Meeting Minutes – July 22, 2020

July 22, 2020   31st LD General Meeting Minutes (via ZOOM)


ZOOM Host: 31st LD Chair, Brian Gunn

Attendees: Brian Gunn, Rudy Adams, Sarah Edwards, Mark Boswell, Mark Dunning, Ingrid Curtis, Alli Pincas, Dan Pincas, John Westland, Donna DeProspo, Robin Macnofsky, Tamara Stramel, Kathy Lorimer, Whit Worcester, Linda Rutenburg, Julian Wheeler, Mike Prince, Cat Floate, Katie Young, Thomas Clark, Natalie Kenoyer, Maraih Draper, Jessie Wineberry, others.



Approval of Agenda (7:02)   30+ participants attending online via Zoom.

Brian G added 2 new guests to Agenda: Mike Prince and Field organizer for Rep Kim Schrier. Move to adopt: John W. Seconded Alli P. Unanimously adopted by voice vote.

Body adopted June, 2020 meeting minutes (Dan Pincas)with no changes.

Meeting Minutes – June 24, 2020 Moved to accept Alli P. Seconded :Rudy A. Unanimously adopted by voice vote.



Chair Brian Gunn: Our first speaker tonight is Mike Pelliciotti, a Representative from our neighboring 30th LD, who is running for WA State Treasurer. He will tell us about why he is running, and why it is so important to elect a Democrat.


Mike Pellicciotti, Democratic Candidate for WA State Treasurer

Mike was elected Wa State Representative for the 30th LD  in 2016. Received an endorsement from Then President Obama. His passion is to get corporate $ dollars out of politics. “No position is more important than for a candidate for state treasurer to NOT accept corporate or PAC donations–because the core jobs of state treasurer, to manage: $200 Billion cash flow; grants to local governments; and debt management.” A good treasurer must be non-partisan to best represent WA residents and be a faithful leader on critical issues like managing the state pension system.

WA’s current treasurer skipped a recent State Investment Board meeting, instead meeting with banking lobbyists. State Treasurer must work closely with state legislature to invest state dollars wisely–and not simply benefit corporate interests. Current treasurer is already proposing austerity measures post COVID to NOT ACCEPT federal relief funds!

Mike has established a record for clawing back dollars lost to financial fraud, and helped to pass laws to eliminate dark $$ in politics. Mandating PAC donor and spending transparency.”who are the actual donors?” i.e.–who is behind the current attack adds against T’wina Nobles–a Tacoma area [black, female, Democratic] candidate for state legislature.

Because of Mike’s bill–we KNOW who paid for these malicious and racist mailers against T’wina.

The State Treasurer provides:

  • Oversight on state contracts, need greater transparency on who is receiving funds;
  • Oversight and Sustainable management of state funds;
  • Ensure gender and racial equity on state Boards, and in companies WA state invests in;
  • OR, CA, NY, MD have similar Democratically managed funds.

Brian G:  State Senator Bob Hasegawa is promoting a State Bank. Having an ally as state treasurer would be a huge asset to move this idea forward to manage state funds locally, to maximize returns for the people of WA instead of a national bank.

Mike P:  We are creating a legislative and independent task force to look at the state bank proposal constitutionally. Concerns about risk to state pensions. Best path forward may be with municipal funds which would not risk pensions. Have to verify interest at the municipal level. Or possibly for larger counties like King and Pierce. “Not a simple Issue.”



Moriah Draper ( I-1000 ) I-1776: Stop Discrimination  WADA:

Washington Anti-Discrimination Act— WADA Outreach Coordinator & VP of Young Democrats at UW  and advocate Jessie Wineberry

[She/her/her] Mariah is Field Director for the  I-1776 “Washington Anti- Discrimination Act” initiative. UPDATE:  Signature collection fell just short to get on the ballot. Next step: moving through the legislature. Waiting on ‘paperwork’ from Kim Wyman (current Secretary of State).

Jessie Wineberry: In the legislature, it is now I-1000. The core Issue is to eliminate systemic racism in education, public health, employment, state issued contracts, etc.

Alli P,: Have there been any substantive changes to the initiative?

Jessie W: “No” All language goes through vetting/check procedure. Some [advocacy] groups want to add new language for “public safety.”

Next steps for Legislature on WADA:

  1. They can adopt the initiative “as is;”
  2. They can amend it or draft a new initiative and send it for a ‘vote of the people.’
  3. They could do nothing — it automatically goes to the ballot for 2021.

