Governor – Bob Ferguson

Legislative Questionnaire 2022

Candidate Info

Candidate Name:   Bob Ferguson
Position Sought:    Governor
Are you an incumbent for this position?    Non-incumbent
Home Legislative District:    46th
Are you a Democrat?    Yes

Campaign Info

Campaign Manager or Point of Contact:    Wellesley Daniels

Part I – Candidate Background

1. Please briefly describe your qualifications, education, employment, community and civic activity, union affiliation, prior political activity, and other relevant experience.

I’m a fourth-generation Washingtonian. I am the son of a public school teacher
and Boeing employee as well as a husband and father. I began my legal career in
Spokane. I have lived and worked on both sides of the state.
As a law student, I worked with Yacqui Indians, where I learned the power of
advocacy.  Later I served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps managing an emergency
services office assisting vulnerable clients. I also worked as Executive Director of
the King County Democrats. 
From my time as a King County Councilmember to Attorney General, I have
learned how to cut through red tape and change a bureaucratic culture of
inaction and resistance to progress in order to leverage the full power of state
government. I believe we can think bigger and implement better to achieve
greater progress for Washington.

2. What prompted you to run for this office?

I am in public service to help Washingtonians. I will change the culture of state
government the way I changed the culture of the Attorney General’s Office. It was a
sleepy law firm in Olympia. We transformed it into one of the strongest forces for
social and economic justice in the state, and a force for progressive change on the
national stage.

3. What are your campaign’s most important themes, issues, or priorities (three to five)?

My campaign is about building a people-powered movement and demonstrating a
willingness to take on the big fights on behalf of hardworking Washingtonians. I am
the only candidate in this race who does not take money from corporate PACs or
large corporations. I believe I am the only Democratic candidate to live and work on
both sides of the mountains.

Significant issues in this campaign include reproductive freedom, economic
freedom/affordability, public safety, climate change, homelessness, worker
protections and jobs, behavioral health, education/job training, and defending
democracy. I have the strongest record of all the candidates on each of these issues.

