King County Council (District 9) – Denice Carnahan

Candidate Questionnaire

1. Your name

Denice Carnahan

2. Candidate for:

King County Council District 9
Party Affiliation: Democrat

3. Campaign information

4. If elected, what positive changes will you champion that will benefit the 31st LD?


Transportation, a more progressive tax structure and safety – getting to the root cause of crime.

5. What are the three most critical issues you expect to encounter in the office you are seeking?

King County is facing some serious budget problems, trying to balance that with the needs of the community can be challenging.  Growth in the area is affecting everyone. We need to finds ways for make those benefiting from the growth, pay for the growth. Transportation is an ongoing issue, we need to get more creative on how to solve these issues.  Keeping our communities safe.

6. Please give us an example of when you had to a make a critical decision that, due to its impact on others, was difficult. Tell us why you made your decision and what, if any, actions you took to mitigate any negative results.

Last year I had to move all my clients to a new platform, the old platform would no longer support my type of business.  I found a new platform but it cost the clients time and expense to move.  I filled out paper work ahead of time for them and tried to make it as easy as possible.

7. What methods will you employ to communicate with your constituency on a regular basis?

I would like to have an office in the district.  I would love to setup a way for citizens to comment on issues coming up for a vote, maybe on line.  I will have a newsletter people can sign up for and town hall meetings – maybe even educational events.

8. What other information would you like us to consider?

As an Investment Adviser I will bring a new and much needed perspective to the King County Council.  Having worked in the corporate world and as a small business owner I have a proven record for problem solving and helping others.

I declare under penalty of perjury the foregoing is true and correct.

Signed at: June 18, 2017

Signature: Denice Carnahan


Additional Information

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