Meeting Minutes – March 27, 2019

 31st L.D. Democrats General Meeting
March 27, 2019, 7pm
Edgewood Fire Station

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Chair Brian Gunn followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of Agenda:

M/S/C to approve the agenda, as amended.

Adopted Code of Conduct was reviewed by the Chair.

Approval of Minutes: (Britt Kauffman)

Treasurer Report: (Rudy Adams)

  • Rudy outlined the report & gave an update on the PDC complaint. M/S/C to approve as submitted


  • Judge Maureen McKee, C. Superior Ct, Pos. 5; Seeking endorsement
  • Judge Aimee Sutton, C. Superior Ct, Pos. 49; Seeking endorsement
  • Sheryl Lathrop, “Climate Change Curriculum in Local Schools
  • Terique Scott, “Balance Out Tax Code.”

Officer & Committee Reports:


Brian gave a recap of the Executive Board retreat, with emphasis on raising our community profile and visibility, branding and a “Democrats Work” platform.

Shout out to Alli and Sarah for preparing the agenda and assisting the facilitation.

Vice Chair:

Alli also shared her observations on the retreat.


Donna is looking into Pierce County Pride event and reaching out to the Pierce Co. Dem’s.


Ingrid confirmed we will hold a garage sale at the Marion Grange on Saturday, May 11th.  Set up will be Friday, the 10th. Next planning meeting is Thursday at the Bonney Lake Dennys at 3:30pm.  Contact Ingrid with donated items.


George reported there has been improvement in their processes.  A resolution supporting a Primary failed. $500 was given to Pink Bench Blue project & So. King Dem’s dinner on 4/5. An Endorsements Questionnaire was adopted following a discussion on transparency and background checks of candidates.


Linda & Rudy reported there was a debate over the bylaws, but they were passed.  The budget was made public and a spending report was given.

State Party:

Mark reminded the body that a decision on Primary v Caucus was due 4/7.

Old Business:
  • Primary/Caucus debate: Brian and Jonathan presented information & FAQ’s regarding both choices. A straw vote was held to determine a preference: Caucus: 3; Primary: 21
  • Reviewed the King Co. Endorsement Questionnaire. Discussion arose around limits of disclosure, “Ban The Box” inclusion vs other options. M/S/P to move to committee for recommendation.
New Business:
  • Legislative & Community Action Committee: This came out of the retreat as a method to monitor & promote our priorities in the Leg & community. Alli has volunteered to Chair.  Linda, Victoria, Monica, George, Ingrid, Donna, Sarah and Kathy will also serve.  M/S/P to adopt.
  • Logo Committee: M/S/P to form Ad Hoc committee. Mark will Chair. Alli, Linda, Jan and Tamara will serve to develop concepts and estimate costs to produce.
  • Endorsements: M/S/P to endorse Judges McKee & Sutton.
Good & Welfare:
  • Victoria Mena working with WA. Immigration Network & Keep Washington Working. There will be a May Day event in Auburn.
  • Call you Rep’s to fight the DeVoss Education budget!
  • Monica shared there is a Pride At Work meeting, 1st Thursday/Mo, 6:30pm at Pacific Southern in Tacoma.

M/S/C to adjourn at 9:20pm.

Submitted:  Britt Kauffman, Secretary

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