Reproductive freedom will be a major issue in this campaign. Republican Dave
Reichert has been described by the Seattle Times as an “anti-abortion stalwart.” He is
a threat to reproductive freedom in Washington. I have been fighting for access to
reproductive health care since I began in public life, and I will never stop fighting for
the right to choose. One year after the outrageous Dobbs decision, it remains crystal
clear that anti-choice extremists are seeking to eliminate reproductive freedom in
every state — including Washington. I am proud of my record defending access to
reproductive freedom. Here are a few examples:
 We led the multistate lawsuit protecting access to emergency contraception
and secured a tremendous legal victory protection Washingtonians’ access to
Mifepristone, which is used in most abortions. Our victory also protects access
for residents of every state in our legal coalition.
 We took the Trump Administration to federal court in Washington state and
blocked the illegal and harmful “double-billing” rule that sought to require
separate bills for abortion services.
 We successfully challenged the Trump Administration’s “contraception
access” rule in court. The rule would have allowed any company to deny
employees health insurance coverage for contraception.
 My legal team and I won an injunction in federal court in the Eastern District
of Washington that blocked Trump’s harmful and outrageous “gag rule” long
enough for the Governor to procure state funding for Title X recipients.
 After the Dobbs decision, I promised to fight to defend reproductive freedom
in Washington state. I worked with partners to launch a website for
Washington providers and patients seeking free legal advice regarding access
to reproductive health care. My team recruited Washington law firms to
provide these services.
 I partnered with Representative Slatter to pass the landmark My Health, My
Data law. This critical law prevents Big Tech and Crisis Pregnancy Centers
from sharing patient data without their consent.
Economic freedom and affordability will also be crucial issues. As Governor, I will
work with you to grow our economy by centering working people. A strong middle
class is not a byproduct of a strong economy – it is the engine that fuels sustainable
growth. I plan to make Washington the friendliest state for apprenticeships in the
country. I will treat the housing crisis with the urgency it deserves and put forward a
budget that sets us on a path to build 1 million units of housing in the next four years,
with wraparound policy to address affordability.
 As Attorney General, I proposed and passed legislation guaranteeing 4 million
Washingtonians – every family making up to the median income, including
those on fixed incomes – access to free hospital care, or significant discounts
on their out-of-pocket hospital costs, starting at 50% reduction.
 I successfully defended the Affordable Care Act from a legal challenge from
Republican attorneys general and the Trump Administration. I also blocked
the Trump Administration’s effort to gut the Act. Our victory at the United
States Supreme Court protected Washingtonians with pre-existing conditions
from losing their health coverage, and protected seniors from devastating
increases on prescription drugs.
 I’m also fighting corporations engaged in price-fixing and price-gouging that
harms Washington families. I have challenged monopolistic conduct that
harms Washingtonians involving generic prescription drug manufacturers,
hospitals, chicken producers, and the manufacturers of television and
computer monitors. This is the leadership I will bring to these issues as
Public Safety will be another important issue. Before he was a lobbyist and member
of Congress, Republican Dave Reichert served as King County Sheriff. As Attorney
General, I have a powerful record pursuing justice for victims, improving community
safety, and holding violent criminals accountable. Some examples of my
accomplishments include:
 Combating mass shootings and gun violence by proposing and passing
legislation to ban the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines;
 Supporting sexual assault survivors by eliminating the shameful rape kit
 Addressing the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women by creating
a Missing Indigenous Persons Alert and forming an MMIWP Cold Case Unit in
my office focused on these cases;
 Combating the opioid epidemic by holding accountable the corporations that
fueled the epidemic;
 Protecting victims of human trafficking, including labor trafficking, by
proposing and passing legislation to create a human trafficking protection
 Partnering with AARP and others by proposing and passing legislation
creating the crime of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult;
 Prosecuting hate crime and reforming the state’s response to hate crime;
 Advocating for improved training for law enforcement personnel, including
additional training on de-escalation and crisis intervention;
 Launching an Organized Retail Crime Task Force and unit to investigation and
prosecute organized retail crime that harms workers, consumers, businesses,
and our economy;
 Proposing and passing legislation to improve courthouse security for victims,
witnesses, families, and other courthouse visitors; and
 Addressing rising domestic violent extremism.
Climate change is an urgent challenge that demands leadership from Washington’s
next governor. Consequently, it will be a significant issue in the campaign. As
Attorney General:
 I blocked Donald Trump’s ‘Dirty Power Plan’ before it could go into effect and
harm Washingtonians.
 I stood up to Trump’s Offshore Drilling Plan and led the Save Our Coast hike.
My legal threats convinced Secretary Zinke to back down on his illegal plan to
open Washington’s coast to offshore drilling.
 I fought Donald Trump’s efforts to roll-back Obama-era climate protections
involving clean cars and low-carbon appliances. We filed more than a dozen
lawsuits stopping these types of illegal actions without losing one.
 I filed a lawsuit to stop Trump’s Postmaster General from illegally shelving a
plan to electrify some or all of the US Postal Service’s fleet.
 I supported legislation that will lead to $800 million in new clean energy
infrastructure projects in Washington that will create jobs and grow our
 I am fighting in court to hold major oil companies accountable for their role in
climate change.

Education is key to Washington’s future. I am the son of a teacher. My mom taught
special education in Seattle public schools. I am fighting for education fairness: the
equitable access to quality, affordable education for all Washingtonians. For
example, I:
 Wrote and helped pass the Student Loan Bill of Rights;
 Helped create Washington’s Student Loan Advocate;
 Took the country’s largest student loan servicer to court for illegal
conduct, won $45 million for Washingtonians, and helped erase $1.7
billion in student loan debt;
 Took on deceptive for-profit schools.
 Wrote and helped pass the Student Loan Transparency Act.
 Defeated Betsy DeVos when she tried to illegally cut funding for
Washington schools in order to gift the money to private and religious
 Challenged Donald Trump’s attempt to erode protections for survivors
of campus sexual assault.
 Worked with educators, school administrators, and the PTA to reduce
youth access to vapor and tobacco products by passing Tobacco 21, and
made our schools safer by leading the campaign to ban high-capacity
magazine and AR-15 sales;
 Successfully fought in court to defend funding for early childhood
programs and school construction; and
 Helped bring Democrats and Republicans together to honor
Washington’s paramount duty to fully fund basic education.

