Meeting Minutes – May 24, 2023


We acknowledge that our legislative district is on the traditional homelands of the Puyallup and Muckleshoot tribes, who have lived on and stewarded these lands since the beginning of time, and continue to do so today. We recognize that this land acknowledgement is one small step toward true allyship and we commit to uplifting the voices, experiences, and histories of the Indigenous people of this land and beyond.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA John W motion to accept agenda Rudy A seconds: unanimously adopted.


Voted to take over Chris Stearns’ seat. Now Cheryl is running for election. She is an Auburn local; father was a fireman. Formerly Exec. Director for Downtown Auburn Coop. (aka DT Assoc) working with small businesses. Worked with Auburn. Econ Dev & revitalization on key issues of homelessness. drug addiction & crime. “These issues intersect, we need more mental health beds & clinics; Takes many touches to establish trust, getting more treatment beds and econ dev…” Small businesses have covid loans coming due—many used their business as collateral. Its been a slow process to get them restabilized. Business models are changing post pandemic. Auburn is part of “Main Street America” program. Small businesses are becoming co-ops. Sharing spaces. Linda R: what about Low-income housing? Tacoma has tiny house villages… Cheryl: Yes–And we need rent control. And Affordable housing for seniors & students. Mayor against temp housing: prefers permanent solutions. Food Cart Village” is coming soon! @ Sunbreak Café building. Farmers Market on Saturdays. The Auburn Theatre has planned for expansion as a performance arts space.


Climate Reality Project Wendy Ferry and Bill Truit, Snohomish Chapter

They are here to summarize key aspects of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA): $739 Billion initiative to address global warming—signed by President Biden last August: IRA delivers energy savings, and will cut pollution by 40% over next decade.

  • Rebates & tax credits & incentives for home heating/cooling

Wendy & Bill’s PowerPoint presentation was VERY INFORMATIVE! (I have attempted to capture key points. Best to visit the sites listed below for full info) Wendy: Homeowners installing heat pumps and purchasing a new/used EV—can save up to $1800 per year by going electric. The WA state & IRA goal is to “Electrify Everything”—if it’s burned to create energy it’s a fossil fuel—which causes greenhouse gases. Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrus Oxide. Methane coming from Natural Gas. Methane is a real problem. 86 Xs stronger after it is released.

Home heating stoves, fireplaces, dryers, gas grills, lawn mowers: space and water heaters are largest contributors.

¼ emissions are from burning gas for heat. Even when turned off–gas stoves still cause toxicity and possibly asthma in children. Electric Heat pumps, induction stoves, water heaters. the IRA has incentives to credit up to 30% or a max of $1200 p/year for most Eligible projects. Up to $2,000. Start with a home energy audit from PSE. Choose equipment that qualifies for rebates. , including residential clean energy credit on solar panels. Rebates are also available Up to $8,000 for heat pumps for qualifying low to median income families. ($110K median income in our area.) Go to:

“www.Rewiring” to access their Savings Calculator

Rebates & tax credits & incentives for EV’s

Bill Truit: IRA has specifically targeted businesses and cities, American made equipment , underserved communities, to incentivize energy efficiency improvements for agriculture producers. $60 Billion clean energy manufacturing rebates across US supply chain.

Transportation Carbon emissions rank: 57% from personal cars, 26% trucks & shipping. TERMS: BEV (Better EV= 100% battery) PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid EV– battery pack for EV, plus a gas tank). Hybrid EV (limited battery with a gas powered engine). ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). Currently. The cost for EV is 1/3 less than ICE. EV battery costs are coming down. ICE vehicle costs are going up. (Battery pack costs are dropping will be equal to ICE by 2030.) EV’s get more mileage for the $$: $10 per gas = 45 miles vs $10 + 311 for a Hyundai EV. In the US, the “Battery Belt” runs North South through RED states –with new battery manufacturing plants opening. To qualify for an EV rebate under the IRA, vehicle must have final assembly in N. America—no parts from China or Russia—for a purchase credit: $7500–$3750 (for critical minerals) & 3750 (Battery components) minimum % manufactured or assembled in N America. New batteries have eliminated use of cobalt nickel & lithium which have inhumane costs for production. Income caps to qualify for rebates: $300K for joint filers $225 for head of Household. $150K for single filers.

There are also Purchase credits for used EVs—under $25K sold by a dealer. ($150K joint/$75K single filing, Which vehicles are eligible? IRS site:

CHEVY: Bolt, Blazer, Equinox, Silverado. FORD: E-transit, Escape, F-150 Lighting, Mustang Mach E. JEEP: Grand Cherokee, Rivian. TESLA: all. VW: ID.4.

US Dept of Energy VIN Decoder:

Since signing the IRA– $70 Billion dispensed in private investments:

businesses and Nonprofits are able to buy any model EV and get the IRA credits. Estimated that 25% of all new vehicles will be EV by 2025-30 Bill: ALSO –EV Charger credit up to $1K for equip cost. Low income or non-urban area. Brian G: How can we lobby the city to become all EV? Are there discounts for cities? Bill: NGO’s and NP’s discount is now available and state is req’g to transition. Rudy A: Can the 31st LD have access to this presentation? Bill: Not possible right now.

