Meeting Minutes – February 22, 2017

31st L.D. Democrats General Meeting
February 22, 2017, 7pm
Edgewood Fire Station

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Chair Brian Gunn.

Introduction of Guest Speakers:

  • Marcie Maxwell, “Perspectives, Policies, Budgets…and McCleary”
  • Sarah Perry, Wash. 8th C.D. Democrats, “Working to Defeat Dave Richert”

Approval of Minutes:

  • 1/7/17 Re-Organization Meeting
    • M/S/C to approve
  • 1/25/17 General Meeting
    • M/S/C to approve
  • 2/7/17 Executive Board Meeting
    • M/S/C to approve

Treasurer Report:

Rudy Adams explained recording requirements to PDC and described new ACT BLUE membership account service.  M/S/C to approve January Treasurer Report.

Officer Reports:


Brian gave a brief overview of the political landscape; 31st L.D. being seen as potential change agent in ’17 Special election; Considering all potential candidates; Virtual phonebank with ActBlue system has helped raise over $1000 in last 2 weeks with 195 calls made so far; Training on Virtual Phonebank set for 2/26 at Sumner Library at 2:30pm & 3/30 at Auburn Library; Urged to share donation page with friends to help us be competitive.

Vice Chairs:

Angel: Applications for candidates are being sent out. Open solicitation for interested potential candidates. Developing a PCO info card as a new tool.

Chris: Encouraged everyone to keep promoting the 31st L.D. Democrats!

State Committee:

Kirby:  State Crabfeed, 3/5, has been sold out.  Fishfeed for P.C. Dems, 4/1 at Fife ILWU Hall still available; Tina Podlodowski elected Chair at Statewide mtg; Process for future Dem primary still to be decided.


Stephanie: Meeting was well attended by PCO’s.  Members are encouraged to support and volunteer for phonebanking.

Kirby: 31st L.D is being seen as a change agent for the state.  Grassroots Forum Training on 3/5.  RSVP at Clover Park CC.


Meeting scheduled for next week.  Sarah said there is a “Community Action Kickoff” & Committee Resource Meeting on 2/26, 1-5 at the Seattle Machinist Hall.

Committee Reports:


Donna: Requesting funds for fair registration.  Considering Auburn, Bonney Lake & Edgewood fairs. M/S/C for $150 be allocated for registration.  Template for PCO doorhangers was shown.  Will be made into PDF for use.

Candidate Recruitment:

Sarah: Enumclaw Council seat is open. Urged interested members to step up for consideration.


Sarah: 45 members signed up. $2373 in donation received to date.


Most recent newsletter looked great!  Thanks, Allison!

Allison: Still building full P.R. team. Email list is approaching “free” limit of 2000 subscribers.  M/S/C to pay $40 fee to Mailchimp if exceeded.


Daniel: Presented walkthrough of new 31st L.D. Democrats website.  M/S/C to implement new site.

Old Business:


New Business:

Bob: Brought up need to look for larger, dependable meeting site.  M/S/C to form search committee.  Members are Bob, Donna, Corrianne and Allison. Committee will report back to body with suggestions.

Good of the Order:

Brian: Greg Clinkingbeard was given gift card in recognition of contribution to holiday party.

M/S/C to elect the following PCOs:

  • Michelle Siebenaler 31-819
  • Coreyann Kahn, 31-861
  • Heather McKee, ENM 31-0413

M/S/C to adjourn at 9:07pm.


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