Washington is facing a behavioral health crisis. Overdose deaths recently topped
2,000 in one year for the first time in Washington history. Our jails are collectively
the largest mental health provider in the state. I look forward to talking about my
record on mental health and chemical dependency. I have been fighting to address
mental health issues my entire career. I received the Sound Mental Health Award for
my leadership. My record includes the following:

 I won more than $1.1 billion for Washington’s behavioral health system
in resources to address the opioid crisis by taking Big Pharma to court
and holding multinational corporations accountable for their role
fueling the opioid epidemic. This work is delivering more than $1
billion in resources for improved treatment options, housing, and other
wraparound services for individuals in treatment, more support for
pregnant women and babies suffering from neonatal syndrome,
additional help for first responders, and prevention efforts to educate
youth about the risks of Fentanyl – without costing taxpayers.
 I am developing a crisis hotline for Washington youth experiencing
bullying, suicide and self-harm, mental illness, or harassment.
 I fought for mental health parity among insurance companies. I am
taking on a large travel insurance company that was discriminating
against Washingtonians with mental health challenges by categorically
denying claims for Washingtonians who had to cancel or reschedule
their travel plans because of mental health events.
 I successful expanded access to affordable behavioral health care by
doubling the number of Washingtonians eligible for care at
Washington’s behavioral health hospitals without paying any out-of-
pocket costs.
 I supported additional mental health support for law enforcement and
first responders. I also worked with the Criminal Justice Training
Commission to improve law enforcement training for crisis
 I stood up to social media companies that were targeting youth and
putting their mental well-being at risk.
 I developed a Mental Illness and Drug Dependency (MIDD) Action Plan
as a King County Councilmember.

I also plan to focus on worker protections and jobs. Many politicians proclaim their
commitment to collective bargaining – I demonstrated my commitment. I supported
collective bargaining for assistant attorneys general. As a result, Washington
assistant attorneys general belong to a union for the first time. I also used the tools of
my office to fight against wage theft, discrimination and worker exploitation in ways
that had never been done before, earning national recognition. I will continue to
fight for fair treatment for all Washington workers. My victories on behalf of
Washington workers include the following:

 I stood up for the $15/hour minimum wage in SeaTac. Our legal victory
at the state Supreme Court helped pave the way for the $15/hour
minimum wage statewide. I then successfully defended Washington’
minimum wage law and paid sick leave law from a legal challenge.
 I won landmark protections for Hanford workers by challenging the
Obama Administration’s Department of Energy to improve worker
protections at Hanford after workers were exposed to toxic fumes. I
partnered with UA 598 (Hanford workers) to pass two new laws to
ensure Hanford workers receive the workers’ compensation benefits
they earned if they get injured on the job. All workers deserve the
benefits they earn. I’m proud to have the endorsement of UA 598.
 My legal team and I single-handedly stopped 237 corporate franchise
chains, including some of the most recognizable corporate chains in the
country, from using illegal ‘no-poach agreements’ (similar to non-
compete agreements within a corporate chain) that drive down wages
and reduce employee mobility. I shut down the use of these illegal
clauses that employees never even saw nationwide. An independent
study found that our No Poach Initiative generated billions of dollars in
increased wealth for low-wage franchise employees.
 I am holding corporations accountable when they violate Washington’s
new non-compete law – a top priority for the State Labor Council. One
involved baristas at Mercurys Coffee. The other involved 1,200
construction workers for Tradesmen, a staffing agency.
 I won a landmark minimum wage lawsuit against GEO, a for-profit
prison company.
 I am the first Washington Attorney General to criminally prosecute
wage theft violators. I also took action against companies engaged in
worker misclassification.
 I led the effort to pass a state Domestic Worker Bill of Rights.
 I wrote, proposed, and passed a bipartisan law to prevent intentional
wage cheats from receiving state or local government contracts.
 I wrote, proposed, and passed legislation that more than doubled the
maximum penalty for prevailing wage theft violations. The penalty had
not increased since 1985. The legislation also guaranteed that workers
cheated out of the wages they earn receive interest on the back-pay.
Employers should never get an interest-free loan on the backs of their
 My civil rights division is actively working to eliminate discrimination
against pregnant workers. We have filed multiple lawsuits and will
continue fighting on behalf of these vulnerable workers.
 I am fighting for fair treatment of farmworkers. I have won millions of
dollars for Washington farmworkers who were the victims of
discrimination and sexual harassment.

