Meeting Minutes – June 28, 2017

31st L.D. Democrats General Meeting
June 28th, 2017, 7pm
Edgewood Fire Station 

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Chair Brian Gunn followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. M/S/C to approve agenda.

Approval of Minutes (Britt Kauffman)

  • 5/24/17 General Meeting M/S/C to approve as submitted
  • 6/7/17 Executive Board Meeting M/S/C to approve as submitted

Treasurer Report (Kathy Lorimer, Acting)

M/S/C to approve May Treasurer Report as submitted

Special Order of Business (Brian Gunn)

Candidate Endorsements

Each candidate was given 5 minutes to speak & take questions.  Candidates were then excused.

Results of endorsement votes were as follows:


K.C. Sheriff John Urquhart:  Endorsement of Michelle Ryland; Overview of his approach to de-escalation training for his department.

Tim Ferrell, P.C. Democrats Chair: Status update of the Pierce Co. Dem. Committee.  Contact info: / 253-431-8081

Paula Eisman, League of Women Voters: Voter Registration process while canvassing.

Tarra Simmons, Civil Survival: Potential of ex-offenders as a voting bloc.  Forum on Aug. 9th , re: Civil Survival

Nomination of Officers


  • Sarah Edwards, Aub 31-0065  M/S/C
  • Marcus Dunning, Enum-0413  M/S/C
  • Cindy Ehlke, Enum “Falcon”  M/S/C


  • Vice Chair, King Co.:  George McKay   M/S/C
  • KCDCC Rep (M):  Marcus Dunning  M/S/C
  • KCDCC Alt Rep (F):  Marina Hines   M/S/C

Officer Reports

Chair:  Brian discussed organizing events to increase awareness of the work Democrats contribute to the community.  He urged members to share their stories with Dan & Allison for use in the newsletter and blog.

KCDCC: Sarah spoke that the committee is hiring a new Executive Director and they are continuing their endorsement process.

Committee Reports:

Fairs: Buckley Log Fair went well. Seeking volunteers to staff booth at remaining events (See website).  Discussed presence of petition signers and Fortunato booths.

Fund Raising:  Discussed local Movie Nights.  Brian has committed to raising $5000 by November election. IAM is donating $1000, and promising an additional $1500 for General election.

Membership:  We now have 99 members signed!

Newsletter:  Requested that members share their positive stories for submission.

New Business

Allison submitted a resolution to support H.R. 676, “Single Payer For All.” 

M/S/C to adopt and support H.R. 676.

M/S/C to give Pierce Co. Democrats $250 donation.

M/S/C (amended) to donate $1000 to Ryland campaign.

M/S/C to donate $500 to Lowry campaign.

M/S/T to donate 500 to Carnahan campaign.

M/S/C that E-board provide a recommendation on disbursement of funds for endorsed candidates.  Mark and Robin will chair.  Sarah, Deanne and Marcus will also serve and report back to the board.

Good of the Order



M/S/C to adjourn at 9:15pm.

Submitted:  Britt Kauffman, Secretary

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