Marilyn Strickland (Cong District 10): Sarah Develle, Campaign Manager. Rep Strickland is in DC right now (Debt ceiling vote—) fighting for our social safety net. (Contact info below) Cong Marylyn Strickland is one of FOUR congressional Reps in our 31stLD—including CD’s: 10, 8, 9, 6)



  • Endorsement of Eligible Candidates

Cheryl Rakes is the eligible candidate for endorsement tonight, Amber OW: Motions to endorse Cheryl Rakes for Auburn City Council. “Cheryl appears to be very engaged and passionate about Auburn residents and working for improving QOL for all residents.” Tamara S Seconded: candidate also received a positive review from another council person who works with her. Linda R: Cheryl has a better understanding of homelessness than many elected officials. Unanimous Voice vote (w/virtual) endorsement of Cheryl Rakes.


  • Treasurer Report: (Sarah E. filling in for Mark Dunning): $500 from Derek Kilmer’s office. Brian G: Motion to approve report. Rudy A: seconded, unanimously approved by Voice vote.
  • Chair’s Report Sarah Edwards: Candidate filing week: Auburn City council seats are contested! There are (3) candidates for the open seat. Same for Bonney Lake City Council seats are contested. And Bonney Lake, Sumner, and Dieringer School District seats are contested! We’ll have multiple candidates appearing before us in the next month. Edgewood City Council also has open seats contested. Including Christi Keith for Mayor! The current Edgewood mayor has been in place for a loooong time. There are (4) candidates.
  • First Fair of the season: Plateau Pride: Sat June 7, fully staffed. 10am -3pm.
  • State Comm Report: Tamara Strammel: & Brian G: State Committee: delegate selection plan passed. Each LD starts with 20 delegates to 2024 state convention. Affirmative Action goals reiterated as critical-need to meet specific criteria to meet their goals. State Party now will send out the ballots and tally the results for delegates’ election. Budget passed for $50K (doubled from 2022) for local party grants. available per calendar year could apply for a specific grant: advocacy committee: will poll local party orgs re: which platform planks are the most important as legislative action priorities.
  • Pierce Cty Dems: Kirby P: need to find web development person,. State fair booth still not certain…hasn’t had funding approved yet. Will be booths in Tacoma—sharing with. local LDs. 2023 Keep Pierce Blue fundraiser dinner: Sept 23rd Sat. have avenue. Gala as usual. Tacoma Rainiers’ TBA. Endorsement meeting: all candidates were endorsed by acclamation
  • Social Media/ Comm: Michelle DP: Stickers have arrived!! 500 count. Taholah pride logo to promote our sponsorship. They’ll have some dog-friendly events pride dog bandanas & biscuits.

FB / twitter / Newsletter: reposting and keeping things updated. More auto posting about membership and meetings, donations and recurring donations.

  • PCO Coord : Amber O-W: still has T-Shirts PCO training at Sumner Library: Sunday June 4, 3-5pm. Bring PCs and phones: practice minivan & Vote builder. Amber will send out an email reminding people to RSVP so people can be re-registered / added to Votebuilder.

Book Club Amber O-W: The Inaugural meeting was this month! Good book: Finding The Mother Tree” and good group. “Saving US!” is next: 101 on How to have a conversation with others about Climate Change. August date TBA:


Todd Curtis, Port of Seattle Commission, Pos 5: “Background in transportation for several decades and has a vision for future—turning the port in a greener direction, need planning & coord from airlines to shipping and vehicles. This Needs leadership…” Also need to focus on workforce development in aviation and shipping—to expand the type of people who enter these fields, including training [programs for aviation mechanics etc,]. The Port needs to be vital economic engine for the area. Up & down the west coast—need to stay competitive in the years to come. Brian G: Mr. Curtis two (2) opponents. Tamara S: How is the Seaport alliance with Tacoma working? Curtis: NW Alliance—not agreement about whether this is a fair relationship. Competition is not in best interest of either port. Need to work together to find common ground and fair sharing of resources, need more transparency about the actual best interest for both entities. Brian G: How the port is managed—does this affect the survival of the Orca’s? i.e. ships in their habitat : Curtis Everything including the Port plays a role: ships & aircraft—including carbon based fuel, We need to move towards sustainable fuels. Support equip—ICE can change over (to EV) for ground support equip. Even with best intentions—we will need manufacturers to collaborate. Look to encourage grants to electrify businesses and have less impact on the environment. Amber OW: Rep. Schrier is working with ports to increase efficiency getting ships in & out. During the pandemic there were supply chain issues> will there be a plan in place for future crises? Curtis To ensure efficient passage of freight in & out of the port We can put systems and processes in place to prevent another repeat of slowdown or emergency so notifications can go out.

Rudy A: Motioned to endorse Curtis for Port Comm Pos 5, Amber OW: seconded. Todd has a Ph.D. in aviation risk management and is concerned about global climate issues and impact of the Port. Vote by Poll and voice vote: Todd Curtis is Unanimously endorsed by voting members.

GOOD AND WELFARE: Kirby P: needs to pick up the booth supplies from Mark D. for the Plateau Pride.

ADJOURNMENT (9:00pm or earlier) Brian G Motioned to adjourn, Tamara S seconded.

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