Brian G: “Housekeeping Activity”– we can consider endorsement later in the meeting,

Our thanks to Jessie and Mariah for this update.

Jessie W: We will alert the 31st LD as we head into the next signature deadline 12/31/20.



Catherine Floate, Regional Field Director | King County – WA State Democrats

WA State DemocratsCoordinated Campaign.How can you help GOTV for primary and general elections:

She/her/her: The Coord. Campaign is focused on turning out Democratic voters –targeting “unreliable voters’ ‘ who don’t vote as often–but typically vote for Democrats when they do vote.

Goal: Helping Democratic voters to make a specific plan to return their ballots.

Phone Banking actually increased voting by 10% in 2018. This benefits candidates up & down the ballot. Currently–we have auto-dialing ph banks 2x p/day: M-F, and also evenings on Saturday and Sunday.  “We can provide a 31st LD specific website link–at “”    Additionally– we can help you to set up a localized LD ph banking List.”

Fact: “98% of primary voters will then vote in the General election.”

Cat Floate’s contact info:  208-860-0710 mobile

or Coord.Campaign field organizers: Nelago, Nessler and Kasey
Rudy A: We Need to get onboard with this!! [Rudy is a frequent Ph banker].

Tamara S: We really need to set up a local phone bank for the 31st LD–since we are more familiar with our candidates and local issues. [ Tamara will talk with Cat]

Brian G: Thank you for your work to get Democrats mobilized for the primary and general.



Brian G: Our endorsed candidates for the 31st LD Democrats are here to speak with us.

Tamara S: Proposed and then Moved to adopt a 4-minute time limit for each candidate

Sarah E: Seconded. Unanimously adopted by voice vote. Tamara S. will act as timer:

Katie Young, Candidate 31st LD Representative, Pos. 1     “If brevity be the soul of wit–play on…” (The Bard)

Katie has a phone bank starting next week in coord with Cat. She is writing a personalized call script. Ingrid C is making campaign buttons. Yard Signs are in process and there are plans for socially distanced sign waving events. Please check out her website and contact Katie at: “November is the Long Game.”

Rudy A: When will signs be ready?

Katie Y: Soon! Please email me the # of signs you need and where to drop them.


Thomas Clark, Candidate 31st LD Representative, Pos. 2

Tom is confident that he is getting name recognition and some solid endorsements: Wa State Attys for Justice, The Seattle Times are 2 big endorsements so far. Website is online. Fundraising is going well “…money is coming in.” He is looking at signage options and speaking to Cat Floate about state support to help him build a network,and put together a good team. He agrees that phone banking will be very important.and having a good call script. Ingrid is helping with buttons; Donna D is helping to plan campaign events during COVID shutdown.

Tamara S: The 31st LD newsletter has links to both Katie & Tom’s websites

Brian G: the 31st LD E-Board is meeting with the candidates next week in a dedicated Zoom meeting to discuss campaign strategy.  Thank you both for jumping into the fray.


Natalie Kenoyer, Campaign Coord. Speaking for Hillary Madsen, King County Superior Court, Pos 13

Thank you for your endorsement–We are posting campaign updates on Hillary’s FaceBook, Instagram and twitter sites. Please “like” and follow to support her campaign. Hillary will be hosting a webinar on july 23rd on FosterCare during COVID. She has been a leading advocate for youth in the foster  care system. The RSVP link to the webinar is in the 31st LD newsletter.

Harrison Levitan speaking on behalf of US Rep. Kim Schrier, WA08 CD

Harrisan is the Central WA Coord for Rep Schrier: (12th,13th, 31st LD’s)

Announcing a digital campaign rally Saturday July 25, and a GOTV primary campaign event from 8/1 – 8/4 with intensive phone banking. He acknowledges that it takes a little practice to get comfortable with ph banking, but their team is available to help.

Michael Prince, [Schrier PR coord] They have 3 large signs available for the 31st LD.

Donna D: offered to help find locations.

Brian G: call Kirby Pollard for assistance?



TREASURER’S REPORT (Ending date 6/30/2020)  Rudy Adams

June 2020 Treasurer’s report LINK TREASURER REPORT??

The report was accepted as submitted following discussion re: PDC schedule shifts / changes in filing deadlines pursuant to elections.

Motion to accept by Alli Pincas, seconded by John Westland.



Due to COVID-19, this is an exceptionally challenging time to organize GOTV.

