Meeting Minutes – Oct. 26, 2022

Meeting Minutes – Oct. 26th, 2022 – 31st District Legislative District Democrats

CALL TO ORDER/FLAG SALUTE (7:00 pm) – Brian Gunn, Chairperson

APPROVAL OF AGENDA (7:02) – A motion to approve the agenda was made by James Jeyaraj and seconded by Mark Boswell. The agenda approved by unanimous consent

READ/APPROVAL OF PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: Meeting Minutes – Sept. 28, 2022 have been posted on the website. A motion to approve the minutes was made by James Jeyaraj, seconded by Mark Dunning. The Sept 28 meeting minutes were approved by unanimous consent.


  • Holly Stanton, candidate for 31st LD Representative, Pos. 1 was present and discussed campaign activities. Holly discussed recent meeting with League of Women Voters, joining campaign efforts with Carrie Wilbur, feeling good about efforts and grateful for 31st volunteer and financial help.
  • Carrie Wilbur, candidate for 31st LD Representative, Pos. 2 was present and discussed getting signs up on 164, sign waving at 410 and Sky Island, attending Puyallup / Sumner Chamber meeting with opponent, and need for a lot of help with literature distribution. Contact her at or 253-389-3635


  • Jackie Boschok, Board President–Washington Fair Trade Coalition was not present, but information provided by Brian Gunn regarding fund raiser Nov 10. 31st LDDD did not purchase a table, but individuals are encouraged to attend and support the event.
  • Ramona Payne, Field Organizer–WSD Coordinated Campaign, was present and discussed her activities canvasing in Federal Way and elsewhere passing out lit and talking with voters. She encouraged volunteers to contact her for area info to canvas, pass out literature, work at text bank or phone bank. All are encouraged to participate. Her contact Info: Ramona Payne. (253) 533-8277

TREASURER’S REPORT – Brian Gunn presented report in Rudy’s absence.

  • Sept. 2022 report – Motion to accept report made by James Jeyaraj and seconded by Mark Dunning. Some discussion ensued then report was adopted by unanimous consent.


  • Chair – Brian reported on meeting with Kamala Harris, Jay Inslee, and Patty Murray at event arranged by Kevin Shilling (for Derek Kilmer). Significant funds allocated for electric school buses serving rural and tribal areas were discussed as well as their safety and climate advantages. High volume and early voter turnout were discussed, and all are encouraged to volunteer to canvas to talk with voters and help turnout.
  • Vice Chairs (Pierce & King) – Tamara Stramel discussed next executive board meetings preparing for the January re-organization. Brian Gunn and Rudy Adams will not be running again for their current positions. There is a need for PCO coordinator and website chair, so all are encouraged to consider potential new roles. The January re-org meeting will be virtual, and nominations may be made from the floor. Tamara reported for Sarah that support for canvasing and signs are still available.
  • Committeepersons (King County, Pierce County, & WA State Dems) – Mark Dunning reported on King County Democrats meeting stating that Drew Estep spoke, and re-organization orientation is planned for Dec 11. The King County re-org will be completed by January.
  • Outreach (Fairs) – no report
  • Event Planning (Fundraising) – no report
  • Membership – no report
  • Newsletter/Communication – no report
  • Website/Technology – no report
  • PCO Support & Recruitment – no report


  • Physical meeting location – Brian stated 31st LDDD is still in need of a physical location for in-person meetings in the future.

NEW BUSINESS: none raised

GOOD AND WELFARE: nothing identified

ADJOURNMENT – At 7:59 pm, Mark Dunning moved for adjournment, with second from Amber Olsen Walk. Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Charlotte Thompson, Acting Secretary

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