Finally, defending democracy will be a major issue in this campaign. I stood up to the
Big Lie in court, supported the Washington Voting Rights Act, and blocked President
Trump’s attempt to gut vote-by-mail in Washington and across the country. I will
continue defending democracy and making this a central issue of the campaign. If
Donald Trump is elected president, we will face an existential threat against our
democracy. I will be ready on Day One to protect our democratic values.

4. What steps are you taking to run a successful campaign?

I am ahead in the polls, earning the most endorsements, raising the most money, and
working the hardest.
I am in the middle of a 39-county tour. I have raised more than $3,000,000 without
taking a cent from corporate PACs or large corporations. I am the only candidate to
refuse corporate money — I encourage this organization to ask other candidates why
they aren’t taking this pledge.
As of July 5, 2023 we have the following endorsements:
 Five Democratic Members of Congress: Suzan DelBene, Pramila Jayapal, Derek
Kilmer, and Rick Larsen, Congresspersons Adam Smith;
 Former Governor and Auburn native Chris Gregoire;
 The Snoqualmie Tribe, Tulalip Tribes, Kalispel Tribe, and Fawn Sharp,
President of the National Congress of American Indians;
 Every Democrat on the King County Council;
 More than 50 Democratic Legislators;
 FUSE Washington;
 Many labor unions, including the state Machinists Council, International
Association of Machinists Local 751, Washington Association of Electrical
Workers, Joint Regional Council of Teamsters, United Food and Commercial
Workers Local 3000, Iron Workers, Sheet Metal Workers, Central Building
Trades Council, and more.
 I also earned the sole recommendation of the Martin Luther King County
Labor Council.
 I have the endorsement of Auburn City Councilmember and past president of
the Washington State Labor Council Larry Brown.
For a full list of my endorsements, go to

Part II –  Yes or No Questions, please qualify your response if necessary

1. Do you support steps to build a fairer economy through tax reform, including a wealth tax?    Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #1    The tax structure in Washington has been upside down for too long, overburdening
working families while letting the wealthiest avoid paying their fair share. The
capital gains tax, which I supported and successfully defended in front of the
Supreme Court, has raised $850 million for Washington K-12 public schools, school
construction, and early childhood education.
I also successfully defended Washington’s Big Banks tax on banks that operate in
Washington and make more than $1 billion in profits. This tax also supports early
childhood education.
My best-funded Democratic opponent opposed both of these taxes. He also opposed a
document recording fee that is the primary state revenue source for affordable
I plan on continuing the fight against our regressive tax structure. However, I am not
prepared at this time to commit to any single new revenue source.
2. Do you support the right of public workers, excluding military, to bargain and strike?    Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #2
3. Do you support legalizing multi-unit homes statewide, as proposed in the #Homes4WA bill, to help alleviate the affordable housing crisis?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #3
4. Do you support legislation to address climate change and protect our environment, including the Keep Washington Evergreen Act?    Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #4
5. Do you support women’s unrestricted access to reproductive healthcare?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #5
6. Do you support achieving a universal, affordable, quality single payer healthcare program?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #6
7. Do you support overturning “Citizens United” and imposing limits on campaign finance contributions?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #7
8. Do you support laws regulating the purchase, ownership, and carrying of firearms?     Yes
Optional: Qualify Your Response to #8    

Part III – Free Response (Please answer at least four questions fully, consider the remaining three optional)

1. Why are you running as a Democrat? What aspects of the Democratic platform most resonate with you?

I am a Democrat because I put people ahead of powerful interests. Here’s what I
believe: Washingtonians must have the freedom to make their own health care
decisions, to be safe, to breathe clean air and drink clean water, to be free from
discrimination, to start a small business, to make a living wage and have a safe work
environment. I believe that climate change is an urgent problem that requires public
policy solutions, and that we can create good-paying jobs in the clean economy
through leadership addressing climate. I believe that economic policies that support
working people grow the economy and benefit everyone, and that we are all stronger
when we work together and support each other.

2. What important state and local issues have you worked on (or taken an interest in) that you feel aren’t getting enough attention from elected leaders and the media?

