Meeting Minutes – 2018 LD Caucus – March 24, 2018

31st L.D. 2018 Democratic Caucus
March 24th, 2018, 10am
Bonney lake High School

Caucus was convened at 10:15 by Chair Brian Gunn.  Caucus rules stipulate that no business can occur until 11am.


Caucus was called to order at 11:00am by Chair Brian Gunn, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The chair read a letter of welcome from Tina Podlodowski

The Chair made the following temporary appointments:

  • Britt Kauffman, Secretary
  • Mark Boswell, Parliamentarian
  • George McKay, Sgt. At Arms

Initial Credential Report, Dan Pincas: M/S/A

  • 15 registered, King County (Quorum: 5)
  • 23 registered, Pierce County (Quorum: 7)

Adoption of Caucus Rules – M/S/A, as written.

Adoption of Caucus Agenda – M/S/A

Election of Permanent Chair: Brian Gunn, by acclamation.

Confirmed appointments of Secretary, Parliamentarian & Sgt. at Arms

Adjournment to Sub-Caucus: M/S/P to suspend rules for separate Chairs.

Appointment of Tally Committee:

  • Mark Dunning
  • John Westland
  • Lucy Lowry

Election of Delegates: (2 min/each speaker)

Revised Delegate Report:

  • 24 registered, Pierce County (Quorum: 8) M/S/A

Pierce County nominations: (4 Delegates/2 Alternates)

  • Allison Pincas, F
  • A.J. Sekeres, M
  • Donna DeProspo, F
  • Chris Surber, M
  • Dan Pincas, M
  • Sue Anderson, F

Delegates: Allison Pincas, Donna DeProspo, Chris Surber, Dan Pincas

Alternates: A.J. Sokoros, Sue Anderson

Final Delegate Report: M/S/A

  • 16 registered, King County (Quorum: 5)
  • 24 registered, Pierce County (Quorum: 8)

King County nominations: (2 Delegates/1 Alternate)

  • Anne Hiles, F
  • Larry Brown, M
  • Michelle Rylands, F
  • Cindy Ehlke, F
  • Marina Hiles, F
  • George McKay, M (Withdrawn)

Delegates: Anne Hiles, Larry Brown

Alternate: Cindy Ehlke

Adoption of Platform:

  • Line 207: M/S/F to strike
  • Line 290-293: Grammar correction noted

M/S/P, as submitted

M/S/P to adjourn at 12:40pm.

Submitted: Britt Kauffman, Secretary

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