behind by government time and time again. Every person deserves a living wage, good schools, quality healthcare, and safe communities.

As your representative in Olympia, I will fight for you, your family and our communities, as I have fought for our immigrant, home-less and LGBTQI communities. As your State Representative, I am determined to strengthen public education, fight for affordable healthcare and housing, ensure we have a strong economy and address climate change.

For More Information:

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