Meeting Minutes – August 26, 2020

August 26, 2020
VIRTUAL 31st LD General Meeting Minutes (via ZOOM)
ZOOM Host: 31st LD Chair, Brian Gunn

Approval of Agenda: M/S/P

We recorded this meeting. The recording is available here: (TBD)

Adopted July 22 Meeting Minutes: M/S/P

Guest Speakers

Chris Reykdal – Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (Incumbent)

Chris Reykdal spoke to us about the non-partisan position of Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), his campaign for re-election, the differences between him and his opponent, recent investments and progress made, upcoming goals, the challenges presented by COVID-19, and his support for recent bills such as SB-5395. He also requested the endorsement of the 31st District Democrats and answered some questions from members.

Pat McCarthy – Washington State Auditor (Incumbent)

Pat McCarthy spoke to us about her re-election campaign for State Auditor. She went over the roles and responsibilities of the office. She described the differences between her and her opponent, transparency and accountability audits, the recent investigation into the employment security department, and more. She requested the endorsement of the 31st District Democrats and answered some questions from members.

James Jeyaraj – Auburn City Council

James Jeyaraj spoke to us about the budget, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and the police. The city of Auburn provided food for elderly/disabled people (approximately 300 units) while it was in lockdown mode. He described a protest that occurred in Auburn as well as a unrelated looting incident that was stopped by police. He talked about the city doing its best to retain staff given the COVID situation. He answered some questions from members, including a question around providing increased COVID testing in the city of Auburn.

Douglass North – King County Superior Court (Incumbent)

Douglass North spoke to us about his re-election campaign and offered yard signs to any members that want to display them. There’s a contact link on the website to request a sign.

Katie Young – 31st LD State Representative Position 1

Katie Young spoke to us about her election campaign, as well as a new video/interview series she’s started called “Somebody Should Fix That” They had a previous episode on Climate Change with guests Beth Doglio, Marko Liias and Hilary Franz. The next episode will be on Education, on Saturday, Aug 29 at noon.

Thomas Clark – 31st LD State Representative Position 2

Thomas Clark spoke to us about his election campaign, the threats on our democracy right now, efforts to distribute and wave signs in local neighborhoods.

Kim Schrier – U.S. Representative, Washington’s 8th Congressional District (Incumbent)

Kim Schrier spoke to us about the 2018 election that flipped the 8th, about her re-election campaign, about future goals and legislation such as around healthcare, about being a doctor in congress during a global pandemic, and more. Chair Brian Gunn asked Kim Schrier to cosponsor the THRIVE (Transform, Heal, and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy) Resolution.

Benjamin Tripp and Max Toubman also spoke to us about the Schrier re-election campaign and upcoming virtual phone banks.

Kasey – Washington State Democratic Party

Kasey spoke to us related to the 31st Legislative District specific phone banking every Saturday from 11AM to 2PM. The next phone bank will be held on Saturday, August 29. Those participating will be speaking to individuals directly in the 31st Legislative District. This is especially important for the 31st District.

New Business

  • Treasurer’s Report: M/S/P
  • Biden/Harris signs are available from the state party. Ingrid is currently in possession of them; contact them if needed. She also has Jay Inslee signs!
  • Jordan Wheeler spoke about election observer training. Election Observer Training, late Sept (4th Mon,Tue. or Wed), at Elections Center, 2501 – South 35th Street, Tacoma. Date and Times tbd. Email your interest to him at
  • Ingrid Curtis spoke about sign pickup at her address from 9AM to 5PM starting tomorrow. Could also accept optional donations to the 31st District Democrats. Recommendation to provide literature.
    • The body voted to use the sign pickup at Ingrid’s house as a fundraiser. M/S/P
  • Sarah made a motion to donate $250 to Hilary Franz’s campaign. Alli, Katie, and Rudy all seconded. M/S/P
  • Sarah made a motion to donate $250 to Mike Pellicciotti’s campaign. Alli seconded. M/S/P
  • Tamara made a motion to waive the rules so we could endorse Chris Reykdal.
    • Dan amended the motion to specify that this was about waiving the questionnaire requirement, not waiving the rules. This is within the rules.
    • Brian pointed out that as we’ve been doing endorsement votes throughout the pandemic, this would be a motion to put the vote on an email ballot we’ve been sending out.
    • Vote on the requirement to waive the requirement: M/S/P
    • Dan made a motion to put Chris Reykdal on the email ballot. Seconded by Tamara. M/S and it will show up on the email ballot. (Subject in email will be month – endorsement ballot) Should be out by noon tomorrow. “August Endorsement Ballot”
  • Alli made a motion to endorse $250 to Chris Reykdal’s campaign contingent on him receiving the endorsement of the 31st district Democrats. Sarah seconded. M/S/P

Good and Welfare

Members and e-board took a moment to say hello and greet those present.

From Julian: Other announcements of interest:

1. Friday, September 18th, 2020, at 7 pm, online, 2nd/29th LD Democrats Fundraiser Honoring Unsung Women of the Suffrage Movement, event link here (tell them Julian sent ya!):

2. And then there is this: Monday, December 14, Olympia, Electoral college meets. Watch your 12 WA Electors vote for President/Vice President! (You should still vote in November, though.)

Move to Adjourn

Move to adjourn at 9:14PM.

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