Executive Board Minutes – June 5, 2019

31st L.D. Democrats Executive Board
June 5th, 2019, 7 pm
Bonney Lake Library

Called to Order at 7:00pm by Chair Brian Gunn.  A quorum of 14 board members was present.

Agenda was reviewed and approved.

Future General Meeting speakers:

  • Various speakers and topics were suggested, including immigration, climate change and healthcare for future meetings. Brian will reach out to Georgia Davenport for the June meeting to discuss Public healthcare options. Ideas for future topic debates was discussed as a fundraising option.


  • Donna:  Tacoma Pride is 7/13 with the Tacoma Dem’s.  Buckley Log Show is 6/29.
  • Sign up sheet was circulated and coordination of supplies was discussed.  Donna is working on a climate change themed poster for use at events.


  • Tamara and Alli plan to start meeting more regularly. Trying to increase content on Facebook and post meeting announcements regularly.
  • M/S/P to approve May, 2019 E-Board minutes as submitted.


  • Received requests from Preeti Stirder, Port of Sea. Pos. 2 and Vera Orlando Hodak, Auburn City Council.
  • George reported that King Co. endorsed its first slate of candidates. He also says he can no longer attend the vetting meetings.

Financial Committee:

Kathy submitted report (attached).  Rudy performed a 1st quarter analysis and forecasts a drop in recurring donations.  Ingrid was reimbursed $65 for buttons.


  • Ingrid: Fundraising group meeting 6/10 at Bonney Lake Dennys @ 3:30.

M/S/C to adjourn at 8:12pm.

Submitted by: Britt Kauffman, Secretary

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