Meeting Minutes – February 28, 2018

31st L.D. Democrats General Meeting
February 28th, 2018, 7pm
Edgewood Fire Station

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Chair Brian Gunn followed by the Pledge of
Allegiance. M/S/C to approve agenda, as amended.

Approval of Minutes: (Britt Kauffman)

Treasurer Report: (Rudy Adams)

M/S/C to approve as submitted.


  • Rhonda Laumann, Candidate, KCDC Pos. 6
  • Jason Poydras, Candidate, KCDC Pos. 1
  • Matthew York, Candidate, KCDC Pos. 2
  • Dana Hinman, Auburn Mayors Office: Addressing Homelessness in Auburn

Officer Reports:


Brian discussed serious issues within the King Co. Democrats leadership and potential impacts they could have on the level of support and resources they will be able to offer us during the upcoming political season.

He reminded the body that he is at the office on Wednesdays from 6-8pm and Sundays 1-3pm, if anybody wants training. There will be a canvass on March 10th & we’re looking for volunteers!

He spoke about recent PDC complaints filed and outlined our options to address them. M/S/C to file a Motion To Dismiss at this time.

State Committee:

Sarah added her perspective regarding the issues before the King Co. Democratic leadership and supports the call for change.

Kirby told of his participation at the state convention and his work on the Tech & Disabilites Committees.  They voted to support I-1600, Healthcare For All and he has petitions supporting it as well.

Pierce Co. Dems:

Delegates to the Pierce Co. Convention on April 22nd should be prepared to engage to develop our platform.  M/S/C to elect Stephanie as a “Rules Delegate.”

Committee Reports:

Candidate Recruitment:

Nate has decided NOT to run again this year for state house.  The search continues for potential senate & house candidates.


Lucy is securing a venue and checking candidate availability for May 6th Dessert Social event at Edgewood Garden.

Voter Registration:

There will be a drive in Auburn, 3/17-18.  Looking for additional sites.


Renewals are at 34 and counting.


Allison reminded everyone review platform survey on website.  It will be open until 3/5. Results will be presented at the Caucus.

Old Business:

Ingrid shared several designs being considered for campaign button fundraising.

New Business:

M/S/C To increase March event budget to $600.

M/S/C To reduce candidate donation budget for June, July, September & October to $2000 and move surplus to Legal defense budget.

Awaiting rules from state party for L.D. Caucus elections on March 24th.  Need 6 Delegates (2 King, 4 Pierce) & 3 Alternates

Alli went over the proposed candidate questionnaire.  Separate questions for Legislative, Judicial & Municipal offices. M/S/C to accept (as amended replacing “Recently” with “In the past” on Leg. Pt 3, Q 2)

Good & Welfare:


M/S/C to adjourn at 9:15pm.

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