Executive Board Minutes – April 5, 2017

31st L.D. Democrats Executive Board
April 5th, 2017, 7 pm
Sumner Library

Call to Order at 7:00pm by Chair Brian Gunn.

Roll was called and there was a quorum of 9 members present.


  • Gina Bua, Chair, Pierce Co. Democrats
  • Nate Lowry, Edgewood City Council
  • Michelle Rylands

Candidate Recruitment: Brian

Guests Lowry & Rylands were introduced to the board. They were given opportunities to discuss their backgrounds, political priorities and experience and to identify challenges facing L.D. 31 and how they would face those challenges in Olympia. They also fielded questions from board members on their positions regarding Charter Schools, education funding, gun ownership and regulation, Voter education and turnout.

Fundraising: Angel

She attended the initial Endorsement Committee meeting. Proposed three fundraising concepts to consider:

  • Shaun King, Social Activist with “Black Lives Matter” has agreed to volunteer his time for a speaker forum. M/S/C to seek a location and get a bid.
  • She has free access to a screen and projection system for a monthly movie night, where we could sell concessions to raise money over Summer. Tabled pending more research.
  • She has received offers for services and items that could be auctioned. M/S/C to search for location and acquire permitting costs NTE $250. M/S/C to solicit additional donated items and services for a live, silent auction to benefit the 31st L.D. Democrats General Fund, to be held at a Candidate Forum in late May, location TBD.

Treasurer Report: Rudy

  • Draft report submitted.
  • Booths have been secured for Auburn 7/4 fair and 8/12 festival. Volunteers are needed to staff. Bonney Lake and Buckley are still pending.

PCO Recruitment: Brian

Action Item: Brian will contact Adam and John to promote. Phonebank recruitment on 4/23 & 4/30.

Communications: Allison

Looked at mail services:

  • Currently using Mailchimp @ $30/mo, $50 >2600
  • Propose “Send In Blue” service $7.50/mo. Up to 40,000 w/ logo, “batch release” and expandable files. $39/mo with no logo.

M/S/C to try Send In Blue this month @ $7.50. Warned this will incur double cost and Mailchimp has already been paid.

M/S/C to adjourn at 9:04pm.

Submitted: Britt Kauffman, Secretary

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