“Thank you all for being here and phone banking–everyone is challenged to figure out what they can do to help, given our unique personal time and energy issues. Our world has changed in ways we could not expect–and we cannot expect it to go back to the way it was just a few months ago. Change can be scary–but can also be an opportunity to apply our creative power. Alot of people –in this group –will find a way to turn this into something good. Though It may not be clear right now. So–take time to heal yourself, then push back against these negatives. Every human interaction from here on out–phone banking, zoom meetings–it’s all going to be a little bit different–no more “status quo.” this is the mess we are in–but it’s not all that great where we were: Inequities and injustices –all of that must change. Change can be terrifying–economic insecurity and fear of the pandemic. Friends and family being laid off or unemployed… It’s hard to focus on GOTV with all of this going on, but we are pushing to make positive changes. Thank you for any time you can devote to this important work.”

Linda R: Worried about a peaceful transition of power post elections, with a POTUS who does not follow norms of the Office and leans toward Fascism.

Brian G: We each need to determine what we can do that works best for us. If you can afford it–consider making a monthly small donation to the GOTV effort.

Donna D> I am hosting a socially distanced sign waving in Bonney Lake at the top of the hill off 410. Please add it to the website and FaceBook page.



Pierce Cty Vice Chair, Alli P:  No report.

King Cty Vice Chair, Sarah E: Check E-Board email addresses for candidate meeting.

Events, Donna D: No fairs this year.

Fundraising, Ingrid C: Nothing is normal. So difficult to plan a fundraising event.

Communications, Tamara S: The newsletter and Facebook have links to GOTV online events and phone banking

PCDCC Rep, Tamara S: Hosted a Sheriff’s Forum, 3 candidates were present. Members of the PCDCC decided not to endorse any candidate until after the primary. None of them are reformers.In light of BLM, none have called for redistribution of funds for social workers, etc.

Rudy A: We are seeing the militarization of the Police. Astounding what is going on in U.S. Police depts. Swat teams with military gear and armed personnel carriers, flak jackets, and M-16’s. They are getting gear from the DOD.using military tactics and equipment.

Brian G: They are deploying in Portland right now. Looks like Chile under Pinochet 1976

Sarah E: POINT OF ORDER: Not relevant to Tamara’s report.

Linda R: Linda attended the PCDCC meeting. One of the candidates for Sheriff (Cyndi) is been placed on desk duty following a legal issue. The Pierce County Beyond Protest Task Force has not endorsed “the least bad.” Linda will report following the next meeting.

Membership, Sarah E: We still have people coming to [zoom] meetings who have not become LD members yet. If you would like to join, please use the form on our website [Brian G  showed the link onscreen].


OLD BUSINESS: The online Candidate Questionnaire: wait for 2021.


Alli P: Motion to endorse WADA I-1776 [–again]

John W: Seconded.

Alli P: We have already enthusiastically and unanimously endorsed WADA. According to the campaign spokesperson –nothing has changed in the initiative.

Brian G: All in favor –if no objection. Our previous endorsement will carry over to I-1776. Hearing no objection, We endorse I-1776/ WADA in whatever form it takes as it goes through the legislature.


Brian G: No additional candidates have requested an endorsement by the 31st LD Democrats–including Mike Pellicciotti who has not yet completed our questionnaire.

Alli P:  Motion to waive requirements (for prior completion of candidate questionnaire) for consideration of Mike Pellicciotti for official endorsement.

Donna D  Seconded.

Alli P.: By-laws requirement is to meet general conditions. However–Pellicciotti is a well-known and thoroughly vetted and elected Democrat (30th LD), with a history of deep engagement in support of Democratic values. He has been endorsed by the PCDCC.

Brian G: If there is no objection, the requirement may be waived. Hearing none–the requirement is waived. Is there a motion to endorse Mike Pellicciotti for WA State Treasurer.

Alli P  Motion to hold an endorsement vote in support of Mike Pellicciotti for WA Treasurer.

Sarah E: Seconded

Brian G: Anyone who wishes to speak in favor or against? [none] Ballot for endorsement will be emailed to voting members within 24 hours.



Julian Wheeler: Julian has been elected to serve as our electoral representative for the 10th CD. FYI: Whit Worcester has completed training to be an election observer –so far only ½ of the usual number of observers have volunteered.

Brian G: So important that EVERY BALLOT gets counted according to correct procedure.

Rudy A: Thank You Brian Gunn for your leadership as Chair! [Unanimous voice consent!]



Sarah E,  Moved to adjourn

Rudy Adams  Seconded

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