Two recent accomplishments that did not receive enough attention from the media
improve affordability for Washingtonians.
 My No-Poach Initiative eliminated illegal and harmful no-poach agreements in
237 corporate franchise chains nationwide, including McDonald’s, Anytime
Fitness and Jiffy Lube. No-poach agreements are non-competes for franchise
workers that keep a franchise employee from going to work for another store
for a raise. Employees never signed these agreements that harmed their
mobility because they were agreements between the corporate franchise and
the franchise owners.
This initiative benefited millions of workers nationwide. A recent
independent economic study evaluating the impact of my office No-Poach
Initiative concluded that it directly increased wages for low-income franchise
workers nationwide. My initiative created more than a billion dollars of
wealth for low-wage workers nationwide.
 In 2022, I wrote and passed legislation that provides all Washingtonians
access to affordable hospital care, regardless of insurance. This law is the
strongest in the country for affordable hospital care. It provides 4 million
Washingtonians with access to free care or 50%+ discounts on their out-of-
pocket hospital costs.

3. What legislative reforms do you support to achieve greater equity and inclusion for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals in our communities?

I have a long record of supporting LGBTQIA+ individuals. Highlights include:
 I argued the landmark Arlene’s Flowers case myself at the State Supreme
Court, leading to a 9-0 victory for civil rights that the US Supreme Court
allowed to stand.
 I required O’Reilly Auto Parts to provide benefits to same-sex couples. This
victory helped same-sex couples nationwide.
 I am fighting to defend Washington’s ban on “conversion therapy.” I
supported this law alongside the American Academy of Pediatricians.
 I was the first Attorney General to challenge President Trump’s harmful
Transgender Military Ban.
 I blocked President Trump’s illegal “conscience rule” in federal court,
which sought to make it easier for providers to deny coverage for
transgender individuals.
 I have consistently fought for transgender rights, including fighting with
Gavin Grimm in court and supporting insurance coverage for life-saving
gender affirming care, both as a matter of policy and law.
 I led the passage of the Consumer Protection Improvement Act, that
establishes an enhanced civil penalty for consumer protection violations
that target LGBTQIA+ individuals and other protected classes.
 The Alliance Defending Freedom sued me in court for investigating
discrimination by Seattle Pacific University against gay faculty members.
I am actively supporting the Keep Our Care Act, legislation that provides my
office the authority to block health care mergers and acquisitions if they will
result in a loss of critical services, including gender-affirming care. I will continue
supporting this legislation until it passes.

4. What are some obstacles inherent in proposed legislative solutions to climate change? How would you approach those obstacles in order to best overcome or minimize any negative effects?

The transition away from fossil fuel and gas-based systems to a green economy
requires thoughtful leadership and forward thinking. I will lead in a manner that
centers workers and ensures we transition our economy in a manner that creates
jobs without leaving workers behind, with policies that protect affordability. I will
always keep workers at the table as we transition away from fossil fuels and
bridge fuels like natural gas to renewables. I will also implement policies that
consider the impact on seniors and working families. As Attorney General, I
successfully saved Washingtonians tens of millions of dollars on their utility bills
by blocking unfair rate increases. I grew the part of my office that advocates for
ratepayers. I also fought for reforms to combat climate change. Washington’s
leadership in the clean economy will result in tens of thousands of good-paying
jobs. As Governor, I will grow a hydrogen hub that leads the nation in delivering a
renewable energy economy to tackle our climate challenges. The hydrogen hub
will bring tens of thousands of jobs to the region across many trades.

