Executive Board Minutes – March 1, 2017

31st L.D. Democrats Executive Board

March 1st, 2017, 7 pm
Bonney Lake Library

Call to Order at 7:03pm by Chair Brian Gunn.

Roll was called and there was a quorum of 9 members present.  Rudy, Angel and Chris were excused.

Candidate Recruitment:  Brian

  • One local candidate was being vetted.  Local business owner and current office holder.  Wishes to remain anonymous for now.
  • Still looking for other potential candidates for House & other offices.
  • Filing deadline is May 19th.

Communications/Newsletter: Allison

  • Need to focus on member building & renewals in newsletter.
  • Discussed different approaches & time lines to build urgency.
  • Need more affordable printing options.
  • Research Facebook, Linked-In ad costs & effectiveness.
  • Recent #1500 mailing resulted in net loss of revenue.

Action Item: Research multi-tier: Email – Postcard – mail strategy to get outreach to older & younger audience.

Program for General Meeting:

  • Angel is working on securing a speaker, TBA
  • Looking for an advocate for pending initiatives.
  • Judge David Mann has requested an opportunity.

Good of the Order:

Allison: Looking at different email servers to handle anticipated growth.  Hope to have proposal at General meeting.

  • Stokesbury Town Hall on 3/11 at Edgewood, Bonney Lake and Enumclaw
  • Education Funding Town Hall on 3/20, Auburn Performing Arts Ctr, 5:30pm

Would like to discuss how to best coop various action groups.  Propose to form committee at general meeting: 3/22 at Edgewood Fire Station.

M/S/C to adjourn at 8:33pm.

Submitted: Britt Kauffman, Secretary

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