Executive Board Minutes – July 5, 2017

31st L.D. Democrats Executive Board
July 5th, 2017, 7 pm
Bonney Lake Library

Call to Order at 7:00pm by Chair Brian Gunn.  Roll was called and there was a quorum of 10 members present.

Guests:  Kathy Lorimer, George McKay

Brian discussed ruled for list sharing with endorsed candidates.  Consensus was to defer them to the PDC.  We may consider releasing info limited to First, Last, E-mail and City.

Campaign Fund Disbursement:  Reviewed and discussed draft of suggested criteria from Ad Hoc committee.

General Meeting Speakers: Awaiting confirmation from Rachael Brooks on Healthcare or possible video on single payer,“Now Is The Time,” if available.

Fund Raising: Angel & Robin discussed possibly co-opting event with L.D. 47.  Suggested Aug. 14th “Back in Session” Social at the Lake Tapps Grange, including a dessert auction and invite candidates to speak.

M/S/P to co-sponsor 8/14 event, in lieu of August General Meeting, with L.D. 47 and Indivisible at Lake Tapps Grange.

“Movie Night” idea fell off, due to logistics.  However, Angel told us that the sponsoring company, “A.V. Pro” has donated the value of the sponsorship of $350 to the L.D. 31 Dems!

Future Speaker: Angel has gotten a commitment from Activist Shaun King to speak on December 2nd at the Auburn Theater

Fairs: Donna said the Juy 4th event went well and the wheel is a good draw.  Need to resupply prizes.  She suggested we also make some buttons to distribute for Michelle & Nate.  Adequate funds are in the budget for both.

Canvassing:  Sarah said they had 30 volunteer to canvas on Saturday and they had 658 doors with 133 conversations!

Good of the Order:

The board had an open discussion on community outreach and the challenges of reaching the various demographics in the district.

Brian advised that Michelle Ryland’s new manager was Melissa Wingard-Taylor and there was a campaign canvassing event scheduled on Sunday, July 9th.

M/S/C to adjourn at 8:30pm.


Submitted: Britt Kauffman, Secretary

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