5. What safety, law, or justice reforms are you currently in favor of, and how will you work to implement them?

I led the effort to ban youth solitary confinement in Washington state by writing
and proposing the bill that accomplished that reform. I support legislation to
prohibit prolonged solitary confinement in Washington state, with policies to
ensure corrections officers are safe.
I wrote and proposed a law that requires data collection of all law enforcement
use of deadly force incidents. Now I am working to ensure that the public has
real-time access to that data. In the future, we should expand this data collection
and publication to include all use of force incidents.
I have been a leader regarding independent investigations of law enforcement’s
use of force. Without any direction or funding from the Legislature, I wrote a
report demonstrating how law enforcement agencies were not consistently
complying with Washington’s voter-approved initiative regarding independent
investigations. That led to our new Office of Independent Investigations. As
Governor, I will use my bully pulpit and authority to ensure independent
investigations as well.
As a member of the Criminal Justice Training Commission, I worked with
community leaders to improve law enforcement training at the Basis Law
Enforcement Academy. I supported expanded training for de-escalation and crisis
intervention, and required that all officers receive training on implicit bias and the
history of racism and policing. All new officers receive this training. As Governor, I
will keep working to improve law enforcement training and dedicate the resources
so that this critical training is deployed to existing law enforcement.
I published a Model Policy for Law Enforcement Use of Force and de-escalation
that was endorsed by 46 community organizations, including ACLU-Washington,
FUSE Washington, Black Lives Matter, Pro Choice Washington, Planned
Parenthood, El Centro de la Raza, Civil Survival Project, Centro Latino, Faith
Action Network, One America, MomsRising, Mothers for Police Accountability,
SEIU 775 and 1199NW, the Washington Coalition of Police Accountability, and
many others. I will work to ensure law enforcement adopts policies consistent
with my Model Policy.
I consistently pushed to improve state responses to sexual assault cases.  I am
leading our effort to end our shameful rape kit backlog. I passed laws protecting
survivors of human trafficking, including a law creating a specific human trafficking
protection order for survivors. I will continue advocating for legislation that
improves a victim-centered approach to sexual assaults and human trafficking, and I
will ensure that we never again experience a backlog of rape. I will work to pass
legislation and budgets that improve access to trained sexual assault nurse
examiners (SANE) by establishing a long-term, sustainable funding source for all
aspects of SANE and forensic nurse examiner training (FNE), retention, and re-hiring

6. What steps do you think need to be taken to improve voter turnout and increase voter trust in our election process?

We must push back on false attacks on the integrity of the election. When Loren
Culp challenged the 2020 election results in court with frivolous claims of
election fraud, I threatened to seek sanctions against him and his attorney if they
did not drop their lawsuit. The next day Culp dismissed his lawsuit with prejudice,
meaning he cannot file it again.
When another “Stop the Steal” group sued the state challenging the 2020 election
results with more frivolous conspiracy claims, I won sanctions against the group
and its attorney and filed a bar complaint against the attorney.
I have been the leading Attorney General in the country in taking on those who
violate our campaign transparency law. I won the three largest campaign finance
penalties anywhere in the country against Facebook, an association of processed
food corporations, and Tim Eyman.
I published a plan that has been called a “model for the nation” by PBS for
dealing with rising domestic extremism and misinformation from a public health
I have also supported local journalism to combat civic engagement. I proposed
and passed legislation that provides tax preferences for local journalism to help
defend democracy.
I supported Washington’s Voting Rights Act and Native American Voting Rights
Act. When Donald Trump’s Postmaster General attacked vote-by-mail and the
United State Postal Service, I led the lawsuit challenging that attack. We scored a
tremendous victory in the Eastern District of Washington that protected vote-by-
mail and ensured every mail-in ballot was counted in Nevada, Michigan, and
I have been working to secure more funding for security for election workers.
I will continue defending and enforcing Washington’s Voting Rights Act and
Native American Voting Rights Act. I will defend vote-by-mail, including stamp-
free mail-in ballots, and additional drop-boxes, expand access to same-day
registration and automatic registration, protect local journalism, provide security
for election workers, and support other efforts to combat misinformation and
extremism. I will also continue to combat dark money and protect free and fair
elections that preserve trust in government. And I will continue to stand up to the
Big Lie.

7. Do you think public schools are adequately funded? If not, what minimum requirements should be met in an adequately funded public school system? What specific forms of taxation would you support to attain that funding?

No. We are not sufficiently funding special education or school construction. I
supported and successfully defended Washington’s capital gains tax. As a result,
hundreds of millions of dollars are dedicated for school construction. I also
successfully defended the Big Bank tax — a tax on banks that operate in
Washington and make more than a billion dollars in profit annually. This tax funds
education and early childhood learning. My top-funded Democratic opponent
voted against both taxes. My mom taught special education in Seattle public
schools. As Attorney General, I will ensure that we fully fund special education. I
am not committing to additional taxes at this time. I will promise to campaign in
districts with school bonds on the ballot to ensure that these critical bonds for
school construction pass. That will include promoting recent legislative reforms
to expand the senior property-tax exemption.

Printed Name    Bob Ferguson
Date (mm/dd/yy)    07/06/2023

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